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Crate training is not an option in my house and that ideal started when I was 18 and living in Wyoming.  I had just gotten my first dog, a 9-month old male show Rottweiler and though I had heard of crate training, there was not a crate to be found in my small town. I have no doubts that, that crate saved my dog’s life and helped him to live to a ripe old age, without it he would have leaped out of another window and gotten hit by a car or he would have ingested something toxic.
With appropriate and consistent crate training, your dog’s crate will become his home within his home, his safe haven and his happy place. Crate training an older dog may be slightly more difficult than crate training a puppy, but it still fairly easy if you employ the right tactics.  Some dogs have had negative associations with crates in the past, and some simply have never seen a crate but most dogs are crate-able and benefit from crate training.
First select a crate that is an appropriate size.  Crates need to be large enough for an adult dog to comfortably stand up, turn around and move freely.
Dogs go into their crates to chill out and take naps, and the darker crate is more conducive to leaving the cares of the world behind.  Fearful dogs often dislike wire crates because they feel trapped while being visually over stimulated by the outside world. Next it is time to acclimate your dog to his crate in a positive way.  I usually just put half of the crate on the floor or take the door off, while I toss in treats and make it a fun place.  Crate games are also critically important to make the new environment fun and favorable for happiness!
Not all older dogs are housebroken, as a matter of fact the majority of dogs in a shelter have not been appropriately house trained.   Housebreaking an older dog becomes much easier with the utilization of a crate and good crate training principles. Adult dogs already have the ability to hold their bladder for longer periods of time than most puppies, so housebreaking an adult dog using crate training can actually be easier than housebreaking a puppy, it is all about teaching them where it is appropriate to urinate and defecate, and utilizing the tools that can help you with the process!
When I take my dogs out, I see it as a privilege not something that is owed to them, it is MY walk and I am inviting them to join me on my excursion.  Keep this in mind when walking your dog, it is about you, and your dog should learn if he is good and respectful of you he can come along to enjoy your time.
I DO NOT wrap it around my wrist!  If you wrap your leash around your wrist and your dog takes off you can be seriously injured. We have a tendency to want to pull or strangle our dogs and put constant pressure on their collar, which forces them to pull back.  If you grab and pull someone, they pull away, it is instinct.  Don’t pull on your dog! The German Shepherd Lab mix is a very popular breed also known as a “Sheprador” or “Labrashepherd.” The German Shepherd and the Labrador are both known for their loyalty, intelligence, and loving nature which makes this mixed breed a great family dog.
The German Shepherd ancestry of this mix originated in Germany in the late 1800’s and gained it’s recognition by a man by the name of Captain Max Von Stephanitz.
German Shepherds are usually two toned in black and tan, but can be a combination of other colors such as black and red, tan and red.

This brilliant breed has a double coat and requires a lot of brushing and washing does take a little extra time than washing a dog with only one coat.
If you don’t like the idea of owning a German Shepherd Lab mix feel free to read about other breeds in the Dog Breeds section above! It is, after all, the human who is taking the dog out for a walk, it should be just as enjoyable if not more so for them than their dog! I chose the left side because that is where the “Heel” position is located.  I put the handle of the leash over my right thumb and then grasp it in my right palm. My grip is much stronger than my wrist could ever be, you would never do a pull up with your wrists. Make it almost impossible for you to strangle your dog by using the opposite hand to hold the leash.
The German Shepherd Lab mix requires a lot of exercise and training due to its high energy level. This breed was born from a cross between a retriever and a small water dog in Newfoundland, Canada. This breed is not only strong, agile, and intelligent, but also very loving, affectionate, and docile. Their coat color takes after the Labrador and is usually dark in color; either black or dark brown, but some have a tan underneath or a white chest.
I can make it shorter or longer as we are working simply by releasing my grip or gathering more.
Put treats into your left hand so that you can reach down and put them in front of your dog’s nose.  Admittedly, this takes some grace and skill which may elude you at first, but with practice you will get it down. They were originally used as herders of animals such as sheep and cattle, hunters of game animals, and guard dogs which are a few of the many skills this breed has today. In 1878, the Earl of Malmesbury imported this breed and they were first recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1903. They tend to be a bit shy when it comes to strangers or meeting another dog for the first time, but they eventually warm up to the idea once they feel comfortable.

The German Shepherd Lab mix is quite vocal and their bark tends to sound more like a German Shepherd than a Labrador.
The German Shepherd Lab mix enjoys many outdoor activities such as swimming, retrieving, and running.
German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and ability to remember and respond to large number of commands. The outer coat does shed year round, while the undercoat provides warmth for this breed in extreme weather conditions. Labradors are known for their keen sense of smell and their retrieving skills and were mainly used for hunting. Training should be approached with a positive attitude as this breed loves to feel accomplished and enjoys a reward for their hard work.
The German Shepherd makes a great family dog and companion and is becoming more popular among breeders and dog lovers. Many police forces and military units train German Shepherds to aid them in rescue and retrieval missions.
The German Shepherd Lab Mix also has a double coat which requires a lot of maintenance and takes a good amount of time and patience to wash and brush.
Labradors, like German Shepherds are highly intelligent and have the capability of learning and remembering a large number of commands very quickly.
This breed has a high energy level and requires a lot of exercise which makes it a great companion dog for someone who enjoys the outdoors.

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