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Pick a word for the action, such as “outside” or “do your business.” Use this phrase consistently so he will learn it as a command. One of the reasons why some people end up rehoming their dog is beacuse the dog messes  in the house.
Your dog needs to be confident to do his business in front of you and when he does you should praise him and offer a small reward.  Always take him to the same area of the garden and wait for him to sniff around to find the spot he likes. To help you anticipate when your dog needs to go, it helps to make your dog’s life as routine as possible. With some patience, vigilence and lots of praise, any dog can be house trained succesfully.
My routine with her in the morning is to go to the yard , do her businesses give her lots of praise. It is important for me to teach her that she has to ‘work’ in order to receive food, even though it is small for now. Q: how do I training her not to beg for food [she comes to sit next to me while I’m eating, she doesn’t cry or make any noise] or run to me as soon as she sees me eating something?
Dogs love to go back to the same spot again and again, even if it is right in the middle of the living room. If you can, close all interleading doors or use a baby gate to block off the doorway.
Small puppies should be carried outside or they will have accidents on the way but all dogs should be taken on a lead.  If your dog doesnt want to do anything, take him back inside and keep in on the lead or confined for a while then try again. One of the reason for this can be a pup who was raised in an environment which the breeder didn’t keep clean.

I have my pup for four days now and she has a spot in my yard, I take her out during the night when she wakes and early morning between 5:30 and 6am,[ she normally wakes up about that time] and she has got the hang of the routine since she does her business within 2minutes of being in the yard [on the 4th day]. To prevent begging, make sure you never ever give any food from the table or while you are eating. These pups are used to being surrounded by their own mess and may even soil their own beds.
As long as your dog never gets any reward for begging from you or anyone else, he or she will give up.
The only difference is that when they get bigger they make bigger puddles and piles!  The principals of house training are the same whether your dog is a tiny puppy, an adult rescue dog who has just moved into your home or an older dog with an established problem.  Dogs are den animals who will do what they can to keep their den clean, all they need to be taught is that your whole house is their den. Very young puppies need to go out every 20 minutes or so, older dogs every hour or two. Always take your dog out after meals and when he wakes up from a snooze.
Dogs only repeat behaviour which is rewarding so no reward means that the behaviour will go away. There are some health and behavioral problems which can be a factor but more about those later. That way you know exactly what he is up to.  Watch for signs of his needing to go like sniffing the floor, circling or if on the lead, pulling to get away from you. Young pups can hold it for about 2 to 3 hours max while adult dogs can manage double that at least. They seem to feel that once they deposit their own scent around them, they are more in control and calmer.

It may or may not take longer depending on your dog.House Training Tips for Dog OwnersThe following tips can help you as you go through the housebreaking process with your puppy. You may buy a larger crate for your puppy to grow into, but place a divider in it so that it is only large enough for your puppy to turn around and lie down. Immediately take your dog outside to his toilet area which should be a quite corner of your garden.
Be careful not to let your puppy stay in the cage for more than 4-6 hours, or he may have no choice but to relieve himself.
If you are away from the house regularly, as many of us are for work, return home in the middle of each day to let your puppy outside. Watch your puppy for signs such as sniffing, circling and pacing – these usually mean it is time to go.
If you choose not to crate your dog when you are away from the house, set him up in a room with a non-absorbent floor. If you catch him in the middle of an accident, say “no” firmly and take him outside to finish, praising him if he does.
Generally, dogs prefer to urinate on absorbent materials, but they tend to avoid doing so in their own beds.

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