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Those tiny teeth that once caused so much of happiness can at times lead to fear and frustration.
Though biting is a common childhood habit but is important to curb the behavior in the initial stages. After the situation has calmed down, try to figure out if the toddler has been resorting to this behavior to show his frustration or demand for any particular thing. For older kids who have gained this behavior by imitating other kids time-outs may be effective. Rather than paying attention to the biting behavior reward you child with praises for every good action or behavior. Biting is a behavior that is difficult for the parents to tackle and can make them feel embarrassed and frustrated. Paying attention to the reason that causes this behavior may help parents come up with useful solutions. He squeals with laughter, gives unexpected hugs to his family and friends but just like other kids he does some not-so adorable things like screaming and biting. Swelling gums can cause irritation and discomfort to them; they find relief by chewing on something.

When children are in a situation where they feel neglected they often find a way to get noticed. They get frustrated when they are not able to communicate what they want and biting is one way to express their feelings. If the toddler is resorting to this behavior to gain attention, you can reinforce your opinion by showering your attention to the victim and not cuddling or playing with him for some time. Make it clear that biting is wrong by using a firm tone but do not shout or give lengthy explanations unless the child is old enough to understand. You may take your kid to a designated time out area, for instance, the study room, or kitchen for a minute or two to calm down.
It is important that parents exercise a lot of patience and don’t get too angry on the child or may end up making the kid stubborn about the biting behavior. It is important to remember that this is passing phase and most toddlers do so only for a short while.
Het  kan  dus in elke groep gebeuren en is erg vervelend en    frustrerend  voor alle betrokkenen.  Maar is het ook verontrustend? Children at this age are too naïve to understand the difference between chewing a toy and chewing on a person.

Paying attention to the wrong doer may give him the required attention and may reinforce negative behavior.
You can add the child’s name and type the list of skills that you want your child to work on.
Since they can be edited you can use them for any purpose such as chore charts, incentive charts or even potty charts. Leidsters leren in deze workshop om dit probleem in al haar facetten te bekijken en er op te reageren. There is a section  (on the bottom right corner) to write the issues that you would like  your child to improve (such as no hitting, no biting, etc).
On the customizable version you can type the list of things that you want to child to improve.Free Behavior Chart for ChildrenThis is a 15 step behavior chart with Batman.

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