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Our family lives in the mountains, and while we love it here, we make an annual pilgrimage to the beach.
I think she is on her way to loving it every bit as much as her big sister (which is a lot!).
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If you like fashion or you like adorable children (and really, who doesn't like either?), you've probably gotten a good look at My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter, the buzzed-about Pinterest board filled the stylish comings and goings of a made-up girl named Quinoa. Quinoa's fashionable life is actually a series of cobbled-together fashion spreads and ads, compiled by Tiffany Beveridge. 5-year-old Alonso Mateo has been gracing Instagram with his hyper-stylish outfits for over a year, and he was featured on CNN just this morning.
He happened to be wearing a camel blazer, a red gingham button-down and skinny jeans the day he met up with Quinoa for brunch.
The toddler whose lifeless body on a Mediterranean beach sent shock waves around the world has a name: Aylan Kurdi. This undated photo taken from the Facebook page of Abdullah Kurdi shows his son Aylan Kurdi.

Images were published Wednesday of a drowned child — soaked red shirt, blue bottoms and tiny velcro-strap shoes — whose body washed up on the beach in the Turkish resort of Bodrum.
The pictures ricocheted across social media — hailed as emblematic of the desperate and deadly refugee struggle to reach Europe — and were plastered on international front pages on Thursday. Turkish media and Canada's National Post identified the young victim as 3-year-old Aylan — a Syrian.
A friend of the family, Mustafa Ebdi, told NBC News he had spoken to the boys' grieving father, Abdullah. Abdullah Kurdi collapsed in tears after emerging from a morgue in the city of Mugla near Bodrum on Thursday.
Abdullah Kurdi cried as he waited for the delivery of his sons' bodies outside a morgue in Mugla, Turkey, on Thursday. Canadian lawmaker Fin Donnelly had been working with the dead boys' aunt to appeal to the country's immigration minister to help the family gain entry, according to the Post. Canada's immigration minister did not immediately respond to NBC News requests for comment. This young migrant, who drowned in a failed attempt to reach the Greek island of Kos, was found on the shore in Bodrum, Turkey, on Wednesday.

We brought our shells back from the beach and have plans to do some sandcasting in our backyard sandbox this week. The son of California-based stylist Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, Alonso strikes authoritative poses in aviator shades, combat boots, rolled-up blazers, striped cardigans and basically anything else you would typically see on the pages of GQ and Esquire.
He died along with his 5-year-old brother Ghalib and mother Rehan while their father survived, according to the Post.
Ebdi said Abdullah told him the family was trying to cross to Greece on Tuesday when their boat capsized and that his wife and two of their children — Aylan and Ghalib — had perished.
My five year old has long been in love with the beach, but this is the first year that our toddler has been old enough to really appreciate it.
The newspaper spoke to the boy's aunt — Tima Kurdi, a Vancouver hairdresser — who confirmed the tragedy.

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