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The regular recommended size for toddler backpacks is 13 inches high, 11 inches wide and 4 inches deep. It should be roomy enough to fit all the necessary stuff, but again, it should not be too big because it is not recommended for toddlers to carry heavy small backpacks. The backpack must not be too long either.  If it is too long it will drag on the ground and your child won’t feel comfortable while carrying it. The regular recommended size for small toddler backpacks is 13 inches high, 11 inches wide and 4 inches deep.
The material of the backpack is also very important because it will have to deal with extreme use from time to time. Most toddler backpacks include a handle and straps which can be adjusted to fit comfortably the shoulders. The design of these backpacks can vary from favorite cartoon characters to animals or just patterns including many colors. No matter what you choose, you need to make sure that the toddler backpack is customized according to his age and physical abilities. Many of these companies make similar backpacks in different colors and designs so if you like the size, style and general vibe, check out more of their packs for something that suits your kid. Have a friend who was nice enough to put together this website for me, I was having trouble finding the right backpacks for my toddlers so I grouped them all together here. If you just don’t have enough sewing machine hours between now and when your littles go back to school, take a look at the Made By Rae Sellers Pool on Flickr! You can find the pattern here, and of course, keep adding your pictures to the backpack pool and the Rae Made Me Do It photo pool so I can feature them on the blog! The Toddler Backpack was the very first pattern I digitized and began to sell back in 2009 at the prodding of readers, and as I combed through it again I realized it needed a facelift.
We’ll be putting up the new and improved version of the pattern soon so I wanted to put the word out on the street that the current version of the pattern will only be available for a little while longer at its current price ($6).
And speaking of Heather Ross, did you see that she is offering the always-awesome Blueberry Hill workshops again next summer? And if anyone else has purchased a license to sell the backpacks and would like to be listed here, please let me know so I can send you a registration form and invite you to post photos in the Made By Rae Sellers Flickr Pool! Purchase this version if you will use the pattern for yourself or for gifts for others (no profit, for personal use only).
Purchase this license in addition to the pattern if you would like to sell backpacks from the pattern.
When buying backpacks for the preschool and toddler girls, there are several things to keep in mind.
Offered in the vibrant purple and pink, this backpack is decorated with crystal star-shaped applique. This cute backpack is performed in soft pastel shades that will add a lovely and delicate touch to your daughter’s look.
Despite featuring butterfly image, this pink backpack can boast a sophisticated design thanks to elegant plaid and subdued shade of pink. This cute little backpack comes in the shape of a ladybug, what adds cheerful and playful feel to it, which is intensified with vibrant shade of red. This garden-themed backpack creates an impression of multicolored flowers blooming in the field.

If Minnie Mouse is your kid’s favorite cartoon personage, consider this adorable pink backpack with Minnie Mouse image, which definitely won’t leave her indifferent. This is another backpack that will win your daughter’s heart since it features an image of a popular personage from Hello Kitty cartoon. Toddler backpacks are a great way to make your toddler feel important and more like “one of the big kids.” Whether it is putting things in the bag for their first overnight away from Mom and Dad, bringing their lunch for an outing, or just putting some toys to have at dinner, toddler backpacks can help you from having to lug everything and make young boys or girls feel special.
If you are going to a doctors office or some other important appointment, a toddler backpack can have enough stuff to keep your toddler occupied. Personalizing your toddler bag will not only make it easy to find and differentiate, but also make the bag that much more special for your child.
Carry your toddler essentials in style with this toddler bag.One main zippered compartment. It will get dirty very often so it has to be of material which we can wipe off easily like PVC for example. There are some models which also include a pushing handle and wheels which can be used in the case of carrying heavier stuff.
Some are simple and come in only one color with only one or two compartments while some are eye-catchy with a lot of zippers and side pockets. After years of hauling around everything they need - it's their turn to tote their belongings.
A lapsed librarian, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids and is in contention to break the record for most hours spent at the playground. So Elli (my seester and design-software-extraordinaire) and I are currently re-working the pattern a little bit: improving the section on the larger (school-aged) version of the backpack, which is very easy to make but needed some clarity in the instructions, changing the type-Os and adding a section on lining the backpack, something I have always wanted to do. The new version of the pattern will include (in addition to the original pattern pieces and updated instructions), a new printable summary sheet, improved instructions for making the larger school-aged version of the backpack (to fit a binder and letter-sized papers), and a new section on lining the backpack and will be sold for $8.
Let us know if you’re thinking about this as it definitely helps to know how many people might be interested. Boy-friendly fabrics make these fun for boys and extra accents such as pockets, tags and applique make them even more unique!
Be sure to post them to the Toddler Backpack Pool (along with modifications, suggestions, and the fabric you used) so that we can all enjoy your handiwork! Mr Rae is going back to work this week *tries to hide panicked look* so I have even less time than ever to sew. She wanted a dark denim and liked the idea of piping with red (I had red and brown on hand), so I went for a truck applique with some newly-acquired Michael Miller Polka Dots (more projects with that soon!). The notions needed (you can also use D-rings instead of strap adjusters) for this project are pictured here.
I use fusible web to iron them onto the fabric and then use a very short zig-zag stitch around all the edges. First of all, backpack shouldn’t be too large since it is intended for carrying small items like toys, clothes and other small garments, but the most important feature is their appearance: preschool and toddler-aged girls just love cartoon and fairytale personages, so why not to make your girl happy with a backpack featuring Cinderella or Minnie Mouse image. You can include a few toys to keep them occupied or throw in their favorite game or coloring book. Consider giving them an old cell phone to put in the bag or a keyring with some old keys that they can attach. Choose the right toddler backpack and your child will not only feel special, but you will get them to carry some of their own stuff.

You may have read about kids developing back pain because they are carrying loads that are too heavy. If your toddler bag has a few pockets than there will be easy access for commonly used items. Clicking on either of the links below will bring you to a site that will allow you to personalize your child’s backpack. Backpack comes with a phone comb star compact spinner with adventure Dora of the day glasses bracelet and Map! We had a fantastic group of women who have been sewing up a storm and have been so much fun to hang out with. A half yard of each fabric is really plenty for one backpack, so I think the backpack is a nice way to feature the print. A few people have purchased a license to sell the backpacks, but most are planning to sell them to friends and classmates. In the pic above you can see it with strap adjusters (all are available at your local chain fabric store).
Choose wrong and you will now be carrying everything your child can stuff into the backpack.
Fabric holds stains, gets wet (a these do not always easily dry), and can hold smells for long periods of time.
Your son or daughter may love Thomas the Train or Dora today, but who knows what they will like next week. Here are some on the diminutive side, around 12"-13" tall - enough to carry the essentials without overloading them.
With back-to-school season here, I thought we should take a peek at all the great backpacks that people have been making with my Toddler Backpack pattern. There were five projects over five sessions (a basic pant, Tee for Two knit tee, Charlie Tunic woven top, the Toddler Backpack, and the Reversible Jacket from Sewing for Boys), so as you can imagine it was a rather ambitious curriculum. This means if your child weighs 30 pounds, they should probably not carry more than 5 pounds total. If your child is going to over stuff and carry heavier weights, you might want to consider a bag with waist support or a chest strap.
One of the fun things about teaching classes with your own patterns is that you get to revisit them again, and every week in preparation for our class Karen and I would make a few samples to use as demonstration and make sure we knew what we were doing. This little backpack was used as a sample for the class, but now it’s finished so Miss Clementine has been proudly carrying it around. A few of my sponsors still currently carry all or part of this line, so I would love it if you would shop with them (they’re linked from my sidebar) if you decide you need some. Your child’s imagination could let it be Dora’s bag today, Spiderman’s tomorrow, and whoever else’s next week. Only time will tell if this backpack actually materializes by the first day of kindergarten or not.

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