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Created and directed by Ferigoli, the project mutt also has the support of different Brazilian personalities involved spontaneous with the cause and who seek to raise awareness of the general public in relation to dogs SRD (without defined breed)-that can be seen in the promotional materials of the action wearing shirts with prints of Mutts Animi brand (also created in design and function that have part of their income reversed to dock the film). With the main objective to raise awareness and inform the population about the Mutts and encourage the adoption of dogs without race set, the film project has testimonials from big names in the pet world, Brazilian personalities who support the cause and a lot of information about the universe that surrounds the abandoned dogs and strays – including a presentation on the functioning of NGOs that help animals, CCZ (Zoonoses control center) , Demystifying the mistaken image that many still have about the work of these centers.

Caco Ciocler, names like Babi Xavier, Edwin Luisi, Sylvia Massari and Juliana Didoni are already involved with the campaign – which highlights the advantage of letting his supporters can contribute without having to leave the House: by means of donations on the project page within the site Kikante.
Exposed on the site Kickante-which operates receiving donations of promoters of the film – the strays project promises to include the names of their supporters in the acknowledgments of the long, plus other benefits and giveaways (depending on the value given to the action).

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