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To most parents, an aggressive behavior shown by the child would seem as their failure to be good parents. The parents must know that physical aggression is a common yet natural problem faced by toddlers. Most children resort to hitting their parents because they dona€™t have any other means of showing their frustration, as they cana€™t put their feelings into words. Children crave the attention of their parents and usually try and get it in a positive manner.
Once the child has hit you, it remains a good idea to talk it out with your child after some time. In order to teach your children that they can use their hands in a gentler and tender manner, you should try to hold and snuggle your children whenever you are with them and should give them a baby massage time.
You can create a set of rules for everyone in the household that nobody would kick, bite or hit anybody else. You should warn your children that if they resort to hitting or biting, then they would be punished with either a timeout or with taking away their toys for a certain time.
You can also try and help your children in managing their anger by motivating them to draw a picture or take a nap or anything else that calms them down as soon as they start to get angry.
It is generally bad practice to actually spank the children in order to punish them, as it would reassert to the children that hitting isna€™t wrong. You should try and identify the pattern and the trigger that starts to make your children angry and then move in to address the issue. Toddlers and hitting is a common challenge for parents, so much so it’s often referred to as a behavior problem. Toddlers may  hit when they feel overwhelmed with feelings they cannot yet explain with words. Very often when toddlers hit their parents, caregivers or peers they are  feeling scared, frightened or anxious.
While hitting in the early years is pretty common behavior, it may often leave parents feeling ashamed, embarrassed, upset or surprised. Often the more negatively we feel about the hitting the more we might inadvertently prolong the problem. Changing our mindset from believing that hitting is a behavior problem to accepting it as a normal developmental reaction to fear, frustration and other feelings is a great first step in helping toddlers stop hitting.
Providing children ample outlets for expressing a range of feelings is also very important.
If your child does hit, it is important to handle the situation with respect, kindness and firmness. Gently removing your child from the situation or placing yourself between two children may be necessary to hold your limit.
Empathizing with your toddler can be a really helpful way to address the situation while still being kind and firm. By responding with kindness your child is likely to feel safe enough to release some of that anger or frustration by crying. Trusting that our children are capable and interested in learning how to handle frustrating or frightening situations may be difficult in the heat of the moment but they really are. Bring more calm and cooperation into your home today with a copy of 12 Alternatives to Time Out. Copyright Notice: It is not permitted to copy, re-blog or distribute contents without prior written permission from the Positive Parenting Connection. As kids difficult behavior is not a medical condition, it should not be treated with medication which puts your child’s health at risk.

I believe parents ought to master parenting skills themselves to deal with difficult kids at the comfort of your own home.
Many parents who are busy at work or running errands may neglect the emotional needs of their kids.
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Sibling squabbles happen in every family and during these confrontations, hitting is fairly common.
If sibling fights that include physical aggression such as hitting become a habit, it could cause problems as your children grow older. In fact, in extreme cases, physical aggression in the form of hitting between siblings, can morph into bullying. A study published in the July 2013 issue of the journal Pediatrics points out that being bullied by a brother or sister (including physical aggression such as hitting) was linked to poor mental-health outcomes for kids and teenagers. Cooking, feeding, transporting, negotiating, writing – it’s all in a day’s work, liberally scattered with plenty of cuddles and kisses from all of my boys! Parents have always felt the need to photograph their children at different stages of life. The essential thing when confronted with such a situation that children hit parents is to keep calm.
As they are still developing their communicative and social skills, they lack the ability to control and channelize their anger.
Thus, they usually use their hands to hurt their parents when parents dona€™t allow them to do a certain task that they want to do. While elders can calm themselves down by expressing their frustrations and anger, the toddlers cana€™t do the same because they lack the verbal skills. With growing up already being a challenging and stressful task in itself, children usually lose all their self-control when they take the slightest of stresses.
However, children arena€™t afraid of getting the attention in a negative way if it gets them some attention at least. For some children, a punching bag works best, while some children calm down after punching a doll or a stuffed animal. Limit your children to cartoons that show aggressive behavior, television shows where violence is portrayed, violent video games and aggressive movies.
You can make that communication a lot more fun by turning their tendency of slapping you into a funnier one such as getting a high-five. The more connected and secure your child feels the less those feelings will bubble up and turn towards anger. Although it may be difficult to accept those feelings and tears, children do need that opportunity to release feelings so they can move forward. Affection will not reinforce hitting and it will show your child that you are a source of safety and that you care. Although this developmental phase may be at times challenging, remembering to focus on guidance and teaching from a place  of compassion and understanding can be really helpful. She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate.

Time In: What's the difference?When your Child Says: I Hate You!If Not Punishment, Then What? Is he oppositional defiant, obnoxious, abusive, lying, disrespectful, back talking or misbehaving? At the same time, you would not want to opt for expensive treatment sessions from Child Psychologist which does not guarantee improvement in kids difficult behavior.
Always remember to spend as much time as you can with your kids by doing things together to rebuild bonding. But when a fight escalates into a boxing match, things can get out of hand and complicated, especially if hitting each other turns into a habit.
Parents often dismiss siblings hitting each other as something that’s normal or harmless. Lashing out is one of the behavioral disorders that young children have and it is pretty common. The reason why many children get angered and frustrated quickly is that they lack complete control on their surroundings. As a result, they use other means to express their dislike such as hitting their parents and crying out loudly. While grown-ups can control certain aspects, almost everything remains out of the control of a child. You should teach the child sentences such as a€?I am very angry at the momenta€? to directly express their emotions.
For instance, you can teach them alternative gestures that can help them get your attention. Do you believe parents need to equip themselves with the right parenting skills to manage difficult kids?Should you answer yes to all three questions, then help is on the way. That way, kids have less tendencies to show difficult behavior and makes you a better parent. But sibling aggression is actually related to the same serious mental health effects as peer bullying. In order to put an end to this aggressive behavior of the child, it is necessary that measures are taken so that the child does not develop a habit of doing it. For instance, they didna€™t get the food on time or they didna€™t get to throw the cell phone away. As a result, children often resort to hitting in order to assert themselves and in order to feel that they are in control. Some parents believe that their own kids difficult behavior are the cause of their own actions or negligence.
She hits because she really has no idea that physically attacking someone can cause pain and damage.
As a result of poor parenting, kids behavior turns out of control and that’s where the root of problem is. Parents who had faith in themselves believe that they can rebuild stronger parenting skills by opting parenting program such as the Total Transformation Program.
Such program will empower you as a parent with strong parenting skills, stop arguments with kids, avoid power struggle and understand your parenting mistakes by allowing you to practice new solutions.

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