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A mommy blog whereby I write about the world that revolves around Prince Kai and Princess Anya. After Brian cleans up the messy, messy kitchen (I'm a messy cook), he usually is playing one of his computer games or reading a book or playing poker with the guys or playing volleyball.
Christina, Natalie and Rosey.A  Wasn't that nice of them?A  They said some really nice things about me. Melody at HipMommasJournal - because she is so hip and so nice and has two of the prettiest little girls that she photographs so well. So herea€™s to all the blogs that youa€™ve discovered that you cana€™t possibly live without.
Last week on Tuesday, April 12, I had another ultrasound to confirm that she was still a a€?shea€?a€¦and I saw her goods!A  So it looks like we are having a girl for sure (let the shopping commence!).A  I had the ultrasound performed at a local university (St. Anya has arrived in our realm, so please check out her webpage.A  She is a beautiful creature and we are truly blessed.
It has been another long time in between updates.A  You may come to the conclusion that we are a busy household by our lack of communicationa€¦and you may be correct!
9.A  If it belongs to Anya, ita€™s mine, but nothing of mine can be played with by Anya unless I graciously allow her the use of my toys.A  I am a wonderful big brother, didn't you know? As most everyone knows, we have had sadness in our house.A  Yesterday, Grandma Lillian passed from this world to the next. We have been waiting for this to happen, but it is still hard.A  My Dad was her youngest (surviving) child, I was her youngest grandchild, and Kailan and Anya were her youngest great-grandbabies.
I love each and every comment on our website and hope that I don't bore too badly.A  Thanks for visiting! Anya will watch us go up and down the stairs and wait for when we forget to close the gate.A  Seeing her opportunity, she makes a mad dash for the stairway, her little thunder thighs crawling as fast as they can, the friction building up in her little cords, and right about the time that she makes it to the stairs her brother will start saying a€?Anya, Anya.
Kaia€™s naughtiness generally manifests itself through his toys and Anya.A  In a true and total double standard, he will get upset and start yelling if Anya grabs one of his toys, but he sees nothing wrong with ripping a toy out of her little hands if she has something he wants to play with.
I did NOT want to go to the extent that some parents have gonea€¦buying books and DVDa€™s that have cutesy sayings, songs, etc. Our temper tantrum prone child got his first taste of just how truly unfair the world is and the extensive repertoire of torture his parents will use for no reason at all. I try not laugh, but a smile still reaches the corner of my mouth.A  He is further affronted by this.
Whether you opt for something easy and no-fuss like a stand alone potty, or something that does double duty, know that using a smaller potty seat might make training your toddler just a bit easier. The Basic Potty Chair for Boys, by Potty Scotty comes in several fun colors, so it's easy to choose one that fits your toddler's personality.
The Fisher Price Froggy Potty has a removable reservoir for easy cleaning and a no-skid bottom, so it doesn't move around as your child sits on it. Choose the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair if you want a product that has a contemporary feel combined with appropriate function. The Froggie Prince Wooden Potty Chair has a crown-shaped back, royal painted images and can be personalized with your toddler's name. If you want something that's regal for your child, but a bit less over the top, the Natural Wooden Potty Chair by Porterhouse Crafts might be the answer you're looking for.
The Levels of Discovery Always a Princess Girl's Potty Training chair combines good looks with function.
If you're a parent who wants your potty chair to do double duty, there are plenty of options out there. The Munchkin Arm and Hammer 3-in-1 potty has an odor eliminating system and neutral colors.
As a developmental specialist there are simple language activities that I recommend to parents that can help build their child's communication skills. When your toddler makes verbal attempts to communicate something to you and you don't have a clue what he just said here is what you need to do.
Just this week Kai has gotten enough confidence to go walking out in the middle of rooms away from furniture. However, there are many different types of potty chairs, so how do you know which one is the right one for your toddler? The potty may or may not have a separate bowl for waste, which can be a drawback for some parents. In addition, it is designed specifically with boys in mind, so the chair is designed to catch splashes.

Featuring a fun frog face and shape, this potty is sure to entice any toddler into successful potty training. It comes in several colors, has a removable bowl and features a comfortable design for little bottoms. If so, an appropriate wooden potty that looks like a throne might be just the ticket to getting your child to sit down and try potty training. It features a plain wood color, but is convenient and comfortable with arms for your child to rest her body on and a removable bowl to make clean up a snap. Not only will it appeal to your little princess with pretty pinks and purples, but it's also easy to put together and keep clean. These potties transform in several ways, from chair to big toilet insert to stool, making them the choice if you need something that will grow with your little one. This potty starts out as a traditional model, but can transition to an insert for the big toilet and becomes a step stool by flipping down the lid.
Use is it as a regular potty, a trainer seat or as a stool to make getting on and off the big toilet easier and safer. Here are easy to use speech tips that can help your toddler build his communication skills and reach his speech milestones.OVER ANTICIPATIONThe first strategy is a question; "How much does your toddler need to talk to get his needs met? Start slowly with just a few motivating events per day and build up.Sign language is a popular language activity used often to bridge the gap between limited or no words and the need to communicate. Validate his attempt by saying something back to him that is positive and possible fits into the moment. I feel acute disappointment when I go to my favorite blogs and find old posts (no pressure here, girls!). He has just made leaps and bounds this week with his ability to walka€¦we are so proud of him. One of the best ways to ensure that you're getting the right one is to research your options, and find out what's available. Parents often find that using a smaller potty chair takes away some of the fear and anxiety that some kids have when learning how to use the toilet.
However, it is small, lightweight and easy to handle, and some people appreciate not having a compliacted potty chair. The potty is comfortable for kids and sits low to the ground to encourage proper use of a big toilet when it's time to transition. You can use the chair for pottying, then flip the lid and you have a step stool so your child can wash his hands.
Also, take your toddler with you when you choose a potty because having a hand in the selection process can help increase the chances that she'll use it. Parents and caregivers often anticipate the needs of their toddlers so they don't have to use communication.When he's hungry or thirsty do you just hand him his cup or food? Pick words to reinforce that mean something to your toddler like more,eat,go,ball,book,up,down and done. If moisture sits too long, it can warp the wood, and you may have to purchase special cleaning products for wiping the surfaces of the potty.
As a stool, the product is also a great place for your toddler to rest her feet as she learns to sit on the big toilet. In no time, potty training will be behind you, and you'll be on to the first day of school and beyond. Lastly, your toddler must have the physical maturity to be able to determine when he is going and how to control it. Not needing to communicate is a primary environmental factor for speech delays in toddlers. If your toddler glances at the apple great but be prepared to give him the banana if he goes that way. When you use sign language always pair the sign with the word.Sabotaging the environment is an effect language activity that gets fast results.
This builds confidence and reinforces the need for communication.Open ended questions are great for building the need and desire to use words. These are a few of the most common functional words I recommend parents begin with.Give your toddler time to form a response.
When these three planets will align for you and your toddler can be any time between the age of 18 months and 36 months.
Never spank or shout at a toddler potty training for having accidents.Eventually, your toddler will get it.

When you know he wants something wait and see how your toddler deals with not getting immediate gratification.
This means setting up situations where your toddler needs to ask for help to get something he wants.
However, the wooden options are fun and give your child an exciting item he can look forward to using anytime he feels the urge. These slightly technical options typically require assembly and the lifting lid does pose the risk of a pinched finger, so use caution.
Trying to hurry this along will only frustrate both of you so be patient.If your toddler has an interest in the potty but lacks the necessary skills listed above let him practice and experience without the pressure.
But every child is different so don't compare your toddler with other toddlers and try not to get frustrated.Learning to poop on the potty is usually after your toddler is peeing with infrequent accidents.
When he starts to show small signs of frustration follow the below strategies.Remember a little frustration makes a person work harder, too much makes them give up. Reinforce the glance by saying "You want the apple","apple." then reward him by giving it to him.
Try asking who,what and where questions and waiting for responses.When your toddler has a few single syllable words like ma,da or ba try shaping these sounds into two syllable sounds like mama, dada or baba. When you determine that your toddler is ready for potty training remove him from diapers completely (except at night).
Really independent toddlers often do not need to communicate because they can get everything for themselves. Your toddler needs to feel when he goes and these are too absorbent.Go buy a few dozen pairs of underwear. Help your toddler move from glancing at the desired objects to point to or reaching for it by moving the objects forward after you ask him which one he wants. Watch out for the chair or stool that toddlers use to reach what they want so they don't need your help. Stay with him if he wants you to but give privacy if that's what he wants.I kept toddler books in the bathroom and read to my son while we waited. At first, accept any sound that your toddler makes and praise him for his attempt.When your toddler has consistently given you a verbal attempt for 5-7 days raise the bar. I have helped toilet train a lot of toddlers over the years between being a preschool teacher, developmental specialist and mommy and there is no magic solutions to make it any easier or faster.
If your toddler understands what touch it means you can request that he touch the one he wants.This will begin to lay the foundation for the understanding of the need for and the power of communication. I know all parents want the words but the strategies listed above are pre-language activities and are the foundation for your toddler's functional use of communication later.Alright, now lets talk about strategies you can use to help your toddler begin to form words. You can do this by following the above exchange but instead of accepting the usual speech attempt right away repeat the name of the object correctly and ask your toddler to say it too. All of them require the same three skills I listed above to be present for success.If those skills aren't all present for your toddler wait don't push. When toddlers begin to attempt to use words to communicate they rarely pronounce the words correctly from the beginning. When parents push there toddler to train is when you hear the potty training horror stories.
Like most things in life, speech takes practice.The first language activity is to encourage any and all speech attempts. If he makes any sound that is different from the usual verbal attempt take it and praise it. The more practice your toddler has at forming words the better the clarity should become and the more words he will form. Continue to do this process waiting each time for a new sound.These are very basic language activities and strategies that can help you help your toddler to meet his speech Milestones and learn to communicate functionally. Please speak to you health care professional about the speech concerns you may for your toddler. Some of these reasons are as simple as the environment while others are as serious as health concerns.Lastly, I want to note that each state has a birth to three early childhood development program.
The program normally offers a free developmental evaluation to any child in which a parent,caregiver or medical professional has a concern about.

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