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However, it’s one of the most important things you must teach your dog and the faster you do it, the happier you’ll both be. A few months ago we purchased a potty seat for my son, he was starting to show interest in potty training.
Candles in your home can instantly make you happier and more peaceful when your mood needs a little adjusting and can also make your living area look fabulous at the same time. Sure, ideally your boy will learn how to pee standing up, but that  probably will not happen immediately.
Some of the best potty training techniques may lead you to the finish line, but how do you actually cross it—so that your son feels comfortable using the bathroom all by himself? When you take your playful puppy out train your dog using a consistent buzz word to remind them what they are doing. Sometimes a trainer has more difficulty than another because he or she might not be potty training correctly. It even goes without saying that Mother’s Day is one of the leading occasions when flowers are gifted to mothers all over the world. Any personal information you provide on the third-party’s website will be managed in accordance with their privacy policy.

There is nothing more irritating than coming home from a tough day’s work, taking off your shoes, and getting your socks wet and yellow as you stride over to your couch. Take the playful puppy out as soon as he wakes up, again after his morning meal, and frequently ever after. BUT, he’s also not hitting his mark—leaving you to constantly wipe up pee from the floor, the wall, the shower curtain. Yeah, potty training boys can get messy. Start coming in less and less, perhaps just as a check-up to make sure he’s doing a good job (getting the pee in the toilet or wiping well after pooping). Train your dog with regularity, because backsliding has been known to occur, and accidents are inevitable.
Though it can protect against splashes, it’s not great for boys, as it can hurt their private parts. So if you have a three month old puppy, then you should be able to wait three hours between potty breaks.
Perhaps it’s that very distinction that will help take your son to the next level – going to the potty all on his own! Also, use durable, quality toilet paper like Charmin Ultra Strong to keep his little hands clean when he’s learning to wipe.

And you may want to keep flushable wipes, such as Charmin Freshmates on hand in case he needs a little extra help during the learning process.
Just throw some bright colored cereal into the bowl as part of the toilet training process and let the fun begin. You’ll more than likely be ready to throttle your pup after the third day, but resist the urge. You may want to go as far as giving them a treat whenever they’ve relieved themselves properly. They will start getting scared to make water in front of you and that will be a real problem come walky time. So the first thing you want to be sure of is instilling the right behaviors in your dog, and keeping consistent throughout their first year.
Habits learned during puppy-hood will stick in their minds during their entire lifetimes, making it of paramount importance to set your routine how you want it immediately.

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