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May 22, 2014 by Fitnessista 47 Comments My mom and nana hadn’t even been here for 24 hours before they had potty-trained our child. My nana handed Livi a small wrapped package and when she opened the pack of Minnie Mouse panties, she was ecstatic. After they were clean (plus some more cute ones that the nanas got her at Target), we’ve been diaper-free ever since (except for nap and bedtime). I asked my mom and nana to share their potty training tips since they’ve been through the ringer (seven kids between the two of them + six grandkids) and can obviously work some magic. It’s been an exciting week over here ?? Mamas: any tips or tricks that worked well for you? One thing to keep in mind… once your sweet little girl has been consistent for a while, lay off the asking. My mom said when she started potty training me she would just wake me in the middle of the night and put me on the toilet.
My son loves money so we give him one penny if he goes pee and two for poop he loves adding the pennies to the jar and if he does good all week he gets to go on a special outing like the race track, wrestling, or a baseball game.
We did the 3 day method with underwear on not naked and for 6 weeks it was amazing with my 2.5 year old but then regression started and kept getting worse and worse to the point of putting her back in pull ups.
I had my oldest daughter port trained at 18 months old……rule 1 pull ups are a waste of money! I’ve been using this same tactic since my daughter turned 14 months and she gets a jelly bean after. I am having difficulty with my son, i have tried the pee pee in the potty song, the telling him what the potty is for, the whole change to big boy underwear, the treats… When i first started i showed him the big boy undies and at first he didnt want them he would cry, now he is ok with them he wears them in the house if i put them on. I guess i am gonna go try and buy him character undies since he is into cars and paw patrol, follow your advice and cross my fingers ! This entry was posted in Facebook Fun, National and tagged Parenting Advice, Potty training, Potty Training Tips.
When we got Ruby, our now apathetic beagle mix with an under-active thyroid, she was an adorable puppy with floppy ears and big paws. Ladies and gentleman, today I stand on the other side and happily exclaim that the stock in adult diapers wasn’t needed.
Looking back, there are the five things I wish I would have known about potty training boys. Potty training is not for the faint of heart, and I think we might be getting close to starting with Asher. This post was sponsored by Pull-Ups and their Big Kid Academy, but thoughts, of course, are my own. In any family, a mother teaches her children, both boys and girls, the proper ways of using the toilet. Balancing may be a problem for the little boys who have just started walking and so is problem in peeing in the standing position. If it is felt that the little boy is able to balance himself and can urinate while standing without causing a mess in the bathroom, his sibling can teach him to urinate in the standing position.
For the training to be successful, care has to be taken that the toilet lid is properly fixed and it is not coming down while the little boys aims inside the pot, which may cause uncleanliness in the bathroom which may discourage the junior to pee in side the bowl.
It was like it was no big deal, and right before my eyes, she went from a baby in diapers to a KID who will tell me she needs to go potty, go, and then ask for jelly beans. I figured when she was ready it would happen, I bought her a cool potty seat with princesses on it, and some organic jelly beans from Whole Foods (chocolate chips and natural mini marshmallows work well, too). The first day, I’m sure this is why we had no accidents because they may have asked her a thousand times if she needed to go potty. Once they’re occasionally going in the potty, give them chance to go in the morning and put them in underwear the rest of the day (except for naptime). We kept things lighthearted and fun, and never made it feel like it was something she HAD to do. She had a really early interest in sitting on it (the real one, not a trainer), so we gave it a whirl. He just hated being dirty, so the caca happened first, and he only had accidents when he was sick on that front. I have made a passive start to potty training, like you, but we have committed to a school in the fall that requires kids to be potty trained so I am thinking it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

My only two cents to add is, as someone mentioned above, all the tricks in the world will not work if the child is just not ready. I’m thinking of doing the 3-day potty training method on our son (he turned 2 in Feb) and my best friend used it with both of her boys, said it worked like a charm. If you keep them in the training pants they can’t feel the pee as much and will just keep using it like a diaper.
It’s normal for children to regress in using the toilet when they are developing other skills. Now my only issue with this is, whenever I ask my 2 year old if he needs to potty he gets very upset… I just say ok.
I introduced the potty early before the girls were 1 so they could get used to it, it was just a normal thing. But if i am not constantly asking him to go pee pee in the potty he will wet himself and he wont tell me. Or if your child has a fear of potty training, check out our advice on ways of coping with toddlers fears. In a newlywed haze, we picked her out of a box on a farm and snuck her into our college-owned apartment.
In the midst of packing peanuts and hefting a hand-me-down couch up a flight of stairs, we got to experience all the sweetness of a new puppy while my parents did the dirty work (quite literally) of potty-training our dog. I'm hitched to a shaggy-haired pastor and we're smitten with two wild + crazy boys: Joseph (5) and Asher (2). Normally it is observed that girls pick up faster than the boys since the role model in the training happen to be a lady. Hence it is always better to teach small boys to use the pot sitting to avoid a catastrophe in the bathroom.
He has to be taught other things like flushing the bowl after finishing his job; replace the lid and wash his hands.
A stool of suitable height may be necessary if the bowl happens to be little higher than the little boy to keep the bathroom clean. We would ask her occasionally if she wanted to sit on the potty, and afterwards, she got one treat for trying and three if she went. Ask them all the time if they need to go, give them lots of liquids, and give them the opportunity to go often throughout the day.
My mom said today that we need to get a little timer so that if the timer goes off and she hasn’t gone yet, we’ll just try again later. They also have the little potties that are more convenient for the kids to get to, but I didn’t want something extra to sanitize throughout the day.
I’ve found that just like switching to her big girl bed, it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought it would be.
He did wet himself more often, but we did elimination communication (we have no carpet and LOTS of cloth diapers scattered around for clean-up).
This is a pretty common thing to do in a lot of countries, so I hope I’m not the only crazy mom out there working on toileting her infant.
Although a lot of mothers i talked to about it said she was WAYY too young to understand but i just thought since she was walking at nine months i didn’t want to hold her back from growing up. Levi has been in underwear since the week after his 2nd bday (December 19) and unfortunately he still has accidents.
We used sticker charting and went cold turkey and right into big kid undies which both of my kids loved.
We would go in the bathroom and he would sit on the toilet and I would sit on the small plastic potty and we would have juice together and we would laugh and talk for a long time and then I would stand up and, the rest is history! She will have great days going to the potty all day especially poop and then days where she refuses and poops and pees all day in the pull up.
We were in the process of buying a house, so my parents very kindly agreed to let her live with them for a few weeks until we moved in. We bought toys (good ones, even!) as rewards and kept them in the bathroom — in sight but out of reach. Load up with everything you can to get to work helping your little man transition from diapers to big boy undies. Eee!) He’s young and I have no expectations, but he sees how excited we still get for Joseph, and I think he wants in on the big-kid awesomeness.

I have been feeling like a failure because I have no idea what I am doing & he should have this figured out by now. We're in the adoption process for a special needs little one and we're also expecting in April 2016.
Another reason for the boys to be slow in proper usage of the toilet is that they have to learn it both by sitting as well as standing. So till he gets balanced in walking and running, it is better to train him to pee while sitting. Also, the little boy considers it an achievement in being able to pee perfectly inside the pot. One of the elders in the house has to make sure that the little boy is perfect in all these things before it can be considered that the little boy is well trained. Pregnancy & ParentingMay 02, 2012015 Early Signs And Symptoms Of PregnancyThe most joyful and exciting news that you can get is that you are pregnant.
But, since he’s a boy, it was easy to go outside if we absolutely had to, and we could be discreet about it. This is such a helpful post for all moms and dads setting out on the potty training adventure! Around 18 to 24 months is a good age to start potty training, but there’s no particular time when success is guaranteed, it all depends on the individual child.
We (quietly) cuddled and snuggled her, then handed her off to her doggy grandparents while we focused on our move. I’m not sure if this is an urban legend or what, but in my experience, you have to start somewhere, and usually that means initiating a trip to the potty.
Pull-Ups are lifesavers during the in-between, and after that, extra-absorbent training undies are helpful.
We do treat and get excited when she choses to go but i don’t make it an issue so just hoping one day she wakes and asks to be in her big girl underwear again. It’s probably easier to start in the spring or summer, when washing dries better and there are fewer clothes to take off.
I know some people swear by the intensive-two-day-potty-training-cure, and if that works for you, fabulous. He refuses to go in the toilet and moments after we try he goes in his diaper… anyway I found this post encouraging! Celebrate the victories, even if the victory is just that your dude sat on the potty chair for one-minute without sobbing. And it’s fun for them to wear a cute little watch that happens to be shaped like a potty.
But one day Sue told us she thought Sadie was ready and asked us to send her in regular panties the next day with extra clothes. Give yourself grace, give your son grace, and give all those inquisitive church ladies grace. I had read things about the 3-day method online, and to be honest, the thought of her running around the house naked with the ability to erm, relieve herself on the rugs made me break into hives. I live by the philosophy that the time will pass anyway, whether it takes 3 days, two weeks, or two months. One may love getting an M&M every time he goes, while another may need Cheerios to aim at, and another might feel super satisfied by putting coins in a bank. Sadie peed in her panties one time, didn’t like the feeling of being all wet and having to change her clothes.
Create a routine that is consistent with room for flexibility. (Go here to sign up for access to things like the Time to Potty app with Mickey Mouse.
If your adorable, interactive, punny Pinterest chalkboard art chart doesn’t work, let it go.

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