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Aloha Mental Aritmetik 4-13 yas grubundaki cocuklar icin ozel olarak tasarlanm?s zihin gelisim program?d?r. 2013 Y?l?nda Aloha Mental Aritmetik hizmetlerimiz ile baslad?g?m?z egitim cal?smalar?m?za, hizmet seviyemizi ve kalitemizi artt?rmak icin ozel ders merkezimiz ile cal?smalar?m?za devam ediyoruz. S?nav duyurular?, kampanyalar?m?z, fark yaratacak detay bilgileri ogrenmek icin mail adresinizi kaydediniz.
Receiving a LinkedIn request from your Ex GF & thinking that she at least desires you professionally.
Sipping hot coffee and listening to Kishore Kumar’s songs in solitude while it is raining outside.
Happiness is when my husband remembered to pack a glass of my favorite lassi from my favorite shop on his way back from office. Stopping your car abruptly outside a Chandigarh park & sleeping there on the grass with the sun for an hour.

The trick is in finding your own definitions and celebrations of happiness in small everyday situations. Happiness is when you forget your phone at home and you know that now no one will contact you. Happiness is when you are searching something in your wardrobe and you suddenly find your ex love letter in it. Happiness is reading this blogpost in the office and having the freedom to laugh(without making noise) to my heart’s content as no one is looking. Tatl? rekabetin oldugu, ogrencinin kendisini ozel hissettigi, kucuk s?n?flardan olusmaktad?r. Program aritmetik ogretimi icin abakusu bir arac olarak kullanarak, beynin sag ve sol lobunu guclendirir. No truck of happiness is going to come one day from which you will download a lot of happiness.

Yes … We might have grown into adults but when it comes to this- we will STAY KIDS !!
Ozel ders, ogretmenin ogrenci icin en dogru ogrenme bicimini saptama ve uygulamas?na ortam yaratarak “kal?c? ve kaliteli” bir ogrenmenin yolunu acar. Most were cute, some were philosophical, many were emotional but the stellar ones were the ‘funny & crazy ones’.

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