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Like burns and bruises, certain fracture presentations are likely to be accidental, whereas others are highly likely to be inflicted.
Accidental, uncomplicated linear fractures of the parietal bone, for instance, are commonly seen in older infants and toddlers after falls from high chairs or counter tops onto hard surfaces. Transverse fractures of long bonesare usually the result of direct impacts, and thus are more common in older children after sports injuries.

It is important to remember that certain fracture presentations are highly likely to be inflicted. You should still be able to navigate through these materials but selftest questions will not work. They are most commonly seen in preschool children because their actively growing metaphyses have a lower tolerance for this type of loading.

21: Torus ('buckle') fracture of the distal femur in a 7 month old who rolled off his parents' bed.

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