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Give your child plenty of liquids to drink toward off dehydration while he suffers from a poor appetite.
Purchase ice pops and other frozen goods to help numb the inside of the mouth, suggests pediatrician Alan Greene's website.
Schedule an appointment with your doctor for a prescription for xylocaine, a numbing agent. A sore throat can cause misery for your toddler, particularly if she is too small to verbalize what she is feeling. A bowl of warm soup will coat your toddler's throat and bring some relief from the pain. Warm oatmeal can help coat your toddler's throat and bring some relief from sore throat pain.
Rice pudding is a good toddler meal because it combines foods from several food groups into one kid-friendly dish.
Canker sores aren't contagious, so your toddler probably didn't pick one up by sharing a drink or pacifier. In some cases, brushing with toothpastes that contain the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, may cause canker sores. She is a support worker in the neonatal intensive care and antepartum units of her local hospital and recently became a certified group fitness instructor.
Unfortunately, a blistered tongue and mouth is a common representation of hand, foot and mouth disease, sometimes called Coxsackie virus.
Hand, foot and mouth disease can cause mouth pain, so it's understandable if your child does not want to eat. Not only will drinks allow him to stay hydrated and give him energy, but they can coat the inside of his mouth to relieve pain. Even if you don't usually give your toddler treats, keeping her mouth numb and hydrated can help her mouth heal faster and reduce her pain. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen, when given according to dosing instructions on the packaging, can help relieve some of the pain and swelling associated with mouth sores.
Then, with your doctor's permission, go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to mix the xylocaine with Mylanta, the antacid, and Benedryl.
Sore throats are common and are often a sign that your toddler is getting a cold or the flu.

She writes about health, fitness, travel, beauty and grooming topics for various print and Internet publications. If your toddler complains of pain in her mouth or has difficulty eating, have her open wide.
If your child bites her lip or cuts it with a fork, this abrasion may become infected and cause a canker sore.
Certain foods, including acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits and spicy foods such as hot sauce and chili, may exacerbate the canker sore. If your toddler gets frequent canker sores, her pediatrician may recommend switching toothpastes.
Unless your child has burned his mouth or suffers from canker sores, hand foot and mouth disease is the likely culprit. A dry mouth can exacerbate symptoms, so keep low acid fruit juice, milk and water on hand for your toddler to drink often.
This can also help if your child has suffered from a burned mouth or frequent canker sores.
As long as your toddler is old enough to follow directions, she can swish the mixture in her mouth to find a temporary reprieve from her pain, as well as a coating that will help her blisters heal, according to Dr.
Ipatenco holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education, both from the University of Denver. Toddler-strength pain relievers can help ease your little one's pain, but certain foods may also bring some relief.
Any type of soup will work because it is the warmth rather than the ingredients that help your toddler feel better. Oatmeal can be a nutritious meal if you add some frozen berries or plain yogurt to your toddler's bowl.
Yogurt has an added benefit of containing probiotics, which act like antibiotics to help kill germs that may be causing illness.
In addition, rice pudding supplies protein, which your toddler needs to fight off her illness and maintain her energy. If you notice a small white or reddish ring on the inside of her lips or on her gums, your child may have a canker sore. Even if the sore just appeared, consult his doctor if your child has any accompanying symptoms, such as a fever, rash, other pain in the mouth, swollen glands or a sore throat.

Wiliam Sears, associate clinical professor of Pediatrics at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine. Serving your sick toddler soothing meals can help reduce pain and alleviate the sore throat.
A can of your toddler's favorite type of soup may encourage him to eat it or a homemade version can be offered throughout the day to help alleviate discomfort.
Make sure to test the temperature of the oatmeal before serving it to your toddler because very hot food can burn his throat and cause additional pain. Offer your toddler a carton of plain yogurt with fresh berries, sliced bananas or cubed mango to also increase her intake of vitamin C, a nutrient that may help fight the infection causing the sore throat. Including frozen fruit, such as blueberries or blackberries, adds vitamin C to the rice pudding and makes it a more well-rounded meal. In rare cases, canker sores may be caused by Crohn's, Celiac or Behcet's disease or HIV and AIDS.
If your child has a sensitivity to SLS, brushing with the new toothpaste may take the canker sores away for good. If your child is unable to eat or drink because the canker sore is so painful, take him to the doctor as soon as possible. By keeping him comfortable and treating the sores, you can ensure that he heals as quickly as possible.
The mixture is not meant to be swallowed, so keep a close eye on your child when she uses the rinse. If your toddler's pediatrician approves, you can use home remedies and at-home care to reduce the pain of a canker sore and speed up the healing time.
His doctor may recommend applying a teething cream directly to the sore to temporarily numb the area.

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