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Now that Christmas is right around the corner, it’s time to shop for presents for your beautiful toddler. Not all of these beds are created equal, and with so many already on the market it can be difficult to know which beds are safe, quality options for your toddler.
An excellent choice that can stand the test of durability before your rambunctious little one. Unlike previous entries, this bed also fits both Toddler and Twin mattresses, meaning the can grow with your child. Offered in blue or black, this bed comes with a box spring that has two separate height adjustments!
Mattress AdviceWhat to take to the hospitalNatural Fibre Mattresses100,000 Satisfied Customers.. Size is 140 x 70 cm which is a perfect fit for all Disney & Character Beds as shown in the picture.
Each covering is removable & either wipe-down or machine washable, the mattress covers are cool tumble dry only so as not to melt the plastic zips. As with all our mattresses, this mattress can be made to any size & any shape at all if requested. This mattress is manufactured without the use of any antimony, phospherous, arsenic, barium, lead or other nasty fire-retardent chemicals. Maximum mattress depth is available up to 10cm depth as stated by British Standards.All of our mattresses are manufactured in the UK and comply with the rigorous requirements of BS 1877 Part 10 for safety and performance and BS 7177 for flammability.
5) Travel N Trundle by Small Fry Design — They might as well call this the Bed-in-a-Box. I am looking for the Toddler Ready Bed, but I can’t figure out how to order it directly from Spinmaster. The idea of a having a bed that is comfortable and portable for little ones is exactly what the Child’s Portable Air Bed from Gentle Air is! Please can someone tell me where to find the DayCare Sleeper by DreamShop for Kids…or something similar.
Anyway, my problem is that I have 21 month old twins who have just discovered how to escape from their cribs and play yards. We are going to visit my family in Australia for 3 weeks with an almost 2 and a 3 yr old, who both need something to sleep on. I purchased a toddler ready bed from walmart not long ago in prep for our summer vacation and it was an immediate hit. Target has Thomas Toddler Ready bed on their website for $34.99 and probably in the stores.
When I went to the Leaps and Bounds website looking for the Gentle Air…they said it was no longer available. The inflatable beds seem like a nice choice for traveling, but my mom bougth several Aero beds some years ago, and they would always deflate in the middle of the night, making for very sore backs in the morning.

I checked the targets in my areas and non of themhad them , either discontinued or sold out can you suggest another place ?
For the two that left comments about flight sleeping and anyone else that may need an answer regarding such. If they’re too old for a crib, but too young for a larger bed, then why not a race car bed? Not to worry, we’ve done the work for you, and listed the top four race car beds for your toddler this season.
This bed sports a fun red and blue motif that will have your toddler grinning from ear to ear.
Built by Little Tikes, one of America’s most reputable companies, this bed is durable, and of superb quality. This bed designed modeled to resemble an actual Corvette Z06, with stunning attention to detail.
The Sports Car Twin Bed is a top quality, durable solution for the boy or girl that can’t wait to race off to slumber. As it is manufactured by Little Tikes, you can rest assured that the bed is well crafted out of quality materials that can whether the most excitable of racers for as long as you have it in your home.
So this holiday season, satisfy the race car driver in your little one, and give them a reason to smile on Christmas morning. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. To see in depth details regarding mattress types please click the '?' next to the Mattress Inner Type drop down box above.
I excluded tent-like beds from my research because the needs for an indoor bed are quite different from an outdoor sleep-and-play tent.
That’s actually a minus in my book because I dislike excessive commercialization, but the damn thing was being sold cheap at Costco. It reminds me of an Army-style cot I used to sleep on at my grandparent’s house, except this one comes with a fitted sheet. Costco doesn’t carry it anymore, and the beds listed on the retailers link from Spinmaster are a little different (no side bumpers). Gentleairs unique product comes with its own backpack and high quality electric pump for kids to take camping,overnights or just have a sleep over.This product is physician designed and approved made from the highest quality materials. It is small enough to fit in a regular size backpack – which it comes with, and inflates in mere seconds. This sounds like EXACTLY what I need for my baby when she moves to the toddler room at daycare. I’m just curious is these beds hold up better or if we will have the same problem with them. I have two solutions… I know that some airlines will rent these to you for a trip if you check ahead.

Race car beds are bed frames in the shape of a race car, and will delight your little boy or girl, even as they race into their dreams! The bed is built low to the ground to ensure easy access, and even has a bench built into the foot of the bed for your little racer to sit in when he’s not racing in his dreams.
If your toddler is a fan of this movie, then they’ll find the intricate and accurate reproduction of this fan favorite an absolute delight.
The car comes in a fiery red, cool silver, or stylish black color, to suit your child’s taste.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). DayCare Sleeper by DreamShop for Kids — This roll-up bed has a built-in pillow and a blanket held in place with hook and loop fasteners. The Kids bed from Gentleair comes in a cool backpack for kids,is very portable and comes with an high quality electric pump. The side rails are as thick as a regular air mattress, but the center part is only about 1 inch thick instead of the traditional 8″. RSS feed is provided for personal private use, not full-text syndication on public third party sites.
These beds are great for children who have a love for race cars, and want to imagine driving their own. This bed will not only serve its purpose for as long you require, but will look great doing so! The sleeping bag has no zipper, only an open edge which extends halfway down the bed — allowing for easy entry and exit. It sounds like those fasteners make Mom and Dad obsolete, no longer needed to check on their kid and re-tuck the blanket. This bed unlike the competition includes a newly designed air cooled pump that can inflate as well as deflate the bed and includes 3 attachments that can be used to inflate other inflatable items. Race car beds also make great centerpieces for your toddler’s race themed room, or even a playroom. The latter is that you can rent or purchase car seats that are made for infants that can’t sit during car trips.
This bed was the First Air Bed in the market prior to The Ready Bed by Spin Master, Leaps & Bounds,which is currently out of stock and the Aero Bed, which retails for a higher price! I am a single parent so him sleeping on me for the whole flight is not an option for me or him!
I realize your comments were from last summer but hope I have been able to help someone else with simular questions.

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