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First of all, one of three characters is being selected, who will then take a visit to the doctors. More substeps are needed to cure the flu infection: First, the temperature needs to be taken, then a cough syrup is given to the character and the nose is being blown, a nasal spray is used and the throat is also being disinfected. In our video trailer you’ll find four different medical conditions of a very brave little patient. Pepi Doctor is a beautiful and lovingly designed toddlers app, which is also fun for older kids.

Perhaps you remember the Pepi Bath app, where kids need to clean the characters of the app by brushing their teeth and washing their hands after they’ve been to the toilet. The app developers really put a lot of time and effort into their apps and have always produced one app per year so far, but they have all been a delightful masterpiece. Teeth are also being brushed in Pepi Doctor, but this time by the dentist himself, because with Pepi Doctor, kids jump into the role of a doctor. We really appreciate those kinds of Alternations and details – could have however been extended a little bit more though.

Our favorite app by Pepi Play however, has to be Pepi Tree – but Pepi Doctor is one of the important kids apps new releases of 2013.  The doctors game simply belongs in every kids app collection.

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