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Potty training doesn't have to be hard or stressful, read our tips about potty training tips for rabbits?
Obedience training is to train dogs to be obedient, to obey anything and everything they’re told to do. Obedience training for dogs would be a piece of cake if the dogs spoke the same language that people speak.
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Now if you are caring for rabbits and want to give them a healthy diet you don’t have to go rummaging through the woods to find these same types of goodies. You can also safely give your rabbit fresh vegetables, especially those leafy greens which are a favorite of theirs contrary to what most of us have seen in cartoons.
Rabbits need lots of water to stay healthy so make sure they always have an ample supply of fresh water handy. You might also want to set up a rabbit litter box and begin training him how to use the box.
Along with the answer to what do wild rabbits eat, you now know a few more things about carrying for you non-wild pet bunny, too.
Potty training doesn't have to be hard or stressful, read our tips about potty training puppies tips and tricks 360?

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It covers a wide range of lessons a dog can learn, including tricks, family manners, show ring exercises, and skills demonstrations.
They will also get some hydration from the fresh vegetables – another good reason to include them. Sniffing dogs, service dogs for handicapped owners, search and rescue dogs, sled and carting dogs, hunting dogs — all carry their obedience training to the highest degree. But rabbits cannot live by plants alone so they also eat their fair share woody plants, tree bark, and plant buds. They have been trained to obey an unusual set of commands that increase their value as helpers to man. They can be stubborn, dominant, submissive, or fearful, characteristics that can make them difficult to train.
We video-taped her for two days.How to Litter Train Your RabbitRabbits are clean, intelligent pets and with a little patience and practice, you can teach them to use the litter box. Able to learn agility, obedience and games as well as hunting, herding and guarding by using clicker training and positive reinforcement.

He is a lion head bunny only 8weeks old and I just got him from a breader for about 8days now and counting.
Keratoconjunctivitis Siccaa€”(Keratitis) A fancy way of saying a€?dry eye.a€? Inadequate tear flow causes painful eye infections of a chronic nature.
Kerry Blue RescueIn the event you are seriously considering the adoption of an older dog and are looking for a Kerry Blue Rescue group or groups in your state, here are several links that might help:Petfinder - Kerry Blue Rescue - (Nationwide) NOTE - As I write this, Petfinder is listing only 4 Kerry Blue Terriers available for adoption in the entire USA! Deafnessa€”Hereditary or caused by: Excessive loud noise, Intolerance to anesthesia, drug toxicity, and Otitis (middle ear infection), In some cases, one ear can have no hearing from birth and the other ear can be losing the ability to hear over time, undetected, then suddenly one morning the hearing is totally gone. Progressive Retinal Atrophya€”(PRA) An inherited, untreatable disease of the retina affecting both eyes causing blindness. Cataracts - Hazy or cloudy vision and if not treated will eventually lead to total blindness in the dog.Other health problems could occur with your Kerry Blue Terrier.

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