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No matter how today turned out – the snottiness, the mess, the humongous amounts of money you have in the bank (ha ?? ), you are the best parent that kid could ever have. So please don’t allow me to make you feel bad because you chose to keep your sanity so your kids can have a mummy tomorrow. Trust me (talking strictly from a non-parent view), we don’t know what is going on in your house. We can make observations and rantings based off our own (oft narrow) point of view, but those kids are yours.
At least I can say this will a little more weight of experience, my marriage is not mine to heal and make whole and fix. Wise counsel, especially when it’s coming from people that love you and know you, is great.
Are you going through early marriage blues – the adjustments and challenges of early marriage? My book is doing well – God opened up opportunities to talk about it when I traveled home. Before having children I thought that being a mother is the most rewarding job in the world, that your kids love and listen to you unconditionally and they bring peace and joy in the house.

Sometimes I think that my kid’s secret mission in life is to make sure me and my husband get constantly trained in conflict management and creative problem solving.
Leaving them space: I got to accept that my kids are wild and that they need to get rid of their energy in some way.
This is just a grasp of how I try to raise my energetic kids in the best way and let them grow as the beautiful persons they are. This entry was posted in Parenting and tagged Conflict solving, Parenting tips, Patience with children, positive parenting tips. I love the last point, so simple but yet powerful if every parent would accept and understand its importance. Simply click here: Subscribe to Intentional Today to have posts delivered directly into your inbox. Being a parent is hard work we don’t need people to make it harder we need people to lift us and encourage us!
Take a journey through marital subjects like intimacy, submission, sex, communication, finances, in-laws, expectations – and many more! I’ve just sent out an email about the conference, hope it gets to all in-boxes (including yours) and escapes spam filters!

To avoid me running late everywhere because I have to wait for them to finish their stuff, I took the habit to give them an advance warning. It brought me back to those days when my boys were little and would fuss, fight and squirm the entire time we tried to have a normal conversation in a restaurant.
I often feel that we as parents expect too often for our kids to drop things on the spot when we ask them. Rather than taking the toy away or putting one child ahead of the other, I prefer to go for a compromise where they both get to play in turns. Moms and dads in the trenches are to be applauded and prayed for by those of us who can stand on the sidelines. Instead I tell my kids 5 to 10 minutes ahead that we need to leave (or eat, sleep, …) so they have the time to finish up whatever they are doing at that moment.

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