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Indoor Toddler Activities – There are many reasons why we are stuck indoors during the heat wave-year, below freezing temperatures, hurricane, blizzard or sometimes as mothers we are too tired to get everyone dressed and out of the house!
If you are a parent or caregiver toddler, you already know that children just do not like to sit still. Hopscotch is always fun and can be used to teach many simple skills without the kids even know that they are learning. Sleep Cosy and secure with The Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed. Go anywhere, anytime, anyplace!
Whether used for travel, sleepovers or for kids transitioning to a big bed, the Toddler Travel Bed is the perfect solution.
We bought this for travel purposes, but as soon as it arrived, my husband blew it up to see what it was like. When children are able to explore the great outdoors, the possibilities are endless activities.

Reading can add fun, excitement and enjoyment when the book contains stories, fairy tales, fun characters and some fun games. Designed with anti-roll security edges and a soft, flocked sleeping area, kids feel secure and cosy.
Our daughter is not in an actual bed yet so this is the first time she has slept in a 'free-if-you-choose' (but please don't), bed.
They are beyond the imagination of our minds, so let them explore their creativity and open their hearts to create beautiful paintings. You can buy educational puzzle is good for them and they really will enjoy solving this puzzle.
The patented sheet-tuck feature allows you to tuck sheets and blankets right into the inner mattress, just like at home!
What can you do to entertain your restless toddler on the day when playing outside just not possible?

She loves to have a puzzle to play with, and sometimes, he enjoyed little puzzle worked before he went to sleep at night. The only thing I would say could be added to enhance the design is, maybe increase the height surround at the top of the bed. I found her half out of the bed a couple of times as she is used to using her cot to sleep against. No harm though and she will get used to this.Thanks to UrbanBaby for the excellent and super-fast service.

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