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When your toddler approaches a computer keyboard and mouse, consider seizing this "teachable moment" to educate her about some of the features of technology. Little People: Little People Click and Color allows toddlers to color in picture with a few simply clicks of the mouse and the Little People Matching Game that helps toddlers with their memory. There is a star rating system, so you'll have a chance to see how other parents rated each game before you decide which one to try, and you'll be able to give feedback on the games your child plays.
Max and Ruby: Ruby's Soccer Shootout Game is an easy game that lets children "kick" a soccer ball into a goal while trying to avoid robots that will stop them. Dora the Explorer: Dora's Royal Rescue Game is a more advanced game that mimics the Dora the Explorer show. The games here are slightly more complex than those at Fisher-Price and are aimed for older children who are already comfortable with using a computer and mouse. Super Why!: The Story Book Creator game allows toddlers to change traditional stories, like Jack and the Beanstalk, to their own funny and imaginative stories to read. The website is organized by types of games, so parents can choose math games, literacy games, or even science games for their children. Baby TV offers some of their games free through the iTunes store as an app for those on the go. Louie's World is a naming game, which lets toddlers choose from three different scenes and then click on items.
Sprout has a wide range of games for young children, from educational activities to those designed just for fun.
Elmo: Elmo Rhymes is an educational game reminiscent of Elmo's World that allows children to match sounds based on what Dorothy, the goldfish, is thinking of. Sprout: Sprout's Click 'n Color is a coloring game where toddlers can create custom pictures using their favorite Sprout characters. Webcam games: Wave Along Adventure lets toddlers use their computer's webcam to wave away items that are falling. Thank you for an excellent resource to help occupy my niece on a cold winter day like today. If you have ever played SimCity, the simulation game where you build and manage an entire city on your own, then this game, Isle of Tune, will have a similar look and feel.
One of the most critical skills that children need to develop early on in their youth is the use of logic and reasoning.
The Scale Of The Universe is a cool Flash animation where you zoom through the orders of magnutide of different objects. is a cute and kid-friendly search engine powered by Google, using the Google SafeSearch technology.

National Geographic has come a long way from the old days, back when it used to merely publish a magazine every month, or host a cable TV channel of its own.
Happy Clicks features a collection of interactive online games designed especially for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with brightly-colored effects that will keep them delighted. Here you will find interactive online games that parents can enjoy playing with their babies and toddlers. These free toddler games are simple to play and preschoolers can enjoy playing them on their own. Also, Happy Clicks provide an opportunity for you to spend quality time playing with your toddler or baby. Kids, preschoolers, toddlers, babies, parents and everyone in your family will find lots of original online games for toddlers and baby games. We have picked our favorites as well as your favorite toddler games and placed them right here in one free family fun zone.
These toddler sites have fun games, coloring, number fun, shapes and more for both toddlers and pre-school fun. Start having fun playing great games!A  Find the Funny Fish and ABC Hide and Seek and more for kids.
You can find a wide variety of toddler-appropriate games online, but before you do, take some time to simply walk your toddler through some simple lessons on how to use a computer. You can certainly find plenty games on the Internet, but not all of these are appropriate - or free. The site is very easy to use, and it's simple to focus results on options designed for toddlers.
Additionally, when you click on a game, you'll be able to see information about the types of skills it's intended to develop before selecting play.
The children can pass through three levels (like the three destinations on the map) and solve riddles in order to rescue Don Quixote from a castle. Kids learn by watering them, watching them change, and seeing them produce fruit and vegetables. In addition, the site provides free printable materials that can be used during off-line time.
One of the options is a farm, where toddlers click on animals who make noises and state their names.
It is easy to use and has all the basic tools such as pencil, paint brush, spray can, text, flood fill etc. There are , for example, many creative building activities such as Build a Robot, Make a Face or Make a Snowman, as well as several connect-the-dots games.

It is fast, safe, blocks all inappropriate sites and features a cute dinosaur on the front page. All the online games for babies and games for toddlers (1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 year old) at this site are free. Here you will find coloring pages, toddler maze games, memory games for preschoolers, keypress games for babies, point and click games and many more to play with your baby or toddler.
This is a great place for them to start to learn the arrows and use of the mouse, Thank You!
As your child learns how to hold the mouse, click the right and left button, press some of the keyboard buttons, and manipulate the cursor, she is actually improving her motor skills, including hand-eye coordination. When you visit the site, simply click "toddler" in the age box to narrow options to the right level for your child. Some games are seasonal, like Dora and the Lost Valentine and Figure Skating with Max and Ruby. Parents can select the games they find most appropriate by mousing over individual games - each one will let the parents know what toddlers can learn from playing. While they are not necessarily as educational as those available from other websites, they are enjoyable and can help your toddler develop motor skills.
Don't spend too much time on a game that doesn't hold your child's interest or frustrates her too much. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. Once she somewhat understands the concept of using a computer, you can introduce her to some fun and educational preschool games. You can further narrow the selections by choosing a particular brand, character or game type.
After they win the game, they can use those crayons to color in pictures that they can print out and keep. Leave feedback for other parents if possible, then seek other options for you and your child to explore.

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