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Diatas permintaan ramai, saya kongsikan tips potty train berkesan yang saya amalkan untuk kedua-dua anak saya.
Kesilapan paling besar yang selalu dilakukan oleh ibu bapa ialah memaksa anak untuk buka diapers tiap kali nak buang air. Bila anak dah diajar untuk beritahu kita bila nak buang air, berikan anak masa & ruang.
Kadang-kadang anak yang belum bersedia untuk potty train akan memilih untuk menahan diri daripada membuang atau pun terlalu leka bermain sehingga terlupa untuk membuang. Apabila anak dah berjaya potty train, kita perlu ambil langkah berjaga untuk 2 minggu yang pertama.
Jika perjalanan potty train anak pertama anda mudah, jangan sangka anak yang kedua juga akan mudah seperti yang pertama. Perkara paling penting yang perlu ibu bapa ingat ialah buka diapers anak apabila anak sudah bersedia. After tripping across two continents, you come to realize train travel is not all glitz and glamour, especially in developing regions of the globe.
Take it from a long distance train travel veteran, travelling by train will always be an experience.
For a stress free train trip, ensure your on local time and arrive at least 30 minutes before your train departs. Train travel tip - bonus points: If it is not assigned seating, by arriving early you can choose the best seat. If you’ll be on the train for longer than one night, or value a good nights rest, get a sleeper compartment. It is a truth universally acknowledged that long distance trains are either stifling hot or freezing cold, despite the temperature outside.
Depending on the train, food will be one of three things: astronomically overpriced, unappetizing or non-existent. Train travel tip - bonus points: Having a snack oversupply to share is a sure-fire way to make new friends.
Don’t be the quiet guy - having companions to talk to will make the trip much more enjoyable.

Even if you are unlucky and have a horror train ride (the sweltering hot train between Serbia and Bulgaria springs to mind); as the saying goes, shared pain is half the pain.
Watching scenic landscapes roll by can be entertaining for a while, but it will not endure an entire long-haul train ride. I am sorry to say, that mammoth novel you have packed, you will probably finish before you know it. Load your phone with games and a playlist (you can theme it for the country you’re visiting) and invest in some comfortable, in-ear headphones (this will save you from both crying babies and loud snorers). Fully charge all devices before leaving, on many trains you will not find any available outlets. Train travel tip - bonus points: Bring a smaller bag for your valuables (money, passport, electronics, etc) and keep this within reach at all times. If you picked up some good tips for travelling by train in the past, tell me about them by commenting below. Tak kiralah anda nak gunakan sign language atau guna perkataan apa pun, asalkan anda & anak faham. Pengedar Shaklee yang menjadi pilihan ramai & sentiasa memberikan konsultasi terbaik kepada pelanggan. Sms atau whatsapp saya ditalian 012-9025232 atau anda boleh mendaftar sendiri di mana-mana cawangan Shaklee dengan memasukkan details saya dibahagian SPONSOR dalam order form. To ensure that experience is a good one, I want to share with you my top train travel tips.
Sounds simple, but often it can get complicated, especially when you’re dealing with a foreign language.
Seats on a train are roomier than their airplane counterparts and many couchettes even recline slightly, but you are still unlikely to wake refreshed after being balled up in the fetal position most of the night.
When pillows are provided for overnight train travel, rarey expect them to be more than wafer-thin.
When you’re on a train track 8 hours from anywhere, the last things you want to be is hungry. A long train journey is the perfect place to swap travel tales, pick someone’s brain about the next destination or learn a little more about the country you are travelling through.

And as a backup, a deck of card is always a good option, especially for socialising over a drink as above.
Nurul Aina sekarang berumur setahun 5 bulan Alhamdulillah tiap kali poo poo akan gunakan potty walau pun masih menggunakan diapers. For me, train travel once evoked thoughts of old-fashioned charm, epic journeys and romantic imagery. But catching a evening train saves a night’s accommodation and gives you more time in your destination. Depending on your budget, it is probably worth the extra cost for a flat bunk bed and decent night’s sleep.
While some long distance trains have shower facilities, often you won’t be able to use them (for economy class tickets) or won’t want to (cold water!). Even if you are in a private compartment, keep your items secure and out of sight in your bag (which you should keep zipped close).
The one time I did not take my own advice, I ended up in alone and locked cabin with a strange man all the way from Krakow to Berlin.
Memang bab ni paling remeh untuk dilakukan, tapi ia adalah langkah paling penting dalam usaha anda untuk potty train anak dengan berjaya. Jangan sesekali keluarkan ayat yang boleh menyebabkan anak kecil hati seperti ” Kakak dulu senang je nak diajar. It will always serve you well to bring toilet paper, dry shampoo, wet wipes and hand sanitizer to stay fresh during the ride.
If you plan to wander the train or are going to sleep, locking your luggage to an immovable part of the train is a sensible precaution.
Imagine, nak kena panjat tangga, duduk kat tempat tinggi dengan kaki yang tergantung, mangkuk tandas tu sejuk pulak….

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