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When my wife and I were just starting out with our first child, Celine, we bought several books and magazines on parenting. I applaud this purposeful effort to let your children discover their own autonomy by struggling through difficulties.
Our MissionThe mission of Playground Dad is connect the community of dads who strive to spend better time with their kids. BUCHAREST, Romania {AP}— Bulldozers, villagers and even other children struggled for hours to save a 2-year-old girl who plunged into a well, a drama that played out on Romanian TV and made a heroine out of a lanky teen-ager. The saga began when Alina Pascaru's mother turned her back Monday afternoon and the toddler climbed into a bucket, riding it 16 feet down the well shaft until her mother grabbed the crank, jolting it to a stop.
Neighbors rushed to the well in the village of Pipera, using spades and their bare hands to try to dig the child out.
Unable to persuade Alina to grab ropes so she could be pulled out, rescuers tried lowering two other children headfirst into the well in hopes they could take Alina's hands and pull her to safety. As night came, a slender teen-ager, Oana Furnica, volunteered to slither down the shaft, her legs secured by a green rope lowered by rescuers. Amid the rejoicing, there was criticism about public safety in Romania, where people regularly fall into uncapped manholes and wells that dot the country. The open holes reflect a lack of concern for safety and a shortage of government funding for public works projects. Marian Vladu, 37, stopped on the way to the post office to describe how her son had also plunged down a well. Alina's mother, meanwhile, watched her child Tuesday as she slept among dozens of teddy bears and toys sent by people who watched the rescue.
A toddler fell out of a behind of a relocating minivan and was brought to reserve by a motorist behind in a city of Suzhou in easterly China’s Jiangsu Province. The two-year-old child got out of a co-pilot seat, crawled to a behind seats, and fell from a van’s case as his grandpa, a driver, only started a automobile after watchful during a red light.

The automobile behind pulled delicately to a side and picked adult a child before following after a grandfather. Yang ran behind to a highway intersection and brought behind his grandson from a good Samaritans. AdvertiseAll across the world people have one major, unchangeable thing in common, children.
No, every tumble does not require a parent to come running, but if a young child does need a hand or a hug, what’s so wrong with that? She plucked a shocked and muddied Alina to safety on the second attempt, grabbing her hands and hoisting her up. Parents come from all walks of life and struggle with the same problems with their children as the rest of us. She gets courage from her many experiences of standing herself up whenever she has to face unavoidable pain— like when she has to have a vaccination.
The village mayor awarded Furnica a plot of land for her courage and viewers pledged about $5,000 for the teen-ager. Instead, we should encourage little kids to pick themselves up as we soothingly reassure them that we’re there for them.
We comfort our children when they need it, and I’ve seen this pay off in the way they treat one another as well as how they treat others. We could offer a hand and clean them up afterwards, but the point is, they have to stand up on their own power and not picked up by us.
With the way things have been going the past few years, we need more and more people who would quit whining about the past and keep moving forward.
And yet, they still continue to become more and more independent as they grow, to need our help less and less. But she knows how to steel herself having dealt with many other painful experiences before on her own.

I sometimes think children are expected to have adult skills, and that we forget acquiring those skills is a process that takes years and requires maturity, as well as modelling and support from grown-ups. Of course, in those cases, you shouldn’t leave your kid just writhing in pain on the ground. Unlike other kids that stay lying on the floor crying, she would right away pick herself up and go right back into the fray. After years of practicing it, our daughter has become very independent. In her first few days in school, Celine was the only kid in her class who didn’t need for any guardian to stay.
We also seem to fear that if we help a child with something at age 2, we’re doomed to still be doing it at 12, or 22. I’m refering to those unavoidable minor falls, bumps or stumbles kids go through as they learn to walk and play. We only explained to her once that she will have to be on her own in school for a couple of hours. Often, she would be the first one to laugh at herself, a very good response for a kid her age.
She would go anyway knowing that there are undesirable things in life that she will have face on her own. There was also one occasion when she had to perform in school and the microphone was thrust at her mouth a little too quickly.

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