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It is adjustable, so that it can grow with your child until he is able to use the big toilet all by himself. When he was somewhere between toddler and little kid, my heart rate would jump every 20 seconds  when we were outside. He would try to slip out an open gate, run into a dark public restroom or onto a field during a softball game. Big mistake.Don’t get me wrong, I want to be that chill mom who can chat it up at the park with the other moms, but my boy has other plans. I’ve had no choice but to kick it into Beatrize mode and be aware of how best to keep this child safe. My son can roll his eyes and sigh all he wants, but the rules come out as soon as we hit the outside world . At at an early age my son, who watched some TV, knew that witches and goblins were scary and bad. After I have heard my son describing strangers in this manner, I told him a witch looks like a witch, a stranger looks like anyone. 2.

As he is grows older and forms friendships, we have started to add a few parents from his little network.3. Be part of a community. Your fellow group of parents is essential for supporting you as a mother but also for having your back. My mom friends, who have been my rock since I am a working mom, know my son is all over the place and make sure to keep an extra eye on him. If you haven’t connected with other moms, don’t fret — it really didn’t happen for me until my son started school. Really trust your gut. Last September we hired a babysitter at the beginning of my son’s first year at school. Despite great interviews and references, after we hired her I felt this twinge of worry that I dismissed as being a nervous mother. Again, I figured that this had to do with his first year at a school and not being with me. I finally asked some of my stay-at-home-mom friends to let me know how the sitter was watching my son.

The report back was horrible: total disregard for my rules, always on the phone, not properly watching him and so on. I now constantly text the sitter a reminder of what I need from them when they are watching my child.5. There is a reason we see the  kids in summer camp wearing the same t-shirts that are usually bright and best to keep an eye on them.
I started adding bright clothes in my son’s wardrobe after one day at the park when I was emailing work on my phone (guilty!) and lost track of him.
He easily blended into the city landscape with his dark clothes, so since that day he has worn one brightly colored item. She is a native of California and definitely gets a little blue every winter living in NYC (but loves the energy of her adopted city).

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