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When you think of summer, you most likely think of warmer weather, cookouts, and vacations. As summer nears, it’s the perfect time to take a few moments to consider these water safety tips from our partner The ZAC Foundation, which is named for Zachary Archer Cohn, who died at the age of 6, after his arm became trapped by the suction of a pool drain. Filed Under: All Things Mommy, Giveaway, Win Tagged With: home safetys, pool care, pool drain, pool maintenance, pool safety, pool safety equipment, spa safety, summer safety tips, swimming pools, water drain, water facts, water safety, water safety for kids, water safety tips, zac foundationCelebrate World Turtle Day with TMNT 2! May 22, 2016 by Jennifer 29 Comments Thanks to Paramount Pictures for providing today’s prize pack! Filed Under: Giveaway, Movies, Win Tagged With: ninja turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, teenage mutant turtles, TMNT 2, TMNT 2 screening, TMNT 2 trailer, TMNT2, world turtle dayThe Best French Toast Recipe! May 20, 2016 by Jennifer 6 Comments Are you looking for a recipe to indulge your sweet tooth? After about 2 weeks of potty training, I’m delighted to say that our 2A? year old Griffin is diaper free.
Before you begin, be sure to see my earlier post, When To Potty Train Your Child, as it’s important that your little one is showing signs of readiness before you begin potty training.
Assuming your child is showing signs of potty training readiness, let’s dive into some tips that can help you potty train your child. As I stated in first video, tell your child that you’re going to start potty training at least a week before you start. As much as we’re trying to teach them to feel and honor the urge to go, we also want to work with them. Many parents report successful potty training by letting child be naked for a weekend and the whole family has a stay-cation at home.
About Genevieve After battling weight, digestive, and immune system issues for years, I know firsthand the harmful effects of conventional life. My son did the same thing so I stopped asking him throughout the day and only asked him every day before his bat .
A few months ago, we decided to tackle nighttime potty trained as our son told us he no longer wanted to wear a diaper. This is a community for natural mamas who are into real food, healthy living & conscious parenting. This past weekend, I was able to have a bit of "me time" and attend a Huggies Pull-Ups "Say Adios to Diapers!" luncheon to discuss potty training tips with other local mom bloggers!
Tougias, the film allows viewers everywhere to follow this true-life story as it unfolds on the screen. All too often we hear of pool related deaths, which is why speaking with your family about water safety is so important. As 80’s kids, my husband and I are long time fans, and enjoy passing down some of our favorite pastimes to the boys. Whether we want to head to the beach, or take a family getaway to somewhere with classic Florida charm, there’s always a fun destination in store. So, I put Griffin on the toilet every 20 minutes during the first week of potty training, especially after meals! Even now, Griffin will have the occasional trip up, especially if we’re outside or playing with water, but accept that this isA a normal part of process. Having the toy prizes was enough for Griffin but some parents findA creating a potty song was a great motivator and made it fun. Kids are usually less apt to have accidents if they can actually see the pee or poo coming out of their body.

I decided to put one on him at nap and nighttime; because frankly, I value my sleep immensely. My twins are pretty much potty trained now and I want them in comfortable organic undies that won’t break the bank!
I take her all the time she sits for a minute and tells me she went but indeed she hasn’t, she is very hard headed. After a week I didn’t ask him and on the first day he noticed and asked me if he could sit on the toilet .
We limited his liquids in the evening and for the first few weeks we took him to the washroom before we went to bed-this was key to reducing accidents. We are in the thick of it this week with our 2-year old girl…this gave me some ammunition & motivation to keep on! She could care less about getting a chocolate or toy or anything like that, but when we’re really excited for her, she LOVED it. Everyone was open and honest about their experiences on how we got our children to say adios to diapers. Often times you may find your family poolside to beat the summer heat, but with all that fun comes safety precautions.
During a stay at Nickelodeon Suites Resort the boys even had a chance to meet the TMNT gang in person. Boy was that a treat!
Known as Horse Capital of the WorldTM, this tranquil getaway provides visitors with unforgettable experiences from trail rides on horseback, great dining, shopping, golf, and countless outdoor activities.
I didn’t do any of the rugs upstairs because I kept him in a contained area to make it easier on everyone.
I do take a moment and acknowledge the accident, and we talk about where pee belongsa€¦ in the potty.
Try talking to them in a cuddling moment about their fears and see if you can pinpoint them. By letting them be au natural, they are more in tune with their bodies, rhythms and body cues. This transformation spread into every area of my life - physical, emotional & spiritual. We also introduced a nightlight into the bathroom which we found encouraged him to start using the toilet by himself in the night as he didn’t have to fumble with lights or worry about the dark. We did that in response to her first poop on the potty chair and she never pooped anywhere but the potty afterward. Although potty training is years behind me, it is something that I took very seriously at the time.
Trust me, don't waste your time if your 2 year old is not physically or developmentally ready. I also recommend getting a couple potties so that you’ve got one in most areas of the house. I wanted a good stash so we could easily recover from accidents without having to do a ton of laundry. I started with natural treats like fruit-flavored lolly pops and organic dark-chocolate, and so forth. This makes it easyA for them to get on the toilet fast and avoid accidents during potty training. He would also use it as a bargaining chip because he knew that I was so attached to the outcome.

You can also put Cheerios in the toilet and have your child aim for them (if he’s a boy) as a little game.
One mom said that her son felt that he was losing a part of himself by flushing poop down the toilet. Peer pressure is powerful and if they see another little kid pooping on toilet, they will be more apt to imitate. By teaching this pattern during potty training, you’re setting up good rituals that will continue as they get older.
Having said that, I would say 90% of the time, his diaper is dry when he wakes up from nap and 80% after nighttime sleep. At the end of the day, we returned all the toys to the basket and started again the next day. Some kids are afraid of big toilet seat so bring a portable potty or you can try disposable toilet covers with their favorite character on them. Should you click on these links and purchase something, the price is no different for you and I earn a small commission.
It’s a 3 day program but it covers EVERYTHING, outings, travel, fears, night training, differences between boys and girls, car rides, and so much more.
The first time he argued back but I stayed calm and firm and made sure I was at eye level with him and he realized I was serious. By 10 months she was pretending to go potty on it, by making pee and poop noises and wiping. Once we got her on the potty at the right time and cheered and clapped with her, she just tried to go on the potty all the time after that. Yes, it costs a bit more than just one, but I found it was important to make it easy for the little one to find and use a toilet while potty training.
We’re getting close to dropping his nap and moving him to big boy bed so I will put him in underwear 100% then.
At a year she was going on it with a diaper on, or if having naked time, would run to it and pee next to it. I just kept on encouraging them that they were going to do great and kept putting them on the potty, letting them flush their successes, etc., and now they are doing so much better.
I also acted very confident in my child’s ability during potty training, which helped the entire process. When she had to go really bad she physically could not get onto the potty, it was too urgent. Point is, you can potty train your child 90% of the time and enjoy the freedom and ease of not having to change dirty diapers. There is something to be said for the child’s ability to understand at some level, but if you are 100% committed as the parent, they will get it, even with the bumps in the road. He has little animals, dinosaurs and literally walks around with 2-3 figurines at all times.

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