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Since writing this post we have created MANY more Baby Play Ideas so please browse the archives¬†for more inspiration! This post is lovely, thanks for the ideas, and the reassurance that play can be simple too! I am a teacher too, but I usually teach 7 and 8 years olds, so when I had my own baby I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t know what to do with him – but your blog is giving me lots of ideas! My daughter likes playing with uncooked penne pasta and you have some other great suggestions here.

Use these 51 games to play and bond with your child and enjoy a whole new world with your baby or toddler. Tired of everything being geared towards preschoolers? Here are 20 fantastic ways to play with your 6-18 month old baby, all rich in sensory exploration and promoting developing thinking skills! Im pretty sure my followers on Pinterest are sick of my posting from your blog all the time haha. A basket full of metal objects, long ribbons they can get tangled in, and small items they can choke on do not sound like safe baby fun!

These toddler activities include educational and creative activities are so much fun and perfect for children ages 12 months to 4 years old. Not only are they creative play time ideas but you'll be helping to create memories that matter for Mom and Grandma.

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