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A car has smashed into a crowd during the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade, killing four people, including a two-year-old boy, and injuring 44 in the horror crash that sent some spectators flying through the air “like rag dolls”.Adacia Chambers’ Hyundai Elantra struck an unoccupied motorcycle of an officer at the parade, then careered into the crowd.
The residents of the 8800 block of Dinkins Street in eastern New Orleans gathered on their lawns Monday to celebrate the Fourth of July with a block party and fireworks.Asia Williams, 3, was hit and killed by a motorcyclist during a neighborhood party in eastern New Orleans on the 4th of July. Concerns about roadways and icy conditions on Friday morning have schools making an early announcement about schedules on Friday, Feb. As a result of expected severe driving conditions in the northern end of the county tomorrow, the Superintendent has authorized the cancellation of school for Friday, Feb. She was taken into custody and police are awaiting the results of blood tests to determine if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.“We treat these like we would any homicide investigation,” Captain Kyle Gibbs of Stillwater police said. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from Las Vegas! Cars and motorcycles make a habit of tearing through the area, Roshand Bryant said."This is a residential neighborhood," said the mother of six. Police said Chambers plowed her car into a crowd of spectators Saturday during the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. When the toddler heard the half-dozen motorcyclists roaring toward her and her friends, she poked her head out past a parked car to see where the noise was coming from, said Lt.

He described her as “timid” and said she had attended homecoming festivities on Friday night with family members but her boyfriend had told him she was home by 10pm.“This is just not who she is.
They’re going to paint her into a horrible person but this is not (her),” Mr Chambers told the paper.Oklahoma State University president Burns Hargis said there had been a discussion about cancelling the homecoming football game on Saturday afternoon against Kansas, but it was played as scheduled. At that point, a man on a blue and white Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle, a racing-style bike, whizzed by and hit the girl."There was a motorcade of motorbikes," said Andre Taylor, who was at the block party. The victims were remembered with a moment of silence before kick-off, and most of the OSU players knelt on the sideline in prayer.Even as the game began, some of the bodies remained at the scene of the crash less than three streets away from the stadium. National Guard troops kept watch as Red Cross officials and state medical examiner’s office continued their work.Hundreds of fans wearing the school’s bright orange and black colours were forced to walk by the junction as they headed to the game. Some lingered to look at the aftermath – water bottles, blankets, lawn chairs and other items strewn over the road. Police and some neighbors said the driver of the bike that hit Asia briefly stopped to see what happened before speeding away. Our thoughts & prayers are with those affected.”It’s not the first tragedy to strike events connected to Oklahoma State sports programmes. Other neighbors' accounts differed, with some saying he kept going, seemingly oblivious to the commotion."He didn't stop at all," said April McGill, 29.

Ten people, including two OSU men’s basketball players, were killed in a 2001 plane crash while returning from a game in Colorado. And Oklahoma State women’s basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna were among four killed in a plane crash in Arkansas in 2011 while on a recruiting trip.“The families, I know, and these victims will never be able to understand this, nor will we,” Mr Hargis said.
They weren't focused on him," Johnson said, describing a scene in which everyone flocked to Asia once they saw her body fly through the air. A charge of vehicular homicide would have to include proof that a motorist was drunk during an accident, something that would likely be impossible at this point, Howard said.Neighbors' emotions ran high on Tuesday.
The minute I closed my eyes I saw that baby hit the ground."Clara McGill said she's now worried about letting her children play in the neighborhood, even under the watch of an adult.

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