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His favorite animals these days are giraffes, lions, and elephants and since he also loves to paint I decided to help him make paintings of his favorite animals!
We hung it up on his gallery wall in his big boy room and he loves to point to it and make the animal noises!
I can just imagine the children’s delight as they see these cute animals evolve out of their hand prints! I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your handprint project!

A If you like what you see please sign up to stay in touch via RSS, Facebook, Email, or Twitter updates! A We have a season pass to the zoo and while the weather was nice this winter and spring we were going almost every week! A With one of the yellow hand-prints, I painted on a giraffe neck and then had him dab on orange fingerprints to be the giraffe's spots. I’ll be going to the zoo with my nephew soon- and I think this will be the perfect craft for the occasion.

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