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A fun book for the holidays to set the mood for Christmas, and to slow down and spend Gingerbread Man Lesson Plan little extra time with the kids doing fun art projects and activities. I have pulled together some art, fine motor, and sensory activities to go along with the book The Gingerbread Man.
This fun activity counts as a wonderful sensory activity as well, combine ? cup washable brown or tan paint with 1 Tbsp. Cut out Gingerbread of different sizes ask your child to place them from largest to smallest and vice-versa. While thumbing through the book have your child count the number of people, or animals they see on each page.
Create a baking sensory bin by scooping 6-8 cups of flour into a large shallow storage bin with flour, cheap spices like cinnamon and ginger still in the shaker (these can be picked up at your local Dollar Tree). Act out the story, take turns being the Gingerbread Man, and the other characters from the book.
Bake Gingerbread cookies with your little one, use our delicious Soft Gingerbread Cookie Recipe here. Place various spices in small cups and let your child smell them, have them guess the spice in each container.
Print and write your own gingerbread man poem.   You can download the Gingerbread Man Poem here.

DIY Gingerbread Costumes can be a fun and frugal way to show your love for gingerbread, and we have the directions for how you can make your very own. View more Gingerbread Patterns including a cute Gingerbread Boy Pattern for more gingerbread coloring fun! With the holidays comes all things gingerbread, and below you will find no exception to this trend.
Don’t worry about needing a great deal of supplies or time, you will find that it is actually quite easy. If yours does not carry the t-shirts, check your local craft or retail stores as plain colored t-shirts can usually be found for under $5. I'm Dana, the writer behind the scenes of The Coupon Challenge, a Hampton Roads, VA based coupon blog.
I strive to help you save on the products you need, so you can spend more on the things you want. I wish you guys had one for kids a little bit younger, my daughter is just under two and loves crafts but I think these are a little beyond her level and my sanity! Christmas can be such a busy, hurried time- don’t forget to focus on just being with your kids and enjoying the holiday. For our entire outfit, we spent right around $5, making this a frugal option if you are tight on funds but still wanting to get the look.

We simply freehand cut these and layered various colors on top of each other to create a detailed effect. You can do three buttons and a bow tie and ruffles as we did or feel free to get your own creative juices going and make designs that appeal to you.
You can do the same or even pair it with brown sweatpants to create the perfect gingerbread girl costume. Well, here are a few fun activities to help keep the kids busy as they will want to take part in the turkey fun as well. Dropped 20 percent total in an hour and a half of deleting stuff OFF the phone to try and ease battery usage. Circles and swirls make great shapes, are easy to cut, and can be used in a variety of ways.
Use like a finger paint, with a paintbrush, or place in shallow dish and use cookie cutters to stamp paint onto paper. Scooping, pour, and stirring are great activities for hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

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