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Since my kids received their first Thomas & Friends train trucks, they have been quite fond of the little blue engine. One of the most popular 3D-interacting-animals-apps, Ben the dog is actually a grownup app, which is so simple it can double as a toddler app. The book Pat the Bunny had great success with babies and toddlers since its first introduction in the 40’s. Lego is a favorite for all children and their branching out into games has only increased Lego’s popularity.
My children like book apps, probably because they can have story time without requiring me to read it to them. The first thing that caught my attention while looking at this app is the development house name: Duck Duck Moose. Preschoolers may find more sophisticated interactions such as counting, sliding to get an object effect, and general knowledge flashes on things like caterpillars, the sun, etc. They are simply not ready at this stage and there will be a plenty of time to do it later on when they reach a preschool age.

Therefore, I was happy to learn there is an extensive array of Thomas apps available for iPhone and iPad. He is one of the most beloved Disney characters for toddlers in general and my kids specifically. So, why am I reviewing it? Because if you have a toddler who is a freak for trains, you would not want to miss this app.
The book doesn’t have a story but rather a collection of entertaining interactive experiences.
In this eBook, the Cat comes back to visit Sally and her brother and like before, chaos ensues. In this case, the fellows at TOCA BOCA took a rather grayish subject, House Chores, and made it into a fun and vividly colorful game. Seuss’s ABC is a book I am well acquainted with and this app is a great idea as it introduces children (and parents!) to an interactive version of Dr. A lovely spider traveling between 4 areas with plenty of  interaction hot-spots for toddlers to interact with by tapping them.

The problem with spreading your energy this way (without being a big, well funded company) is you have to let some of the things go. Being this creative, Duck Duck Moose must have a creative angle for toddler app development.
However, the perfect match for toddler capabilities and interests compensates for the lack of art quality. While traveling up and down the drain, the Itsy Bitsy Spider song is played in a somewhat unique version. Even after the spider returns to a previous area, different objects and interaction options appear.

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