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In addition to great recipes, the author shares information on why feeding your family organics is important. I highly recommend 201 Organic Baby and Toddler Meals by Tamika Gardner to anyone who has young children or anyone who just wants simple to create real food recipes. July 11, 2013 By MommaBird Leave a Comment Eating out at restaurants is not always easy with a toddler. November 13, 2012 By MommaBird Leave a Comment Last night I made a yummy pot of chicken and dumplings soup.
It was bubbling away all afternoon, and I thought surely this would be a hit with everyone, toddler included. November 5, 2012 By MommaBird Leave a Comment During the summer it’s so easy to find simple and healthy meal options.
September 19, 2012 By MommaBird Leave a Comment The in-between meal time where the kiddo needs a quick fuel up. Snapea Crisps Baked Peas in the Pod – found in the salad section of the store, these are super yummy and quite addictive.
Horizon Organic Colby Cheese Sticks – individually wrapped cheese sticks aka super convenient to grab out of the fridge as you dash out the door and throw into the diaper bag.
Santa Cruz Organic Apple Sauce – comes in a variety of flavors from apricot to tropical to mix it up a little. There was a recent report out that certain organic foods that contain carrageenan which is a seaweed based stabilizer that is used to thicken and keep dairy-like foods consistent and that don’t separate when sitting on the shelves. September 4, 2012 By MommaBird Leave a Comment Feeding a small human is a task in itself somedays.
2 Months Shy of a YearI'm not sure how this happened but I blinked and this little girl is already 10 months old. One of my post popular posts of all time was my Toddler Lunch post where I showed 8 different lunches ideas for Reid. Now that I am staying home with Reid, there are no neat little containers and perfectly prepped meals.
Your pictures are always so gorgeous Kate that I can’t even imagine resisting one of your menu items.
November 9, 2012 by Sandra Kohlmann Leave a Comment I just sat down to edit some photos for this post, and I began to think about what I would say thank you for today. Steve has a job that provides him the weekends off, which means we get two days to spend as a family.
Having no commitments means there will be plenty of time for snuggling with the girls, reading stories, watching Doctor Who, cooking, and baking.
His first solid food was loving dubbed Mommy’s Guacamole {ripe avocado blended with breastmilk} and he gobbled it up.
Now that we are in toddlerhood, this kid gobbles up a wide variety of food and most of the time is not shy on trying new things. I got these plates from Pottery Barn Kids, and they’ve been great and I use them every night. Then there are nights when he eats a handful of blueberries, an applesauce and call it a night.

However, I will show you how to make good meals with ingredients you can actually find, and feel good about feeding to your family. She shows us that delicious recipes don’t need silly gimmicks to encourage young children to try new things. It offers great advice and recipes to help you provide delicious and healthy meals for your family. In the beginning when BabyBird was younger (around 18months or so) I would always bring finger foods with me and other things to keep him occupied while we waited for our food.
Especially with farmer markets and having a lot of fresh and local produce that is easy to find.
These are my usual go to snacks {minus the obvious things like fresh fruit} that are easy and portable to bring along to playdates and car rides.
They are small snap peas that are baked so they come out with a crispy shell and easy and fun to munch on. Just remember to place it next so something cold in the summer months or else you’ll end up with a melted cheese stick. Plus these shelf stable milk boxes are great for lunch boxes or day trips since they do not need to be refrigerated.
So to make life easier, here are a few of my favorite tools that I love and couldn’t live without. I made all of BabyBird’s purees when he was a baby and these containers were the perfect portion to store my homemade goodies. There’s a lot of them out there, but I fell in love with these at Pottery Barn Kids {along with most things from that store}. This fits perfectly inside one of my pots and I use it a lot to steam his broccoli or carrots so it helps to perserve the nutrients in the food while I cook it. Peas and carrots, strawberry soy yogurt, oranges, peanut butter on a graham cracker, a couple banana chips. I stumbled upon your blog via pintrest and read about your recent blizzard (I live in Michigan so we are right there with you!!) and as a mom of two toddlers I know it can be a hassle to brave the cold some times. When we start our children on healthy food at a young age, they can continue that habit throughout their life. At that time he wasn’t interested in the crayons and the colorable menu most places give their younger patrons to keep them busy. He loves standing in line and watching them put his plate together and usually eats most of his tray of food.
You order at the counter and they bring the food to your table (no tipping required) so you aren’t juggling a toddler and a tray of food at the same time or being waited on by a server. From cutting the straw for their sippy cups (kudos to the waitstaff on this one!) to the fresh and organic food this is one our favorite weekend places. So although it is a longer wait, you get the added bonus that if your kid acts up nobody’s heads are going to turn because they also have a kid at their table too.
But it can also be hard to find the time to cook a meal indoors when it’s 100 degrees outside. It took a couple of weeks for him to master the spoon work from applesauce cup to mouth but now he’s got it down and gets more in his tummy than his bib.

They have little rubber feet on the back so it helps to keep the plate in place as he is practicing in using his fork. I drizzle in some olive oil and seasonings right on top when the food is almost done cooking to add in some flavor.
Other times, I do not understand how he is surviving on just a few bites of cheese and peas.
From there we tried every blended fruit and veggie combo and finally settled on sweet potato and avocado blended with banana as his favorites.
My little boy’s first meal was also guacamole and breastmilk and now he is almost 9 months and eats a couple of avocado a week, he loves them.
Winters can be so hard with toddlers and just keeping track of all the winter gear is a job in itself.
Gardner, you can ensure that your children are getting a variety of delicious and nutritious meals from the start.
He loves the blueberry pancakes and thankfully he out grew the stage of dipping it in ketchup. That would be my toddler who only ate a few bites of the soup {but ate everything else on his plate plus an applesauce} so we called it a night and off to bed he went.
Except I did not give these to BabyBird until recently, since they contained a nut flavor and I thought were kind of hard to bite down and eat. And since they are made of glass, I didn’t have to worry about BPA and they did not stain. And although somedays I complain about it having 4 divided sections and therefore trying to find 4 different foods to fill it with at each meal it does almost guarantee that he is getting a well balanced meal. And you are entitled to be bias to your own children (I sure am!) but from a stranger on the other side of the country, he is beyond adorable.
The author recommends trying one new food a week. I wholeheartedly support that idea and have been doing that for years. Now that he is a toddler, these containers are perfect to store pasta portions or a little bit of left overs to save for the next meal. You look like you’re a great mom random sure, but everyone needs to hear it now and again. This cookbook has a wonderful combination of classic flavors like the applesauce recipe and many new ones like the Baby Shawarma. We still use them for his lunches for daycare, and 4 of these pack perfectly in his lunch box. The only errands we need to do are running to the grocery store and picking up our CSA box.

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