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Getting to my point, I’m an extremely picky eater, and I was never really health-conscious growing up.
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I just wanted to say thank you for adding my recipe to your awesome list (#11 Broccoli Burger Bites!) I had great success making homemade baby food for my daughter who is now 32 months and one of the best eaters I know. I’ve been trying to click on the links to see the recipes and all I’m getting is blank pages boo! I’ve made those banana strawberry muffins before but that one on your link on little sunny kitchen sure looks better.
This is a lovely compilation of food ideas with recipes that are not only great for toddlers but for kids in general.
When your baby has graduated from breast milk or formula and is eating three meals a day, snacks will become an important part of the daily routine. Look for snacks that are kid-friendly, provide sustained energy, and that are easy for your older baby or toddler to eat. When your older baby is ready to start snacking, he probably still won’t have all his teeth or be able to chew some of the snack options grown ups enjoy.
Add some protein to your baby’s snack with small pieces of cheese, which will be very popular with older babies.
Once your toddler has cut her molars, a whole new world of food opens up, and that translates to snacks as well. Popular snacks with the toddler crowd include thin cut apple slices – add some peanut butter or a yogurt dip for a little extra protein, berries such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, and grapes (cut up as they are still a choking hazard). Toddlers still love cheese, and you can now offer slices paired with healthy whole grain crackers. The ability to self-feed with a spoon makes a cup of yogurt or applesauce an even more appealing snack for both mom and toddler alike. Snack time for babies and toddlers is a great time for fun foods that are both healthy and delicious.
DisclaimerInformation presented are for education only, consult a doctor for any medical advice. Heat rash is also denoted as miliaria or prickly heat and it doesn’t just happen to babies. This rash starts when the sweat glands are blocked and the perspiration is restrained under the skin.
This rash normally goes away on its own but severe forms of this rash might need medical treatment. This type of rash can also occur in individuals who are hospitalized in bed for long periods, particularly if they are running a fever.

Topical therapies – severe forms of rash might need topical therapies in order to help discomfort as well as avoid complications.
This website is purely for information purpose and gives information that is general in nature.
As such, I’m trying to get Princess to eat a variety of foods and hopefully not be as picky as me! You can section off a few different foods to make a whole balanced meal and they’re super convenient for busy families. They’re working here on my end, but I’d be more than happy to email them to you! She just turned 1 yesterday and she hasn’t really refused any foods ever that I can think of! Luckily, my three-year old is not too picky when it comes to food, but I am always trying to come up with simple recipe ideas. Thanks for rounding these up…my little guy is stuck on eating the same 5 things all day, every day, so I’m definitely going to be trying some of these out!
A small, healthy snack twice a day, usually mid-morning and mid-afternoon can be a healthy addition to your child’s diet as long as you make smart choices that will both please your child and provide important nutrients. Snack time shouldn’t take a long time, or a lot of preparation, so having snacks ready to go will make it easier to choose right. Still, there are plenty of snack options for babies that are healthy, easy to eat and great tasting too. Cheerios, the popular early choice for babies learning to pick up foods with the thumb and forefinger, will continue to be a much-loved snack for some time. Use caution to cut the pieces small enough to avoid a choking hazard – try cutting thin strips rather than cubes or chunks. One of his first baby foods, he can now handle slices of banana, which are easy for him to hold and also soft enough to prevent a choking hazard. Favorite toddler snacks will be a little more advanced than those you offered her as a baby. Your toddler may also be ready for some raw veggies, such as thin carrot sticks and cucumber slices. She will love feeling like a grown-up eating her own snack, and you will be free to get other things done! The purpose of snacks is to keep your child going in between meals, so keep them small – remember it’s just a snack, not a second lunch!
Heat rash is common in infants but it can also affect adults, particularly during weather that is humid and hot. The symptoms or signs cross the spectrum from blisters that are superficial to red, deep lumps. But all in all the best way to relieve symptoms is to cool the skin as well as prevent sweating.

For infants, the rash develops on the chest, shoulders as well as the neck but it also can occur in the creases, groin, armpits, as well as elbows.
This rash disturbs the dermis and appears after exercising or an activity that creates sweating. Instead of perspiration evaporating, it remains trapped under the skin which causes rash and inflammation. This can include staying in buildings that are air-conditioned or use fans, wear lightweight clothing, and limit physical activity.
Please contact your health care provider for specialized medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.
I compiled this huge list of 40 toddler food ideas, and I can only hope that my toddler isn’t a fussy eater.
If you want to make things EXTRA fun with your toddler food – try these cute vegetable cutters shaped like animals!
It will hopefully increase the amount of variety she is willing to eat and lead to a healthier diet. We try new things weekly to get her to eat more and to inspire variety so this will be really helpful. I can’t wait to have kiddos of my own, and hopefully they’ll be little foodies that try out amazing foods like all of these on your list! They are easily portable, don’t require refrigeration and are made with healthy whole oats. Now is the time to look to all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, and take previously loved snacks a little further.
Try melting cheese on the crackers in your toaster oven, and topping it with a small chunk of tomato for a different twist on a traditional snack. Some of these are more toddler friendly than others, but they’re all certainly great ideas to try. I regret nothing, and the work wasn’t even that hard (more or less planning your shopping trip correctly.) I enjoyed it so much I would actually make baby food for friends and family if they asked me!
Some of my kids are pickier than others (of course) but introducing a variety of foods early and in a fun way I think has helped. Other similar dry cereals will work just as well, just be sure to watch out for sugar content by reading the nutrition label on the cereal box. I always joke and tell Ryan we can’t have another for the pure fact that we won’t get this lucky again. Some are healthier (you know we’ve gotta try and trick our toddlers to eat veggies) and some are more indulgent and snacky!

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