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Expect 5-10 questions in each section you have never seen before, that way you won’t freak out when it happens.
Since the 19th century Comfrey has been used as a fertiliser but the Henry Doubleday Institute in the 1960’s found it contained comparable amounts of fertiliser to commercial products. Spare Comfrey leaves can go on the compost heap to provide vital nutrients and help heat up the pile to speed decomposition. The first cutting of Comfrey in spring can go at the bottom of the furrow into which you are planting Potatoes.

You can also chop the Comfrey leaves and use them as a mulch before your potatoes get too much foliage. For example, you might want to do 2 sections, then a break, then 2 more sections, then a break, 1 section, then a break, then the 2 final sections.
Comfrey contains high levels of Nitrogen for leaf growth, Phosphorous for roots and germination and Potassium for fruit and flowers.
I mix them with a lot of water but if you make a concentrated tea it can be diluted prior to use.

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