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GameSeek was founded in 2000 with the goal of becoming the premiere destination for video gamers. Engaging your toddler in phonological play will help your child to pick up letter names and letter sounds. Toddlers and preschoolers are enthusiastic and energetic learners who love play and fun, so choose phonics toys that are educational, stimulating and fun! LeapFrog has been creating award-winning educational toys to educate and inspire kids for years.
Kaden has the older version featuring the dog, Scout and you can see it in the main photo shown above.
We were lucky that my friend gifted my baby son the Fridge Phonics when he was about six months old. Over the months as Kaden grew bigger and developed his motor skills, he was able to manipulate and slot the chunky letter tile into the reader slot to activate the corresponding letter name and sound.
When Kaden was about 3 years old, I started putting up the Fridge Phonics on our fridge door so he can play with it when I’m cooking in the kitchen.
He just turned 4 in February 2015, and the Fridge Phonics is still in good working condition, and still stuck onto our fridge door. This phonics toy is created based on the award-winning Letter Factory DVDs (sold separately). Like the Fridge Phonics, when a letter tile is pressed in place into the reader unit, it will play a corresponding song and letter sound.
Similar to the Fridge Phonics, the Letter Factory Phonics will introduce letter names, letter sounds and the Alphabet song to your tot or preschooler.
The Letter Factory reader sits atop a bucket design that can store the letter tiles, making it portable and convenient to store away.
Similar to the Letter Factory Phonics, this reader unit sits atop a bucket which will hold and store all letter and number tiles.
Like the above two phonics toys, it’ll teach your toddler about letter names and sounds, and additionally learning to count from 1-10. But if you want a more complete playset that introduces the alphabet, phonics as well as counting, this playset would be a great learning set for your child or even as a thoughtful toddler birthday gift or Christmas gift for your friend’s kid. Like the Fridge Phonics, this playset is magnetic and can be attached to any magnetic surfaces such as your fridge or magnetic board. One trouble spot though, I have seen a number of complaints that some of the reader units misread some of the letter tiles incorrectly.
But for people who get the good units, they are more than happy with this word builder which sticks to the fridge and let the kid have hours of fun building up words. If the defective misreading of letter tiles could be corrected for all units, I think this would make an even better choice than the Fridge Phonics. DISCLOSUREPlease note that if you click on links on this website and purchase items, in most cases, the owner of this site will receive a small commission through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. If your looking for a toy that is pack full of functions that your toddler will love to play with and something that they can learn while playing then this might be the toy for you.
The leapfrog animal adventure table encourages toddlers to play and have fun while they learn about cause & effect, develop their motor skills and learn about shapes. It helps to develop this skills and cognitive functions with 7 stations to continually stimulate their minds, all while learning. To get the party started and learn about shapes and colours all you need to do is tap the drum in the middle, you can also play peekaboo with the hippo, there is 100 different songs and activities to keep you little toddler busy.

All in all this little toy comes packed full of fun and learning which is a great thing these day as I remember when I was younger we never had anything like this.
The table has removable legs so once your child is able to stand by themselves they can interact with the table at standing level but our son is just not quite there yet (although I think he will be very very soon) and so he is using the table at the moment without the legs.
The main selling point is the central music and flashing light section which you thump to set off simple repetitive songs about shape and colour. The sounds like giggling, phrases and speech which come from the unit are really clear and an improvement on the previous version. The alphabet is round the outer edge of the table in block capitals – I would have preferred it to be in lower case. It’s ever so slightly smaller and more compact than the Learn and Groove table which slightly disappointed me at first but now I prefer this table. Playing finger or hand games helps your baby make logical connections between action and reaction.
Problem-solving skills are important for mathematical and scientific thinking, but they also help children—and adults—tackle day-to-day challenges. Being able to sort and classify objects based on their characteristics is actually an early science skill. Playing Memory is a great way to reinforce turn taking and develop memory skills and concentration.
These 5 matching and pattern recognition printable activities are a great way for young children to practice basic logic skills. The fisher price little people racin ramps garage is a must-have addition for any toddler who love to play with cars.
The racing ramp garage contains a car with a driver, a tow truck with mechanic for all those breakdown emergencies.
The fisher price little people ramp also teaches about cause and effect with its elevator and ramp. The fisher price little people racin ramps garage is a fun addition to a toddler that loves cars and it will help them in so many ways. At the time of writing this review there are 269 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars out of a possible 5.
There are a handful of reviews that stated the elevator got stuck quite a bit or jammed but as stated by the first review all it needs is a bit of cooking spray and Vaseline. On that note I hope you found this review useful and I leave the decision up to you about the product.
Since then, we've become much more than just an online game store.Our unwavering focus on superior customer service has allowed us to expand our online offerings to include toys, electronics and so much more!If you're looking to buy games, toys, gadgets, electronics or computing goods online, compare us to other online stores. If parents can make intentional efforts to incorporate effective phonics toys such as the LeapFrog Phonics learning system into a child’s daily activities, it will make learning phonics easier and more fun for the young child. These will go towards helping him to build up the literacy foundation to decoding words at a later stage, which in turn will go toward helping him to read. I feel that this toy has helped him hone his fine motor skills and contribute to building up his phonemic awareness (letter sounds) skill. Instead, I stored the tile reader and the letter tiles in a box I’ve found around the house.
Designed for children 2-5 years old, the Letter Factory Phonics includes 26 individual letter tiles that can be inserted into the Letter Factory reader. Kids like to press on stuff repeatedly, and repetitive play will let your child practice phonics by learning letter names and sounds. The Fridge Phonics does not come with a storage box or bucket, so I find this is an attractive feature of the Letter Factory Phonics especially if you’re looking for a toy you can take away with you on trips.

You can take the chance to teach your toddler to put the tiles back into the bucket after playing to keep all the pieces intact.
This playset is NOT magnetic because I saw people who boughtthis set thinking it’s magnetic like the Fridge Phonics.
It also can be used without its legs so that children that are just learning to crawl can use it to. He already has an ELC lights and sound drum so knows to hit the drum to make it light up and produce music but the drum in the middle of this table not only lights up and has music but also lights up different shapes which he is fascinated with. Based on our popular kindergarten game, this practice book introduces matching, counting, writing and phonics skills. The ability to conclude why simple events occurred is an important Cognitive Development skill. The garage has three levels for the cars to go up in the elevator or for them to fly down the ramp. It also has some cool accessories such as an air pump for those tyres and a fuel pump for filling the car up. The fisher price little people garage is no disappointment as it introduces bright colours, Shapes and movement. It shows them that pulling the elevator up has the cars go up to the top and then letting the cars go on the ramp has them flying down it. Also it only comes with two cars but I got a three pack of cars from mother care to go with it for ?5 and they go and work so well with this garage that you would not even know that it was not part of the set…. I know we all what toy to be perfect straight out of the box but in this day and age manufactures aren’t making them like they used to. Each sturdy board book features an interactive story and sing-along songs your toddler will love, plus a Parent Guide full of expert insights and tips for you to try together at home. Company were clear about not being responsible for the courier, but have chosen a good one and provided details for how to contact them if necessary. You'll find the absolute best UK based service and the best selection in online shopping here at GameSeek. So you might be better off with the new version of LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set. I was disappointed with my Leapfrog walker that it was almost a carbon copy of the original Leapfrog table but this is totally different. There is a hippo with a mirror underneath, a simple 3 key piano, a tiger which teaches left and right, a spinny fish ball tumbler and a monkey with a guitar. This seems slightly more educational than the previous table and should carry interest over all the preschool years. This toy has all the makings of a great imagination all it needs is someone to play with it. Every toddler can’t help themselves but be enticed into playing with this colourful toy. It’s a friendly, giggly table which tells you things like how many legs a giraffe has.

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