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Make a fabulously fun DIY toddler toy for developing fine motor skills, co-ordination, concentration, counting and plenty of playful activity together!
Here is the next instalment in our ongoing series of simple, easy and fun ideas of ways to play with toddlers! Little Bean just turned 2 so we are officially into toddlerhood now and ready for all of the  extravagance that it will throw our way!
This simple pom pom drop and shoot game was perfect as an afternoon activity for her and took just a few minutes to create.
Then I set it out with a large basket of colourful pom poms, including some glittery ones to give a range of textures to explore with little fingertips!
After turning it upside-down and giving the tub a good shake ¬†she was delighted to find that the pom poms would shoot straight out of the tube and across the room at high speed! Her big sisters found it irresistible too and we had to make a couple more of them so they could use one each at the same time! Just a little thank you for putting the girls’ ages on the bottom of so many posts, I really do find it useful when I am trying to gauge how suitable an activity might be for my daughter! Apologies if you have already answered this elsewhere but did you buy or make the pom poms? For this Pompom Drop and Shoot activity, how did you cut the hole in the plastic container? My boys are older but one thing that hasn’t changed about toddlers since I had one is that things around the house can be so much more fun than store bought toys. If repurposing is your thing, check out the many different ways wine bottle corks can make great stuff! Moving from the infant stage to the toddler stage, the toddler responds and reacts to fun sounds, bright colors and amusing movements. But, many a parent is confronted with the problem of finding the right toys or games that match the interests of the toddler. Toys: The moment toddlers look at toys they are curious, inquisitive to explore how the toys work. Fun filled activities: Creative games and activities can satiate the curious toddler while offering definite amount of entertainment as well. Fun with edible clay: Clay molding with edible clay made at home can also become a great snack for the active toddler. Water play: Even those toddlers who throw tantrums while taken for a wash, would be excited with an opportunity to have fun in water during bath time.
If you have an empty wall in the basement or playroom, use this place and convert into a special drawing area.

Make wind chimes: Collect string beads, bells and other noise-making objects in attractive colors and different shapes. Toddlers love to explore, and there's a temptation to satisfy their fervent curiosity with lots and lots of toys. That same metal mixing bowl turned upside down goes from sensory play to an impromptu drum. The drawer used to hold a mix of plastic and glass coffee cups, but now the glass ones are in a high cabinet and the drawer is just full of our reusable plastic coffee cups and plastic measuring cups.
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This is one of those super-simple ideas that can be pulled out at a moment’s notice with minimal preparation time, which is a win-win when playing with the little ones! She is an active and inquisitive child who loves to open lids, put things inside each other and find out how things work, so play and discovery is lots of fun with her! Yes, before you ask, LOTS were joyfully thrown all over the room after being explored with little hands, and that was fine.
She loved filling up the tub with the pom poms and was even more fascinated with the idea of how to get them out. This then became more of the object than filling the tub, with lots of pom poms being shot at each other! You can select these activities based on the time of play, the mood, the weather conditions etc. I have a couple of large metal mixing bowls that I fill with water, and I give him measuring cups, washcloths, and clean paint brushes to splash with. To babyproof a cabinet, I moved our ceramic and glass pans out and am only storing metal pots and pans and our wood cutting boards.
Apparently this is a thing, because some other moms I’ve talked to say their kids are strap crazy, too. We made a game of it and collected them up together at the end of play, no stress, just fun!
I deliberately didn’t make an easy way for that to happen and stepped back from showing her too, so that she could spend some time problem-solving, which she did!
Many times I try these types of activities and it rarely looks like the posts (not yours specifically).
The first couple of weeks, the baby has no other activity, apart from being fed and sleeping upto 16 hours. Toys like curiosity cube, puzzles, building blocks, chatterbox telephone, roller coaster, spin and play center are hugely beneficial in developing fine motor skills and problem solving abilities.

Indoor play is most suitable during windy, cool weather conditions while opting to play outdoors during the evening on a hot, humid day can be a welcome relief for the child as well the parent.
Mix all the ingredients well and create animals, towns and villages or any creation that you think will amuse your toddler - ample opportunity to introuduce the toddler to variety of useful facst. Trace the feet of the toddler as well as yours on a piece of paper using colorful crayons, markers or paints.
Tie the beads and bells with the strings spaced closely enough so that it makes music when the breeze blows.
He likes it even more if I put a little water in there, so he can spill it on himself and on the floor. He will play on that chair for 10-15 minutes at a time, which means I can have a quiet cup of tea or even unload the dishwasher.
This activity is really my kid trying to figure out how to do something he sees me do many times a day: snap him into his chair to eat.
Apart from appealing to the senses, these toys also serve as a medium of providing exercise for the toddler's hand-eye coordination.
You can weave a story and narrate the same centered around the item of creation so as to retain concentration and interest.
As you go through your day with your toddler, see what little things like this interest him, then let him try himself while you get a few minutes of precious you time. Make sure that you do not have small bottles with screw-type lids and do not move away while engaging the toddler in these types of activities. After about 6 weeks, babies will be eager to lay hands and feel things that come their way.
Some of these toys with crinkling, rattling, squeaking sounds or sing-along songs help toddlers to enjoy sound and love rhythm. I'm just saying toys aren't the only way to keep a toddler busy, and if you're trying to save money or cut back on consumerism and clutter, you don't need to feel pressured to fill your kid's toy box with conventional plastic junk. Using songs as a medium of teaching, you can introduce body parts, time, good habits, different themes, name of vegetables etc.
Read on for how to keep your tot busy, engaged and delighted using found items around your home.

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