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People tell me all the time that they can’t get their dog under control; after all I am a dog trainer so I kind of expect to hear this time and time again. Sometimes I just have to take a step back and try to figure out what’s going wrong what are people doing that will make a big difference and is easily corrected. Most often the problem is easily fixed with a little ingenuity and thinking more like a dog than like a person.  After all, when you are having problems with your dog understanding goes a long way!
Most often when I am answering questions asked of me on the message board I go back to saying.  Put a leash on your dog and TEACH him what you want.
Although leashes are invaluable tools, you have to know how to use them.  There is no such thing as a magical dog leash or one that does all the work for you!  For more on leash training click here. It is as if the leash is a tool for your dog to pull you from place to place and get what he wants. The leash is for YOU to learn to control and teach your dog and then it is only used as a backup in case of emergency.
When I walk my dogs, I don’t even want to feel the slightest tug on the leash!  I want to be able to put it around my waist or around my little finger and never need to use it.  It is there for peace of mind in an emergency and because the law demands it, but it is not something for my dog or for me to pull on. For more on getting your dog to respect the leash and walk nice for you read my articles here on leash manners and walking. We invite people into our homes with our dogs jumping around flying toward their faces and their backsides and no one ever thinks to simply put a leash on the dog to control his behavior and teach him obedience as a coping skill. Or worse, people are invited into the homes of aggressive dogs who rush, growl and bark at these friends like intruders, some even bite, when I leash could be used to gain control of the dog and take his ability to scare and bully people away! Leashes are more important to me INSIDE the home (where they spend most of their time) learning how not to chase the cat, how to stay out of the trash, and what manners are expected prior to complete house freedom. If everyone whose dog was chasing the cat, stealing food off the counter, or whose dog was nipping them put that dog on a leash until the behavior resolved we would have much fewer problems.
There is a big difference from using the leash to keep your dog from jumping on other people and dogs; and correcting your dog with all of your force and body weight when he does the same thing. Too often we don’t “TEACH” our dogs what our expectations are; instead we use our bodies and force to hurt or correct our dogs when they make a mistake. Imagine for a moment a young puppy who is out on a walk and sees another dog getting ready to walk past.  The young pup jumps and pulls, he may even bark or put his hackles up because he is unsure of the situation. Gets his attention with a treat, and instead of letting him pull toward the other dog he teaches the young puppy that giving him (the owner) attention is what rewards the puppy. Once attention is gained this owner can now ask the puppy to sit or lay down for a treat therefore teaching the puppy what to do when other dogs appear. If the puppy does not pay attention, this owner turns around and goes far enough away from the dog to get his puppy’s attention successfully, therefore not rewarding the puppy for being over excited, barking, and pulling at the other dog.
Grabs the leash and YANKS or pops his puppy, causing a painful and negative stimulus; the puppy may even cry or continue his negative behavior. More pulling results in more corrections and anger from owner #2, and the puppy learns that it is bad and painful to meet new dogs on the street.  Within a few short sessions of seeing other dogs and having this same reaction happen over and over again, the puppy begins to become very defensive and dog aggressive. Now when he sees another dog he goes crazy, because he knows that corrections and pain are involved.  He doesn’t know what else to do!
This owner lets the puppy bark and growl and lunge and slowly tugs the leash as the other dog passes, almost ignoring the pups behavior and hoping it will pass. But the tight leash and movement from the other dog causes frustration and builds some prey drive causing more aggression and irritation from the dog. The dogs from owners 3 and sometimes 2 are often not aggressive when the leash is removed, because the frustration and correction is also removed from the scenario causing the dog no negative feelings toward the other dog. Obviously we want to strive to be owner #1.  The leash simply gives us physical control over this puppy, but it should not be used as a correction or compulsion device, that will only make negative behavior worse. Learning how and when to use your dog’s leash is key and is something that you will need for your dog’s entire life!
Thank you for this additional information, although I have not experienced this problem with my dogs in the past, it will be useful when I receive my rescue dog in the next few days, as I believe this dog has had no training.
Eventually he will learn that the behaviors are not always connected and you will be able to teach him leash manners. DOES ANYONE have experience with Terriers and could you give me some hints as I am running out of ways to deal with this problem.
Spraying him in the face and using a shock collar is only going to make the behavior worse you are teaching him that passing other dogs is something to be fearful of and get aggressive about! Think about it…when it happens not only is he aggressive and perhaps apprehensive you are adding pain and negative to his already bad experience.

Eventually, in his own time you can work closer and closer to other dogs until you are right next to them. If you need help seek the help of a veterinary behaviorist who can set up a training regimen and see your dog’s exact behavior and give you tips and guidelines for your dog. Some of these behaviorists also run classes for dogs like this where they do controlled massage and teaching dogs to relax around other dogs.
I went from avoidance to giving him treats when he didn’t attack to a citronella collar to pinning him to the ground to a shock collar but nothing seemed to work. I bought a number of books and tried a number of other methods described but not until I got a book written by William Khoeler in the 60’s, a book that is tagged as a dinosaur in the dog training community today, did I get any results.
Khoeler says to take a piece of cut off garden hose and bring the aggressive dog, while on a leash, over to another dog. After just one session described above, my dog now sniffs and plays with new acquaintances on a regular basis. This could also result in death of the dog or the owner if the dog was bigger than the owner. I have a 8 month old puppy she is not leash trainned at all she pulls and tugs at the leash and I hate walking her because she is horrible at walking on a leash so wish me good luck. Then you can ask him not to pull you on a regular basis by teaching him to give you attention instead.
Want to know if someone could help me solve a problem with my 7 month German Shepherd-he will jump and bark at me off and on during the day! I HAVE A MALTESE TERROR SHE IS A GOOD DOG BUT WHEN I ARRIVE HOME SHE DRIVE ME GRAZY BECAUSSE SHE KEEP ON PULLING MY CLOTHS AND WHEN I TELL HER BE QUIET SHE KEEP ON BARKING TO ME ,I DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE WANTS . When you get home put on the leash, strap up your shoes and take her for a walk till she is too tired to bark or jump! Also, if you never play ball with him regularly at home then the ball is not rewarding enough. I teach my Malinois and build their drive with the toys, then I can use the toy above all other things to keep their attention on me and nothing else! If you need to use a gentle leader to control his face and not allow him to pull and if he pulls and gets out of control just stand there and wait for the behavior to pass. He will learn that pulling and lunging toward other dogs equals going the other way, or not getting what he wants. I love your advice, and have printed excerpts that pertain to my issues for training Dutch. It does sometimes take a lot of work but after some time you can make the situation harder and harder and your dog will have the firm foundation he needs to succeed. If she chew on the leash put some bitter apple on the leash so it tastes bad and she doesn’t want to chew on it! A lot of you complained about not being able to download the .mp3 file of my last interview, so I decided to keep it simple and just use the audio player below.
I really need to see this, about the potty training, and I dont see a link or anything to see it, can you help me find it?
I have a deck with stairs that go down to a cement patio and a small fenced area with grass. Amanda Brothers said a book was good to read from a female author, about the dog and human likes and differants. Heard the entire discourse on Expert Dog Potty Training and was duly impressed with everything Amanda had to say.
I thought it was a great video and helpful to anyone struggling with potty training their dog. If you’re getting a new puppy or have already brought the adorable little guy or gal home then chances are you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.
A great puppy training tip is to make sure your puppy has a supervised and controlled environment. Going to the bathroom inside – Finally, going to the bathroom inside is a puppy behavior that must be modified.
Puppies are delightful little creatures and the puppy phase of a dog’s life is short lived. Check out our entire puppy training course and sign up for our free puppy training videos to be delivered via e-mail!
This little guy had been beaten across the snout so many times that the nerve ends had been severely damaged and resulted in partial blindness.

It’s not that he is aggressive towards other dogs, he wants to get over to them and meet them and play.
Give them a secure space to live and play and plenty of toys and appropriate items to chew on. This is also a signal that they’re starting to feel attached to their home and are protecting it. Take steps to prevent unwanted puppy behaviors but don’t forget to enjoy this period in your dog’s life.
I’m happy to say that Bobby became a lovable and loving dog and was with us for many years.
When approaching a situation you know your dog will react to ( in an aggresive way ) I was tought to do u turns before the situation gets out of control. I tried that and he quickly snapped his head out of the collar and I was standing there with a leash and collar and no dog. The trainer (uses your techniques) says he has leash aggression and it will take a lot of patience and work. My greatest mistakes have been my own impatience as well as assuming my puppy understands my thoughts and desires. I was really impressed with your (go to your mat) video and wanted to buy your product; however, i noticed that u mainly offer audio stuff. More importantly, you may be planning ahead and learning how to prevent puppy behavior problems – great, we’re here to help. When you find them chewing on something they’re not supposed to be chewing on, quickly replace it with an appropriate item. Decide where you want them to go to the bathroom, learn their body language and schedule, and be consistent with your praise and rewards when they do go to the bathroom outside.
After he settled into to the routine of our home, I started putting the collar & leash on him in the house, just to get him use to it.
Found a halter collar and another leash and he proudly walks beside me, I have a slack leash, when other dogs are curious and are walking past, since my dog is huge, I ask him to sit and when they pass we continue. When your puppy puts their mouth on your hands or someone else’s hands, give them a firm no and replace your hand with an appropriate item to chew on. Because chewing is a natural puppy behavior you have to accept it however, you don’t have to accept it when they chew on inappropriate items. This particular puppy behavior is short lived and once their adult teeth have come in, simply providing them with bones and chew toys will give them the outlet they need. Housebreaking your puppy isn’t as difficult as it seems and with a few steps you can quickly prevent this puppy behavior.
And still, as much as he is perfectly behaved any other time and respects all of my other demands, when he sees another dog, he turns into a totally different dog. You have to consider that being on a leash takes the flight option away and leaves your dog with the fight option. I also watched ALOT of Ceaser (the dog whisperer) I carried liver treats on our walks, talked to the dog as we walked.
I have tried to walk away and get his attention with bacon treats but he wants their loven. I have him sit because it is intimidating to other owners whose dogs are smaller and they do the jerk the leash thing and often make their dogs cry out in pain.
If you have someone with a bomb proof dog that is willing to work with you and your dog it helps you and your dog gain confidence. Also make sure they have plenty of toys and if the barking persists, pull them away from windows so they don’t bark every time someone walks by.
Make him sit until the dog passes and be patient it might take a while to graduate to being able to walk by another dog. I advocate for use of leash against pain but to the comfort of our pet & to train it that leash use is to signal pet that owner means obedience at his commands on a required occasion. Im not sure how to solve this cause he pulls me when we first go out and then across the street to get to the potty area and then he just wants to track things.

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