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On a joint helicopter raid in the Now Zad district in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province remaining year, a US Maine had an awfully fortunate escape. Military protocol for dismissal was no match for this kid’s love for his mother during an emotional family reunion.
Years of training and education in understanding behavior and how to change it, even in difficult situations. Advanced Post doctoral studies in cognitive behavioral innovations, short-term treatment models, neuropsychology, family therapy, mind-body medicine, neurllinguistic programming and more.
The real secret to my success in helping parents with tough kids is my experience working with children and parents just like you.
I’ve seen some very intelligent and very determined parents struggle with toddler behavior problems such as biting, screaming, tantrums and defiance. Oh, and then it’s time to plop down in front of the TV for a bit while you clean up and maybe put in a load of laundry but the next argument ensues over what to watch as all your suggestions are rejected and tensions nearly boil over. Families with hard-headed three year olds who have screaming fits 2-3 times a day, often in the middle of department stores, the bank waiting line and even at grandma’s house. Parents with children as older toddlers who seem to be angels at preschool and turn to monsters the moment they get home. These were all families who were frustrated, at the end of their rope and had tried everything a€“ yet nothing had worked.
In just a week, I’ll show you how to get your toddler doing what you want them to do, when you want them to do it. There are thousands of children out there just like yours, who are driving their parents BONKERS with their stubborn, unresponsive, and defiant behavior.
My toddler skipped the terrible twos but now we’re in the middle of the ferocious fours. There was the family that never made it into the waiting room because their defiant child simply refused to come into my office. This young man’s story is just one of many which led to me developing Raising The Strong Willed Toddler. Young Jacob had already been diagnosed with all sorts of behavioral problems ranging from ADHD (or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)to Bi-polar disorder to PTSD (or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). His parents went from pleading with him to snap out of it threatening to lock him in his room for a week. Let’s just say Jacob was one of many children who taught me not only to appreciate the challenges obstinate and difficult children bring, but to redouble my efforts to find a quick and effective solution to their behavior problems.
Now, after dealing with more than 7,000 families, I have the tools you can use to create cooperative, well-behaved kids. In my early years as a psychologist, naturally I followed the traditional methods taught to me in school. Now those fields of study may not mean anything to you but they are what led me to discover what really works and what definitely doesn’t.
Many of the parents I was counseling suffered from the same thing…they had a short fuse that was simply looking for a reason to blow! Principle 4: You cannot control your toddler, but you can control what your toddler cares about.
But I’m not satisfied with just selling you this vital material and calling it a day. In my 20+ years of practice, I’ve learned how to handle far more than just stubborn children. The Ultimate Trouble Shooter is for when your child’s stubbornness is proving particularly difficult or unusual, especially when it comes to whining, tantrums and meltdowns.

When you have a question specific to tantrums or tantrum-like behavior, take a look in the Ultimate Trouble Shooter. Many times when children lack confidence, they either put forth less than full effort or abandon their work altogether.
The Confident Child explains the secrets to raising a child with unstoppable self-confidence and a powerful sense of self-esteem.
The Confident ChildA  audio program will teach you my step-by-step system for bolstering your child’s self-confidence in just one day. I understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have a strategy for overcoming my toddler’s behavior problems.
Parents -I know you’d pay just about any price to have well-behaved children who are polite, confident, and even-tempered.
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The toddler keeps looking away until she hears the sound of the iMac switching on off camera.A Recognising the sound, she stands up and makes excited noises. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Everything I know is a combination of experience, training, and learning from parents of formerly out-of-control children.
After bribing your with their favorite breakfast and asking them to come eat, they start in with how they hate what you’ve prepared and how they want something else. Just another day in the life of well-intentioned parent raising a stubborn and strong willed toddler. Ways you can weed out the bad behaviors quickly, while nurturing the beginnings of cooperation.
The whole program will take only 90 minutes of your time, and each day you will have tiny, small steps to take… and each one will put you back in control of your home! I can’t understand going through another day of struggles and battles, when a proven solution is within reach. But so many more families are suffering, headed down the wrong path and if they only knew these principles and had these precise parenting tools, they could literally work miracles with their toddler’s behavior in no time at all. Each disorder had let to a different trial of a different type of medication, and yet…nothing was improving.
I re-trained his parents to effectively deal with his hardheadedness and out-right crazy behavior.
This focused rapid-change toddler behavior program combines the best that I have learned, and you benefit with a simple, clinic-proven game plan that gets you results fast.
Episode after episode of non-cooperation, defiance, and obstinance followed by screaming, yelling, and physical violence leaves you exhausted in both body and spirit.
Whatever happens, whatever your child does, whatever path your emotions are leading you down – keep calm.
These bonus materials are my gift to you as thanks for trusting in me and supporting my life’ work. It’s based on feedback from parents who have used my other behavior modification programs over the last five years. They cover everything from tantrums to building your child’s self-confidence to homework habits.

When you see signs that your child is lacking confidence, it’s natural to have many worries about how they will stand up to bullies, developing meaningful relationships with their peer group, and perform up to their potential in the classroom. In other words, when you lack confidence, you give up more easily because you don’t believe you can do it. With a few simple changes, you’ll be able to ensure that your child grows up strong, confident, and secure. Finally, I don’t want you as a customer, if you get to this point and are still debating.
Elliott are finding themselves facing life sentences for accusations of Shaken Baby Syndrome.
In my experience, about 98% of parents report success, while two percent of parents who try my child behavior programs don’t experience success. You’re embarrassed and questioning your own parenting skills while day after day goes by with your child is missing out on learning how to be responsible for his behavior.
I’ve helped over 7,000 families (in my private practice) who had children with behavior problems. The key is using understanding that this type of resistant, strong-willed child requires a better understanding of behavior, and a better set of parenting tools in your toolbox. Your child’s future is at risk as well, as these foundational years determine future patterns of responsibility and discipline.
I know first-hand how utterly destructive such defiant patterns can be to a child’s future. Or… you will still get the same result, even if you need a bit more time, or have to take a day off here or there. Back then I was just beginning to formulate an integrated plan on how to deal with such difficult children and Jacob was a real test case for my emerging methods. Week after week would pass by with parents and children desperately seeking solutions that I just didn’t seem to possess.
Just because you eventually gain your child’s cooperation does not mean the problem has been solved. Every one of them is a gem, containing advice I have tested and enjoyed success with over the last 20+ years.
Sorry…but I doubt that this is the program for your family if you are hesitating after going through all this information. A The girl starts to look worried but when the noise comes on again, she chuckles and waves her arms.
When I introduced myself, he folded his arms, turned his head to the side and donned a scowl of contempt. Such behavior is always the result of learning experiences (combined with biology and heredity) and the process of bringing about change demands patience, non-reactivity and mostly… a clear set of parenting guidelines.
My skills were more suited for long-term therapy, and keeping families in therapy for years. You must learn from each episode of defiance, and more importantly, your child must learn through your BETTER choices each time. Order Raising The Strong Willed Toddler and get ready for a future of cooperation and good behavior that will make you the proudest parent on the block. In the office he was completely unresponsive, his strong will testing the already weakened resolve of his parents.

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