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To make the tank you messages interesting of course you need to use some words that are already arranged well. This ingenious baby shower centerpiece takes the functionality of giving diapers and twists it to a new level.
Baby shower centerpiece- can be placed or hung above the food or gift table and given to the mother after the shower.
Hospital room decoration- bring it to the hospital to brighten up the sore and tired mommy! Just like a typical wreath, a diaper wreath can be hung as a beautiful decoration or a welcoming baby present. Open a diaper up and wrap around the wreath so the top and front of the diaper is facing outwards instead of inwards. You can use the colors to your advantage by looking at the side viewing panels on the packaging before you buy the diapers. Continue doing this, making sure to squeeze the diapers together to make room for all 12 diapers. I would like to thank this site and all the beautiful ideas that were on it, if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have been able to make this diaper cake and the diaper wreaths.
I made the diaper cake and the blue wreath for an aunt that is having a baby soon; it was a lot of fun to do. Once again I would like to thank you for your very helpful site, it has a lot of fun and creative ideas on it and I will be visiting it frequently. I made one of friends a Diaper Wreath last night using the instructions on your website and thought I would share my creation with you. I constructed the heart shape from foam core board, covered the shape with wide bias tape and then attached the diapers with clear non-tearing pony-tail holders, then wove different color ribbon between and around the diapers. I also made a very simple diaper cake, wrapped sport-designed sleepers around the layers, used sports bibs as the top of the layers, added a simple blue foam soccer ball as the topper and wrapped some yellow cloth ribbon around all the layers.
This diaper wreath was made for my Cousin Kelly's shower, as you can tell she's having a girl. I first started with a Sock Rose Bouquet that I made for a coworker, she about cried when she saw it. I made a diaper wreath out of Flora Craft Straw it was 16", clear wrapped or shrink wrapped.

This girl diaper wreath was made to fit a small budget, as you can see it really doesn't lack anything. The "Precious moments" wreath is the very first wreath I made, it was a joint effort, my sister was having her second baby, 17 years between children and a boy, she needed everything.
Thank you so much for sharing such great ideas, and for sparking so many women's creative side. Having dispensed with my admittedly small reservoir of tips, what is your biggest lesson learned about cakes?
I have no good tips, as I am a VERY VERY VERY new newbie at this, but thanks to everyone for giving me a lot to think about and change!! If you’re using anything other than the size AND shape pan called for in the recipe, make sure it holds the same volume as the recipe intends.
I learned how to use coloring book pages for frosting designs onto cakes from blogger Amber, at Soggy Cheerios. Welcome to A Spirited MindHi, I'm Catherine Gillespie and A Spirited Mind is where I write about my pursuit of the literary life--what I'm reading and the lessons I'm learning as a result. If you're looking for something to read (for yourself or to your kids), you've come to the right place. As you know messages for thanks to people are very important, because it could be the form of our appreciation, hope and prayer for the baby who will come soon in the next few months after the baby shower. Using the right words is going to be a must, and also do not forget to use some encouraging words. You can add interest by adding things at different locations and use different lengths of ribbon as you go. You can make a rose arrangement with socks, use flowers or something cute like a teddy bear or baby bottle. I had started this wreath on Friday afternoon, and was lucky it was very easy and quick to do as she had her baby at 1:08 am Sat morning. I made this in honor of my new miracle niece - she was born prematurely to my 44 year old sister last November and she was now well enough to celebrate her arrival on April 20th. We wanted something just decorative, so I shopped around for little trinkets with Sarah's name on it (they're hard to see in the photo, but there are a couple of bracelets and a medallion) I purchased the 'Precious Moments' letters for the top of the wreath and using the same elastics attached them to the ribbons on the diapers. We bought some of the items from her registry and added them to the wreath for a more personal effect.

You can also subscribe without commenting.Thank you for joining the conversation at A Spirited Mind! Making thank you messages for baby shower party is something that you need to consider as well. I put my diapers on backwards because I didn't like the colors in the design and I think it still looks awesome. For the ribbons, I just glued cardboard cut letters (the kind used for scrap booking) to wired ribbon and just loosely attached them to the ribbons around the diapers. I wove silk flowers throughout the wreath and embellished with washcloths, baby shoes, shampoos, spoons, headbands etc.
I added teething rings, sports ball and his name using the same ribbon I used to tie the diapers with. The design on the diapers was blue, so I used shades of blue, yellow and green on the wreath.
Pink hearts, pink pacifiers, silver belle and YES disco balls hang from pink and silver ribbon. The wreath was a hit, Sarah is adorable and my sister is using the wreath to decorate Sarah's room.
I used a brown teddy bear and powder blue and yellow polka dot wired ribbon to attach him and decorate.
Metal wreath from Michael's, Size 5 diapers, little wooden Monkey pieces, and I painted wooden letters to spell the baby's name with.
Then I used a bunch of different patterned blue baby boy ribbons around it, added a light up baby bed sticker at the top, tied on shower favors, (rattles and babies) and added some wide blue ribbon at the bottom with the baby's name in marker and glitter.
The attendance will get the good impression if only you are able to make thank you messages that are touching.
To each diaper I added small novelty items such as pink and blue plastic pacifiers, trial sized baby wash, lotions, baby powder, shampoos, small rocking horses, and small pink and blue plastic diaper pins.
I would have never had known that I could make something so pretty if it hadn't been for this site!

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