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These toddler programs are terrific parent-child interactive programs designed to stimulate the childa€™s physical and mental development through music, movement, games and fun. The Little Legends 3 program is a wonderful introduction into the fun world of physical fitness through gymnastics.
The Little Legends program for 4 year olds is a great class to learn gymnastics and how their body moves. Here at the Newtown Athletic Club, we offer two types of gymnastics programs: recreational classes and our competitive USAIGC team. Physical Strength – Can the child easily perform strength exercises such as pull-ups, leg lifts, sprinting, push-ups, sit-ups, and hollow body holds?
Flexibility – Is the child’s body flexible enough to handle some of the requirements of gymnastics? Motivation – Does the child want to learn and succeed, or is she content right where she is?
Commitment – Team members are expected to attend all practices, competitions, fundraisers, and other team events.
Proper Health & Nutrition – An athlete cannot train or  perform to the best of their abilities without proper nutrition. Attitude – Team gymnasts are expected to have a good attitude towards themselves, their teammates and their coaches. Fundraising – Many gyms will arrange fundraising events to help ease the financial burden of being on a team. In an effort to send you the NAC news you want, we are updating our E-mail list based on your interests.
Activite proposee aux enfants de 3 a 6 ans le mercredi de 13h30 a 16h dans la petite salle du gymnase d'Evrecy.

La Baby-gym propose un eveil moteur pour les plus jeunes et les bases de ma gymnastique pour les plus grands dans un contexte de loisirs creatifs. I wanted to say how much my son is enjoying the classes and what great physical development and strength I am noticing in him. Friendly and creative coaches incorporate fun and imagination as they lead parent and tot through the planned events. Both the recreational and competitive gymnastics programs promote strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun. Team members are expected to arrive on time and prepared to train; leotards are required, hair must be tied up and no jewelry.
All team athletes are expected to eat a well-balanced diet and stay hydrated in order to keep their bodies in the best physical shape possible.
They need to accept criticism in order to improve, and they need to encourage their teammates to be the best they can be. Please choose the categories below for which you would like to receive correspondence from us. Selon l'age de l'enfant, le creneau horaire sera adapte: 13h30 a 14h30 pour les plus grands de 5 a 6 ans, 14h30 a 15h15 pour les 4-3ans et 15h15 a 16h pour les 3 ans. If you have school age children, you especially know what I mean when I say how nice it is to get out of the typical day-to-day routine of things once in awhile! The casting team is on a national search to find families interested in receiving personalized advice for their unique circumstances. The contest to recognize a family who will inspire us all…and it could be yours!Has your family been taking more walks? His swimming teacher said his kicking was 100% better because he can hold his body straight.

Every week the activities and skills focused on change, as do the songs they sing in the beginning.
He loves every minute of the class and I can see it is improving his fine and gross motor skills each week.
While recreational programs are fitting for anyone, competitive programs require an invitation to join after being evaluated by a qualified coach. Payments are automatically withdrawn on the 18th of the month for the following month’s tuition.
These are just some ideas to get you started, feel free to make up some of your own or challenge the kids to come up with some clues for each other. There are different activities each week and the pace is perfect for the short attention spans of little ones. The women running the class are very professional and explain and instruct the gymnastics activities really well. He is participating so enthusiastically especially for a child who preferred to stand on the side lines before. On top of monthly tuition, you need to consider the price of uniforms, choreographers, competition entry fees and travel fees.

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