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The First Day Your Bag Will Be Heavy But Don't Worry It Will Get Lighter By Week Two!Below I will show pictures of items listed in this diaper bag check list for further information & help to new parents. Cloths- I engage even the littlest one in all the activities we do here at daycare so their cloths needs to reflect this active environment.
Socks- Please provide socks that have grip dots to prevent falls, Walmart has a brand that works great.
Food- I provide 2 Meals & 2 Snacks for a little one ( over 1 year) that is present for a full day. Please feel free to provide other items not listed so that I may become familiar with your babies needs.
I like the large plastic wipe holders because I put their name on them and I end up using them for the baby years and toddler years in the bathroom also. Sonoma County is known for its random weather so that is why I ask for both cold and warm cloths.
If your baby is under 1 year then provide what food is age and developmentally appropriate for them.

All bottles and first stage sippy cups need to have a plastic cover lid to prevent contamination.
Make sure they are small, also avoid any other small hair accessories like clips or bows due to choking hazards. The mornings might be misty but the afternoon may be hot; therefore dress your little one in three layers that I my peel off throughout the day. Place 4 extra socks in sandwich bag then place sandwich bag in side pocket of diaper bag for easy access. Some cover front of face and back of neck which is a nice feature for fair little ones to have extra coverage.
A 2 month infant should have the small 4oz bottle with slow flow nipple; and a 6 month should have the 9oz bottle with medium to fast flow nipple depending on babies comfort. A medication for sickness needs a form to be filled out and signed each day the medication is administered to child. Top layers should start like this -First layer being short sleeve shirt, then long sleeve shirt, then a sweatshirt.
This one is 100 spf & tear free; the higher the number the more protection there is for your baby!

All cloth diapers need to be stored in a wet bag or a plastic tub for transporting the dirty diapers home. You can bring in a tutu if the little one knows to take it off before trying to go to the potty( I will help of course). Active Bottoms should look like this- loose fitting with spandex waist and not tight around ankles. The Do's pant on top has a GREAT feature with the patch on the knee for crawlers, and have an elastic band that makes it easy to pull down for potty training.
The Don'ts pant are tight around the ankle making it hard for a toddler to potty train or for me to change a diaper in an infant's case.

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