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Kids backpacks from Apple and Mint are trendy, delightful and sized just right.  With happy hues and darling designs, these school bags are versatile and very popular as well! This adorable limited edition watermelon-themed little kid backpack, with a smart green trim, will make your toddler very happy! Apple and Mint backpacks are made of an easy-to-clean coated linen exterior and have a clean, modern feel of on-trend designs suitable for your growing child. The perfectly-sized backpack is ideal for kindy, the park, a day at the beach, travelling or sleep-overs! Includes an interior zippered pocket for keeping things safe and 2 insulated side pockets for drink bottles. We put three toddler backpacks to the test to see which was the best quality, the most for your money and of course, the cutest.
Since the first day of school is fast approaching (many of you are already there, Mazzy doesn’t start until mid-September), today I am reviewing backpacks.
The main difference between preschool backpacks and regular kid’s backpacks are that they are smaller in size.
Preschool backpacks are more about packing a change of clothes, a beloved blankie or stuffed animal from home and possibly lunch. I put three toddler backpacks to the test to see which was the best quality, the most for your money and of course, the cutest. The Skip Hop Zoo Backpack ($20) is probably the most popular backpack for toddlers and for good reason. It’s got padded adjustable straps, an insulated zipper compartment in the front for snacks and an elastic pocket on the side perfect for a water bottle or drink.
The Everest Junior backpack ($5-10) was the least expensive I could find (without licensed characters all over it)— I found it on Walmart online (though we have since found them on sale for $5 and change on Amazon). Unfortunately, the Everest Junior backpack’s description says only that it is 100% polyester and makes no mention of being BPA, PVC, Lead or Phthalate-free. The Dabbawalla bags backpacks ($35-40) are pretty pricey for a preschooler but they are super cute and the quality is top notch.
Structurally, the straps adjust inside the pack so the material will lie softly on your child’s back and not get in the way if you want to carry it as a tote. 3) You have to make a personal decision as to what kind of materials you want to expose your child to.
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My son has the zoo packs skip hop backpack, we went online together and he picked out the puppy dog backpack, we also got the matching lunch bag. Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare. Give your child an added touch of spider-sense to help them get through their busy school or kindergarten days with a brand new, Spiderman backpack.
Your child will be slinging themselves off for a full day of fun and adventure with this Spiderman “Spider Sense” toddler backpack, officially licensed by Marvel Comics. One of the best looking Spiderman backpacks on the market, this 12 inch Spiderman backpack featuring Rhino incorporates a distinctive blue and red pattern.
Your child may not be able to swing from building to building like Spiderman does in this toddler sized bag but he will fell like the luckiest kid in the playground. Your child will be fully prepared for the new school term with this “Good vs Evil” Spiderman schoolbag from Marvel.
Combine an adorable toddler backpack with the added convenience of a matching detachable lunch bag with this 2 bag Spiderman toddler backpack set.

The owner of this website relies on money received by commissions from products reviewed and promoted on this website. Have your little adventurer ready for the new school term with a brand new backpack featuring Dora The Explorer from Nick Jr.
Your little girl will be ready for any outdoor adventure with this Purple 10? Toddler Backpack featuring Dora and Boots from Nick Jr. Your toddler will look as cute as a button on their first day of pre-school or kindergarten with their very own Dora The Explorer mini backpack. Celebrate your girls first day of school with the gift of this Dora and Boots mini backpack in stunning pink. Let your daughter show that she is the biggest Dora the Explorer fan in the school yard with this gorgeous Dora Heart Shaped Mini Backpack. This bright and vibrant Dora The Explorer Rainbow Backpack will have your child bring a dash of fun and adventure to any school yard.
I’ve also found that Mazzy loves carrying a backpack so much, that I can forgo a diaper bag and have her carry a few necessary items whenever we travel around the city. She insisted on wearing out that same day, proudly toting around her stuff and allowing me to be bag-free.
It also puts them all on the same level so they (and the moms) aren’t comparing to each other.
We use the bag all the time, just going to a friend’s house or going out to a museum, going to preschool for his change of clothes. These backpacks all incorporate the bright colors and designs loved by children while maintaining the storage space and adjustable shoulder straps that make them practical.
The front of this school bag has a large picture of everyone’s favorite superhero casting his webs while one of his arch enemies, Rhino, looks on.
This officially licensed Marvel school bag features a highly detailed graphic image of Spiderman swinging through city skyscrapers. Measuring 12? high by 9.5? wide by 4? deep, this bag features multiple spiderweb images in an adorable grey, blue and red color scheme.
Both bags feature large images of Spiderman, crouching and ready to cast another web before slinging off to save the day. This collection of 10 inch Dora backpacks are specially designed for toddlers and small children, not only are these bags the perfect size for their smaller bodies but each Dora backpack includes adjustable shoulder straps to ensure the perfect fit, no matter your child’s height. This mini backpack features a large image of the famous Spanish explorer with her monkey friend on the front pouch over a field of purple and white flowers.
This 10 inch school bag features a large main compartment for your child to carry her lunch, books, arts and crafts and other important supplies, with a small pouch on the front for additional storage room.
This backpack is manufactured from a durable canvas material to ensure it can survive all the adventures your little girl can throw its way. Measuring 9? x 8? x 3?, this bag is ideal for small girls aged 3-5 and is officially licensed. Bright pink in color, the bag is accented by a large picture of Dora and Boots sitting in a field of flowers under a vibrant rainbow on the front pocket.
Although, it might not be made of the highest quality fabric or have the innovative structural features of the other packs tested, it’s slim shape and lightweight material make it easy to carry for preschoolers. They are crafted individually from eco-sponge neoprene— an innovative fabric that is rated as one of the safest and most durable materials out there. But, if your child is in the habit of trashing their stuff quickly, the Dabbawalla backpacks will probably be the hardest to destroy. In addition to blogging, Ilana has worked as a creative in advertising for the past 15 years.

I put his leappad 2, snacks, extra clothes, some specials little toys and his special cup, (preschooler can be very particular about having certain items). However, rest assured that our affiliate relationships do not guide our product recommendations, at all. Featuring super-bright graphics, the front of the bag features a large and vivid image of Spiderman jumping away from an explosion, with the words “Spider Sense Spiderman” emblazoned across the top. Measuring 12? x 9.5? by 4?, the large main storage area is complimented by the front zipped pocket and two side pockets with velcro closures that incorporate an additional picture of Spidey. Extra durable stitching will ensure this bag will withstand the toughest of punishments and with its adjustable shoulder straps and smaller size, is the perfect bag for boys aged 3 to 7.
The smaller lunch bag attaches to the main 12? x 9? bag, perfect to put in the fridge at pre-school or day care, with the main bag being large enough to carry all of their day to day school items. Perfect for pre-school, day care, family vacations or their first day of school, these bags are all bright and colorful to appeal to young children yet tough and durable to survive day to day adventuring. The entire front of the bag features a a large picture of Dora holding a multi-colored heart, surrounded by hearts and polka-dots. Manufactured from canvas fabric, this bag is both durable and cleaning is a breeze by just using a damp cloth. This 11? x 8? x 4? school bag features a large main compartment to carry the bulk of your child’s day to day needs and adjustable, padded shoulder straps to ensure they receive the proper levels of comfort and support. The bags are certified free of lead, PVC, phthalates, and over 100 other harmful substances (including BPA). She lives in the East Village of NYC with her husband, her two-year-old daughter and a rapidly growing pile of stuffed animals. This 11 inch backpack features a large main section, perfect for your child’s books and crafts and adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort. This bag has amble storage with the large main sections with the large front pocket section to help your child organize their work. The main compartment is complimented with a large zipped front pocket, with a side mesh pocket for additional storage.
The main compartment of this bag is complimented with a heart shaped from compartment, which features a large image of a smiling Dora playing with her friend, Boots, on a pink background.
One of the most popular Dora backpacks on the market, this bag is sure to be a hit with any fan of the intrepid adventurer.
The bag is constructed from a durable polyester material with a padded soft back panel and adjustable padded shoulder straps for comfort and support. This bag is made from a highly durable polyester material with additional PVC backing and incorporates padded shoulder straps and a soft, padded back panel to ensure that your little adventurer will be comfortable while carrying this bag.
This bag looks stunning with its vibrant, pink coloring and large image of Boots and Dora playing and hugging on the front pocket. The rest of the bag is predominantly white, with stars and suns with the word “Dora” printed across the top. This 9? mini backpack also features adjustable back straps to ensure the perfect fit, no matter the age of your child.

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