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Then she doesn’t breastfeed until about 11 am, unless we are out at a class and she feels like she needs some comfort ( it happens).
More often than not she will wake up after an hour and I’d have to put her back to sleep through nursing.
While co-sleeping: On a good night when nothing special is happening, she will wake up 1-3 times a night, turn over to me to breastfeed and then turn away and go to bed.
On a bad night when she is teething and waking up in pain, she might wake up 6-10 times a night and nurses each time, mostly for comfort and pain relief.
I don’t think there are many of us who nurse beyond a year who think that BM is a substitute for food. RE Breastmilk as a food, we feel that is a critical source of nutrition during the second year, but as you mentioned, not as a substitute for meals, but in addition to. I often find that she prefers milk when she is hungry, rather than solid food, and then solid food 30 minutes later.
Your schedule sounds very very similar to ours, except that I am still co-sleeping and haven’t transitioned to a toddler bed yet. I would love to hear what that one occasion was, where someone confronted you about breastfeeding! I’m happy for you that you are able to breastfeed and all that but some mothers are unable to. Tiffany, I am not going up to formula feeding mothers and telling them that they aren’t providing for their children. Please do not think I am rude, just curious- if she wants to breastfeed let’s say 10 years, would you actually go on with that?
Children lose their ability to suckle (the breastfeeding suckle) at around 7 to 8 years of age and as a result the milk does not let down. Nursing past the first year is recommended by both health professionals and organizations, as well as by experienced breastfeeding moms who know firsthand the many benefits, both physical and emotional, for mother and baby. The word at our house was “cuddles” which lead to a very funny incident when #3 was about 18 months old. I had a friend who got through a week-long visit with her in-laws, in a two bedroom apartment, without them ever realizing her 3 year old was still nursing. Though it is clear that the majority of women worldwide and throughout history have nursed their children into toddlerhood and beyond, women who choose to do so today may face an uninformed and frequently critical audience. Jessica, I am currently bf a child who will be three in a week (well, not literally right now!) and I cannot imagine a more unnecessary faff than expressing and handing him a cup when it's all there ready to go in my boob. I can say this is all true in my 3 year olds case, never had ear infection, eyes like a hawk, eats anything, lean and strong and very independent and secure.
I, too, can attest to the fact that my little girl is reaping all of the benefits (still) of my choice to extendedly nurse her.

I have to say that I am a mother of almost 2 year old son and this is my first of 5 children I have nursed past 1 year. If you think it's difficult to nurse a baby under a cover, try putting a blanket on a toddler's head. Mother and "Orange Is The New Black" Actress, Alysia Reiner talks about the benefits of nursing a toddler and the importance of moms supporting each other! If she had a bad night or went to bed late, I try to sleep in, while Andrew takes care of her in the morning. We breastfeed at the music class, all over Disney, in hotel lobbies, at the pools, at the zoo, the mall, parties, dinners, restaurants, even during photoshoots and group photos (see below) and I have never had anyone say anything or look disapproving. I will continue to breastfeed whenever, wherever for as long as I feel comfortable and as long as Lexi wants it. 50% is exactly how I feel she eats and that explains why she doesn’t eat as much as I want her to sometimes.
It’s far more nutrient that any drink and kids diet should actually consist of over 50% of BM at 18 months. You are feeding and hydrating your child, and if that bothers anyone else, it is their problem.
Every child is different, for sure, and it sounds like Lexi has always woken a lot, but our neighbor had a daughter that way and when they stopped going into her room at 8 months she eventually slept through the night. By reading your blog I am learning more and I hope to breastfeed exclusively if I am blessed with a second child. I am a firm believer that one of the best ways to make public breastfeeding a normal sight is to act like it already is as normal as it should be. I am sorry you aren’t able to breastfeed when you wanted to, but this is a post about breastfeeding. But for the sake of an argument, if she is still BFing at 10 years, beyond 3or 4 years of age they don’t bf during the day. Breast milk is a like a miracle milk :)I breastfed my daughter since birth and she is now 20 months, she never had any ear infection or flu (she never even had a flu shots since birth) and she started to use the potty at 15 months,her language developed so early,very independent and confident,not a picky eater.thank you for this diagram,love it a lot! These jaw movements are specific to suckling at the breast and are not replicated when bottle feeding. My beautiful breasfeeding bond lasted for 2 years but it got to the point that it was never enough enough for him. What to do when your newborn baby comes along and you're nursing a toddler at the same time! Most of the time, she runs into her bedroom where we sleep asking for boo-boo-boo at least every hour.
Mostly all of that is for comfort, kind of like an enhanced version of snuggling with mommy.

Granted, I don’t really care or pay attention, but noone has ever gotten in my face about it, except on one occasion and that was pretty low key.
On the contrary, I have actually had men and women come up to me after I have finished feeding Eveline to congratulate me for proudly breastfeeding in public and to tell me what a beautiful and wonderful gift I am giving my daughter. During the visit when he asked they would disappear into the bedroom and reappear once he had nursed. I am currently a college student preparing a presentation for a class and I choose Toddler Nursing. I pumped once a day until 6 months and was able to have my sister drive to meet me in the parking lot at school on my lunch break for another feed each day.
We nurse in much the same pattern as you, which I reckon puts us right on track with our little man turning 18 months next week.
There is also a sister group for breastfeeding with a lot of long term breastfeeding on it.
My daughter was admitted to the children's ward a few weeks ago and a night staff nurse decided that the timing was right to debate breastfeeding, commenting that breastfeeding past 1 year was of no nutritional benefit - gah! Love your blog BTW, it has been a really positive and timely source of info for us, seeing as Lexi is a week older than our son. It sounds like you don’t want to sleep separately, but if the waking is bothering you, I recommend you try it! I think it has more to do with your attitude and how you handle nursing in public than anything else. My son mostly feeds early morning (when he comes and gets in bed with us so I don't have to move anywhere) and he feeds to sleep.
I have learned so many reasons to back up my choice to toddler nurse and not put a limit or timeframe on stopping. We all had a good laugh when I explained what she really wanted and he admitted he wouldn’t be much good for those kinds of cuddles.
I am either surrounded by progressive people, or the world isn’t as jaded and scared of nude breasts in a non-sexual context as everyone seems to think.
Good luck to all the other new Moms:) My daughter still wakes to feed every 2-3hrs, but she eats lots, loves every food, sleeps well, and is extremely active, out spoken and independent.
I'm Canadian and am very lucky to have the support of my partner whose from West Africa.
I'm telling you, when you nurse your child into toddlerhood, you start to notice the ways they are different (excellingly different) than their peers.

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