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Parents with ADHD children can sink into believing that what we’re feeling today is the truth and that what we felt yesterday, despite proof of our competence and, even, greatness, does not count anymore. Over time, Hanna was able to develop skills to parent better and to manage her negative thoughts more effectively as well.
Client Sue learned to manage her resentment and overwhelm by blessing those people who were bugging her.
Do you have a question, a concern, or a dilemma that’s keeping you up at night and won’t go away? What I’ve learned about ADHD is that, without a treatment plan (medication is a treatment, not a treatment plan), ADHD children (and their families) can suffer into adulthood, feeling disoriented, unfocused, discouraged, and hopeless.
Puerto Rican lifestyle expert, Evette Rios, otherwise known as “the Latina Martha Stewart” was on the TODAY show last week to demonstrate her unique egg decorating skills.
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Lisa Jordan is a nutritionist and extension agent at The University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.
This book is a follow-up to her first book to explore Asperger relationships, Life with a Partner or Spouse with Asperger Syndrome: Going over the Edge? Researchers have made great strides forward in showing us how to understand the differences in the way Aspies and NTs think.

The answer to this question is explored in all its multi-faceted complexities in this book. As an outsider to the situation I had the perspective she needed to remind her that 1) this was a pattern of behavior that happened whenever she hadn’t taken time to herself after dropping off the kids at school, and 2) I was here to help make things easier and that we could talk right then. I know who mine are and I spend more time with them than with other people because I want a joyful life not a life of struggle. He was a sweetheart but smart enough and curious enough to try all sorts of things, like lighting a can of Easy-Off oven spray on fire! Don’t spend all your care and attention on others; treat yourself to some of your great love and kindness! It breaks my heart to see people who have no idea how wonderful they are, so my mission is to nurture and guide a generation of ADHD teens (and the parents who love them!) so that they can be the leaders, the creators, the great thinkers that they are destined to be. They are indeed so outstanding, that we believe Martha Stewart herself might even get jealous. Intelligence – Take Back Your Right to be Intelligent in Your Unique Way Michelle Lathim 18-May-2016Neuro-Emotional Technique Helps Our Aspies Connect the Dots Michelle Lathim 16-May-2016What does Very High Functioning Autism Mean? Practical Steps to Saving You and Your Relationship, which garnered worldwide attention due to its unforgivingly realistic portrayal of loving someone with Asperger’s.
Once again, in this new book readers will find it is not a quirky, upbeat human-interest story on Asperger Syndrome.

One of Jake’s friends told him there was something wrong with Bryan, that he was a behavior problem and needed to be hospitalized! Your children may always have ADHD but you can change the way your brain deals with the ADHD. It’s not hard to imagine why co-parenting with an Asperger Syndrome mate can be such a challenge for an NT.
I mean, when there are still people debating whether ADHD even exists, you know you’ve got a tough road ahead.
But, often, all that fierce compassion is directed toward protecting and supporting your ADHD child. These three tips, when practiced on a regular basis, will help make ADHD parenting less frustrating and more manageable. Marshack focuses on the real, often harsh, realities that an NT faces when co-parenting with an Aspie – the anguish, fears and losses of the NT parent. While friends were ready to commit Bryan to one institution or another, I had a more uplifting solution.

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