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Toddler health is an enormous topic, and youa€™ve been training in it ever since your child graduated from babyhood into the toddler years. But toddler isna€™t only about when your child is sick or if he or she is diagnosed with some special condition. One thing that worries many parents is i»?toddler feveri»?; high fevers can be dangerous, but mild fevers are a normal part of ordinary childhood illness.
Whenever your child has a fever, youa€™ll want to encourage him to rest and monitor carefully with a thermometer so that it stays within safe limits.

Unchecked high fevers can lead to seizures and brain damage, so ita€™s no light matter.Not everything is so cut and dry, and not all toddler sicknesses are so easy to treat. Youa€™ll be taking his weight and measurements regularly to be sure he is growing adequately, and perhaps even plotting it on a toddler growth chart.
Both of these are problems that tend to be chronic, and many toddler mom and dads have gone through all the parenting books trying in vain to find cures for them. There is certainly lots you can do to alleviate the problem, but no magic one-size-fit-all pills.

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