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Babies' emerging mobility is given an excellent workout with ramps, slides and dances that start on the ground and soar to the sky in this peek-a-boo university. The heart of our programs have always been about you and your little one, and supporting how you play and learn together. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We changed Christmas songs about every minute or two and then moved to a new card when the song changed. The teddy bear crawl was the action card my daughter liked the best and got me good and exhausted because she wanted to do that card again and again. Our Christmas Music Workout with Kids is part of the Move and Learn Series that I am participating in along with Hands On: As We Grow,The Pleasantest Thing, and Coffee Cups and Crayons.
Make sure to check out this week’s other Move and Learn activities below and then join the four of us next week for even more move and learn ideas!
From those first kicks in baby soccer to the balance required in tummy surfing, it's hard to imagine there's time left for a parent discussion, but there is! Providing you with the most memorable learning experiences at Gymboree Play & Music is what means the most to us. Shaila started Gymboree Play & Learn classes as an infant and now as a toddler she enjoys it even more.
Robert's Music classes in St James, NY, my son (Jonathan) pushed himself up to stand by leaning on the drum. We like the different types of classes offered, the flexible class schedule and the ability to do make-up classes. She kicks her legs in excitement over all of the songs we sing and props we use during each class.
You may use your Class Passes for any of our movement and music classes during he semester. You'll get a toddler Christmas activity emailed right to your inbox every day of the month until Dec 24th.

My kids are constantly full of energy, so I made these simple Christmas action cards for us to do along with some of our favorite active Christmas songs.
Once you have come up with the different actions that you like, pick one card to start on and turn on some Christmas music! We want to thank you for being your child’s best teacher, and for being a part of our global play community.
It’s the perfect example of how Music Classes for Preschoolers supports school readiness. Since she's my first child, I was learning myself a lot too from teachers of Gymboree Play & Music and from other mommies. Kerry makes every class exciting and it means so much to see my daughters eyes light up while doing toddler activities and playing with the other children. Jumping jacks are tricky for toddlers and preschoolers, so if you just do them in slow motion and jump legs out and then jump legs in that is a great start.
I moderate each comment, so you won't see your comment show up immediately when you post. Kerry always encourages the children to explore and I know that means so much to their mental, physical, and emotional health.
My 2 girls are 5 and 3 years old and I am a stay at home mom who believes strongly in pre-school homeschooling. I want to keep them with me as long as I can and allow them to learn and grow in a safe, loving environment.
Shaila loves Gymboree so much that she acts out the class activities with her blanket and dolls when she is not in class. My daughter loves her School Skills classes and we also on occasion do Family Art and Music as make up classes. Whether your child is learning to crawl, walk or run we have skilled teachers who are training in early childhood development and early infant develoment. Miss Michelle even showed me toddler activities to work on with my daughter to challenge her.

With this strong belief, I knew that Gymboree School Skills would be the best choice for my girls.
Besides meeting new friends and letting your kid to learn and develop, you'll also receive some promotional coupons from Gymboree clothing stores.
I only wish I knew about Gymboree's play classes earlier when my daughter was younger (we heard about it from a friend when my daughter turned 3 years old); she would have started going there when she was a few months old.
School Skills allows my girls to be active and crazy, as kids should be in the first 15 minutes of class.
But as soon as the rainbow rope gets put away, they know it is time to exercise self control and sit with the other class members to welcome everyone. We had a great experience at Gymboree Play & Music and we're sad to leave that place just because my kids have overgrown it and they want to try something new, but it is a great place for infants-toddlers!!! The teachers are so loving and nurturing and give my children the attention they deserve as well as gentle guidance away from negative behavior. Science time is my 5 year olds favorite and they really take the time with her to encourage her curiosity through the preschool age activities, rather then rush the lesson and move on. I love picking them up from class and hearing my daughter describe in detail the science projects. Gymboree play classes has given me many memories that I will cherish forever and has given Shaila a wonderful playing and learning experience that will benefit her for a life time. You will love watching your child progress from level to level and watch their development sky rocket.
She really gets creative and does her own interpretation of the projects, and I appreciate the teachers allowing her to create as she sees fit and not discouraging her creativity.

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