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The heart of Warsaw, the modern capital of Poland which was completely destroyed by Germans during the Second World War, has risen from the rubble and turned into an attractive city. Only the suburb of Praga on the other side of the Vistula River, which divides this city, survived the Warsaw Uprising but it remained seriously neglected for many decades. In its long history, the city has seen major political upheavals, including a period of Communist rule, but nowadays things are comparatively different from the days of the Iron Curtain.
On arrival in Warsaw, I noticed there were few signs of the recession that had hit Europe in recent decades.
To the contrary, this is a vibrant city of rejuvenated neighbourhoods with tables of cafes spilling into pavements. Founded in the 13th Century as the Prince’s Castle, it is a lively place with galleries, cafes and restaurants frequented by locals and tourists. The Old Town offers you an opportunity to walk along the streets away from the bustle of central Warsaw. There are open-air galleries and in the summer musical and theatrical shows are held in the squares.
When the capital was moved to Warsaw from Krakow in 1596, it became the seat of the king and the government. Ukwala, the town that time forgot This once vibrant town that lent its name to Ukwala chain of supermarkets is without a bank, 50 years after it temporarily hosted the headquarters of what is today Siaya County. Youth must be taught how to be responsible Who is willing to teach the youth that tribalism has no place in the making of a united nation? A paradise called Kashmir Described as Paradise on Earth, in the summer, the Kashmir Valley bursts into a riot of colours with millions of flowers laid out as a huge carpet on a truly mesmerising landscape.
Style and class under your belt Unless you are a cowboy, keep the buckle simple and classy. It is not good to abuse authority Abusing authority defeats the purpose for which God created it. Help your child's immune system stay strong Even though diet cannot solely prevent an infection, good nutrition is essential to the development and maintenance of a healthy and strong immune system. Wake up and realise your dreams My dream is no longer young, but it remains my dream; a dream I will keep at, until I actualise it.
Controversy is Joseph Nkaissery’s middle name He rarely talks without wagging his finger and menacingly blinking fast in between his words, which many a time are threats.
Kiangazi House: Kenya's best kept secret Kiangazi House is in my observation a soulful alternative to the hotels lining Moi South Lake Road, which are luxurious but are all more or less in the same high-rise, air-conditioned modern mould. The adorable toddler isn't impressed by turtles, kangaroos or geese, but there's something about a donkey that is just hilarious to him. April 4, 2016 By Lauren Tamm Leave a Comment Share68 Pin141 Tweet9 EmailShares 218She heard her cry through the monitor for the fourth time that night. Bad habits are hard to break, and maybe you tried for a night or two to keep your kids in bed, and it didn’t work.

There are three strategic positive parenting options to try and all can yield results in a few days, with a possible complete behavior shift within a few weeks. The Goal: Allow your child to fall asleep when you are out of the room during an “Excuse me” moment. Each night continue to increase the “Excuse me” intervals, weaning your child from your presence in the room at bedtime. Whatever time your child wakes up at night, set your alarm for approximately 30 minutes prior. She went from multiple night waking episodes per night to ZERO by simply removing sugar after a certain time of day. If you are struggling with night waking, I definitely think it’s something worth considering.
To make bedtime even easier, download this easy bedtime routine to put on the wall for your kids to follow along! About Lauren TammI'm Lauren and I write about my crazy parenting adventures, discovering happiness in motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life. We have a really hard hardwood floor and my son has had several hard falls on the head, but the last 3 falls were pretty horrible.His cousin ran into him and with her body weight slammed him down to the ground which led his head to hit first to the ground. Hi, It is horrible when our kids hurt themselves, of course we worry and think we are not watching them carefully enough or it is our fault. All toddlers have many many falls when they are learning to walk, but unfortunately hardwood floors, tiles and polished concrete flooring makes a very hard landing. The fact that he is falling backwards does suggest his feet slip out from under him, rather than just tripping over his feet or an object.
Click N Kids would have to be one of my subscribers most popular programs, and from what they say, it is mostly because the kids have fun while they are learning. Hearthsong brings magic into childhood with their stunning range of amazing toys, games, and activities. Please note the 10% discount is not available on the deal of the week items - these already have HUGE discounts. How will our young people know that leadership positions should not be determined by one’s ancestry or the depth of their pockets? Each time she went into his room, a green-shaded face of her four-year-old daughter appeared exactly one inch from her face. It turns you into an angry mom and a tired mom, who resorts to hiding in the bathroom with three chocolate bars—one Reese’s and two Snickers—to emotionally cope after the kids are in bed. For each method, I would commit to at least one week of giving it a try (sometimes more) before calling it quits. Resume touches and positive reinforcement such as, “You are snuggled up and relaxed so nicely in bed.” Then leave again after you say, “You’re doing a great job staying in bed. You can also use the “Excuse me” technique during night waking to get your child to fall back asleep in their own bed. Then go into your child’s room and gently arouse him or her enough to bring them back to light sleep or barely awake and then put them back to bed.

Once you reset your child’s sleep cycle, she will sleep through the typical night waking time. This mom struggled for years with night waking and saw dramatic results after removing sugar from her child’s diet after a certain time of day. Then print out the bedtime cheat sheet to help you know exactly how much sleep your child needs! Around here I write about practical parenting, enjoying motherhood, and navigating the ups and downs of military life.
As you found with one of his falls he did get concussion, and it is actually sadly quite common for toddlers to get head injuries.
He will get better balance as he grows - you did not actually say how old he was, but since he has been walking for four months he will be gaining more skills and physical dexterity.Help Him Stay ConfidentOf course you will be feeling anxious, but don't hover over him telling him to be careful or to slow down all the time. Sitting next to her, offer comforting touches and after she is in bed for a bit say, “You’re doing a great job staying in bed. If you feel stuck and you are looking for a few toddler sleep solutions, these are real solutions that work without doing anything extreme. Falling on carpet or grass or flooring with a bit of give in it, is not such a hard surface, so less likely for the thump to cause concussion. Click N kids are using the Looney Tune Characters now in their phonics program, which of course kids just love.
Each time she finally drifted off to sleep and settled into a deep sleep, there she was calling her to wake. If you are anxious around him every time he starts running, he will pick up on that and may well get a bit less confident.
I’ll be right back.” Continue repeating this at random intervals and slowly extending the amount of time you are out of the room before returning.
It is always worth getting him checked, particularly if he vomits or gets sleepy or has a loss of balance after a fall. Sounds weird I know, but many parents are now putting their little one's in specially designed helmets to protect their brains from constant falls. Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet would be the one I would recommend, I have seen some other soft foam ones that are next to useless.
Thudguard is endorsed by neurologists and pediatricians, and is made of lightweight high density foam and is specially designed so it does not interfere with the developing neck muscles or head. Being lightweight and a bit stretchy, not hard or heavy like a bicycle helmet makes it more comfortable to wear and it won't slide around.Since he seems to have lots of falls, and always the same way, it might be something worth considering.
Many toddlers end up in hospital after falling down stairs or off furniture - my grand daughter just recently was hospitalized.

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