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Your child will watch the Wiggles sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while three ballerinas dance.
This is a little-kid adventure game which is similar in nature to big-people adventure games like Myst, but obviously much more simplified.My 3 year old daughter loves this game.
Trust me when I say, don't waste your money, this game is not worth it no matter how much of a Wiggle fan your child is.
The voice of Dorothy the Dinosaur provides instructions as you navigate around an island-shaped menu of 8 mini-games. FeaturesPC musical game based on popular musical masterpiece and designed for children and adults of all ages. I could not install this program on my son's computer (my old computer - Win 95, Pentium II 233, lots of RAM). Rather than approach learning as an enjoyable experience, this cd presents a structured environment that screams of lessons not games.
Since my daughter really enjoyed the older preschool version, I was excited about getting this cd rom.
After using the Jumpstart Preschool program very successfully to teach my autistic grandson basic skills, we looked forward to the Kindergarten version. I first bought the reader rabbit series from the Learning Company, my 20 month old loved it.
JumpStart Baby Deluxe Edition was the first CD-ROM that I bought for my daughter when she was almost a year old. If your child has played beginning software like JumpStart and is ready to move on to more advanced gameplay, Humongous Entertainment's Putt-Putt series (and Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam, as well) are an excellent choice.
Add this one to the list of great (young) kid's games produced by Humongous, including the Freddi Fish & Pajama Sam series. My daughter is almost 5 years old and loves this and all the scholastic games we have purchased since she is 2 years old. It's an adventure game in which the player must search various locations for specific items, people or tasks. The game "teaches" logic and computer skills in the context of a story rather than with the curriculum of games like Reader Rabbit and Jump Start (nothing against those products, this is just different). She needed some help when she first started playing, but now she can go to the computer, start the program, and play all by herself. I like The Wiggles, I have no problem sitting through hours of Wiggley fun, but goodness gracious Disney Interactive! My son is a huge fan so I got this for him thinking it would be the perfect thing to introduce him to the computer. Unfortunately, the games themselves (Tic-Tac-Toe, simple jigsaw puzzles and mazes, etc.) are very short, unimaginative and look cheap. Bubbling vats ofchocolate, messed-up machinery, and revved-up robots are only some of the manyobstacles you'll face in this wild driving, surfing, running, and flyingadventure game.The Lost Formulas puts kids in the driver's seat as they engage in threelevels of play per game, but it's not all fun. Sesame Street Toddler helps kids with fundamental skills critical for every toddler's development. His name is "Baker" so I would assume that if you child does not have a common name that won't make any difference.
The first, JumpStart Spanish was a good investment, and loved by our boy.JumpStart Kindergarten is another solid effort. This cd is successful however, in presenting a balance between pressure, judgement and success vs.
Designed specifically for children 9 to 24 months old, JumpStart Baby encourages important developmental skills in an atmosphere of fun and musical merriment. The activities are interactive and the music is very catchy.I recently purchased thejump start baby.
I used JumpStart Baby with my first son (now 4) and found it to be an excellent introduction to the world of computer software. Auto-run would run correctly, but clicking 'install' from the Jumpstart welcome screen resulted in nothing happening.
She found it fascinating the first handful of times that we played it together, but it seemed to get old pretty fast for her.
Unfortunately, a hungry goat eats their ticket, so the car and his canine pal must earn their way to a ringside seat.
These titles take the cognitive tasks up a notch as children must accumulate specific items, navigate a number of locations, and use their problem-solving skills to help their friends and achieve larger goals. My son was 2 at the time and loved playing this game with me looking for missing clues and helping to put them together. Although my grandson has outgrown these titles, my great nieces and nephews are now playing them.
Even though he has finished the game many times and understands the order in which you need to do things, our son likes to play the game over and over.

After we played each game just one time he was bored and wanted to get down to go play and that isn't like him when it comes to anything dealing with The Wiggles, he eats, breathes, and sleeps The Wiggles.
There's an "edutainment"component that allows players to practice multilevel math drills (coveringtopics ranging from basic number recognition to addition, subtraction,multiplication and division), all the while going bonkers searching for the lostformulas hidden by the mischievous Minis. The graphics are excellent, it's challenging without being too tough, and the music is nicely put together with the different levels. My 7 year old son is the only one in the family who has gotten through all of the levels - including the bonus levels - but we all enjoy the game. Reccomended for Grade 2+It IS fast, work with flash cards with your child or else they will be discouraged in not playing this game with the math. Your child can play with Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster, and enjoy 25 activities created by child-education experts. I didn't actually set this game up, my husband did, so I can't tell you how the name deal was done, but when Big Bird talks to Baker (In Big Bird's voice, not my husband's saying "Baker")he just goes ape. Kids learn prereading, the alphabet, letter combinations, counting, quantities, similarities and differences, sequencing, problem solving, shapes, colors, phonics, word recognition, time concepts, world geography, and cultures of the world.In disc one, join Mr.
While it may be an enjoyable program for some children, I wouldn't recommend it for any child that requires a lot of stimulation. Visit the friendly, inviting nursery as you explore eight different learning activities with Teddy, your animated host.
She did learn basic cause-and-effect via keyboard banging, but she lost interest in the games quickly and some were actually quite confusing.
Fortunately, the circus owner has some serious problems, and he enlists Putt-Putt to solve them. Along the way, kind and gentle Putt-Putt and his dog Pep will meet a number of nice characters, visit a variety of interesting locations and play games as they complete the larger tasks.In Putt-Putt Joins the Circus, the overarching goal is to earn a ticket to the show by performing a variety of tasks and helping the various acts prepare.
I particularly liked a sorting game that requires the child to clean up the grocery shelves and put matching items on the shelf that has the correct number of spaces.
My son actually said to me, "Daddy, it's not doing nothing?" (I'll work on his use of double-negatives later) Uhh, Merry Christmas Son?!? Another game where you water four of Dorothy's flowers, is actually quite frustrating -- each plant starts dying if you remove the water for more than a split-second, so the only way to get them all to bloom is to be in a ridiculous constant motion.And besides those three video clips, the Wiggles themselves are barely present at all in the game. Essentially the child is wandering around on Sesame street and gets to make a bunch of stuff repeatedly move by clicking on it. Hopsalot, the rabbit, as he invites your child to explore an interactive kindergarten classroom, where fun, music, and games are the reward for curiosity.
Two other children (a kindergardener and a slow-learning first grader say it is boring.The video that came with it, however, gets raves and the attention of all the children. With this program, your baby will discover shapes, music, colors, clothing, animals, and cause and effect. The fact is, babies can't mouse around (as in JumpStart Toddler) -- the best they can do is hit the keyboard and that is exactly how the games are designed to function: to respond with the next logical action when the keyboard is pressed. She loves the songs, animals and putting teddy "night-night," which makes it easier to stop playing when mom's had enough. The reward--if he succeeds in getting the circus up and running--is a free lifetime ticket to the big top.Putt-Putt Joins the Circus is a role-playing adventure for children between 3 and 8 years of age. You must get a nose for the clown, help the organ arrange her pipes, get a power drink to the strong-van, find a new tent for the fleas, etc. Good for children who need to reinforce simple phonics, like beginning sounds, ending sounds, long and short vowel sounds, etc.
If you think this will provide some sort of meaningful review of phonics, you will be quite disappointed. As soon as I got the package open, my son took off with it and required no intervention from me to complete the game. Comic-book-style renderings of their faces appear on the screen, and you'll hear an occasional "Hi I'm Jeff" or "You're very good at this game", but Dorothy is the voice who provides all the instructions.Overall, a very disappointing product.
Run on conveyor belts, hop on crates, dodge evil robots and machines and try your best to beat all eight exiting and fun-filled levels of the game!!! Now the downside - my husband had to upgrade our system to Win 2000 for his software, and Simon & Schuster does not have any patches for this game.
So I installed it on my newer laptop and it runs fine, but I would rather that he did not play on my laptop. There aren't really any games or play of any value embedded in this aimless & boring wandering. Disc two lets children climb aboard the next boat, plane, train, or zeppelin and take off to faraway worlds of fun on the all-new Around the World CD-ROM. Edmark Millie and Bailey Kindergarten is a much better route to take for your childs enjoyment.
I noticed after installing the jump start baby software my computer started acting weird and malfunctioning.

My son enjoys helping his sister play the games now, which are simple enough to do on their own. The various circus performers are all refusing to do their shows, and Putt-Putt must change their minds, either by finding a lost item or winning a simple arcade-style challenge. There are quite a few locations and objects, so it would be a good idea for you to help your child for a while. Accolades are heaped on Putt-Putt, while my five year old looks on with an expression frustration hoping someone onscreen will talk with her.
In fact, I have to get them some of the other Putt-Putt games, because they enjoy them so much! One game involves sorting grocery items into their correct places on the shelves - which helps teach counting and spatial skills. Basically, it's the PC game equivalent of a cardboard cut-out.Let me give you an example of how bad it is: You can choose to watch three little Wiggles video clips, well, the problem is when The Wiggles sing their mouths don't match-up to the song being played - none of the three videos are in sync!
Here, kids raceYellow and his car through superbly animated cities and suburbs to arrive at thecandy factory.
I emailed them and this was their reply:Thank you for contacting Simon and Schuster Interactive Technical SupportUnfortunately, this program is not supported on NT or Windows 2000 which is an NT platform. Worse, there is a tv in every home the child visists (Big Bird, the Count, etc) & this tv is the main attraction--my son would go to the room (in the game) and ask to watch tv. Kids can play four different games and visit 12 different cities, where they'll learn phrases in different languages, hear music of other lands, and collect souvenirs. I should have been more aware, as I purchased a copy of jump start baby about six months prior and it crashed my windows 98 system to the point of no return. It's a way for the parent AND child to interact together so that the computer doesn't act as a babysitter per se.
The puzzles and arcade games are easy and straightforward, and users will find extensive animated sequences sprinkled throughout the story. Great games from Humongous, but they need to work more directly with the children playing them. Also, it's very refreshing from some other games that are too violent or serious that are marketed to children. Because of the driver structure of NT, very few programs that use video compression programs such as this one are even rated on NT.
After uninstalling jsb and all its subcomponents it seems my system is back to normal reliability. The other times we attempted to play the game it would freeze up my computer before we even got through the introduction.
Somehow I disabled the video compont so now all the tvs are broken--this helped some, but I was disappointed in Sesame Street enough to get on here and wirte my first review! For example, users click on a clock to go to the telling time activity.One thing we appreciate about the game is that it teaches a skill that we may overlook at times.
We run it on a Mac and have had no problems at all -- very stable and easy to install.This is one of the best titles in a great series. This part is what disaster management is all about.Warehouse Woes: Who says driving a forklift is work?
It is very important for the child to listen to instructions prior to undertaking many of the activities.
What a hoot!The Shocking Truth: Get the skinny when you go behind the factory's powercircuits. For example, in a game that teaches counting, users find themselves in a garden with Hopsalot, the rabbit who is the guide. I don't know what the JumpStart team was thinking when they released this version of JumpStart Baby. But don't get zapped in the electrifying final round of game play.In a nutshell, this fast-paced, cutting-edge CD-ROM plays like a video game, butincludes math drills as an added incentive. Hopsalong tells users that he needs a certain number of a certain item growing in the garden ("I need 7 red roses."). Initially, our son was not paying attention, and he would be caught off guard when the game started. He now listens attentively so that he can complete his task correctly.We will definitely consider purchasing other titles from Knowledge Adventure.

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