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In the video, Declan is clearly grossed out and anytime he gets it on his hand, he freaks out a little.
Little Kid Refuses To Eat His Sloppy Joe On Grounds That ‘It’s Poop!’ Too Hilarious To Miss! GNL:Christian Videos --> To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. No matter how much his mother tried to tell him it’s just hamburger meat, the funny little dude refuses to believe the weird-looking, meat sandwich is actually fit for consumption.

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David just can't resist joining this little boy on stage and Simon was amazed!Grieving Girl Sings in the Arms of an Angel for Her Deceased Father - So Touching! These fishermen stand here waiting dolphins every morning to do something you'd never believe!11-Year-old Girl's Jaw-Dropping Performance Wows All the Judges.
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