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This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Huggies.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. I had such a hard time with Marielle this morning I just had to make it into today’s Vlog.  There I was giving her oatmeal and Daddy walked in with some bagels, and she went berserk!  “Bagel, Bagel…” she yelled, and she wasn’t going to be happy with that oatmeal anymore. A lot of you might think this kind of thing is about a kid being picky, but in this case, Marielle really was perfectly happy with the oatmeal before she had another more yummy option right in front of her! Watch this vlog for my toddler parenting tips based on this little food episode with Marielle and let me know whether you agree with me.  To me this wasn’t so much about the issue of how to feed a picky toddler, it was more about do you give the toddler what she wants at every moment of the day!  Hello people, am I right?! Disclaimer: CloudMom and its content are for informational purposes only and should never be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional.
Parenting is a tough job and raising children is challenging.There is no such University where you can get a degree for this job.
No one tells you how tough it is to become a parent [Coping with stress of parenting child].
Parenting job has no description and you will not have any idea how difficult this job can be until you enter or involve into this job.
If you become parent at younger age, you make less money, but you will have more energy and time to spend with your baby. There will be always an argument between two experts for answering parenting questions as each will have their own opinion.
It really hurts when you watch your child experience the emotional bumps and bruises of life and no one can tell you before only what emotional demands you have to meet when you become a parent. And sure enough, just when I thought myself to be a rational, reasonable guy, I can allow the most trivial nonsense to totally get me flustered. Parenting is definitely shaping up to be a humbling experience – and I’m only 3 months in!! If you parent a toddler boy for long enough, you start to realize that there are a few things that are awfully boyish about boys. And I what finally decided to do was to simply embrace his stereotypical boy characteristics and go with it. I gave up trying to prevent my toddler boy from climbing on things that were slightly risky. Roughhousing with kids is a great way to release energy and build a physical connection and emotional bond with your child. This is actually something Clare Caro put beautifully into words when she talked about schemas recently. Part of what you learn is that embracing the urges—in a safe and responsible way—is vital towards helping our children thrive.
About Lauren TammI'm Lauren and I write about my crazy parenting adventures, discovering happiness in motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life. Funnily enough one of my close friends has 2 girls about the same age as my kids, 1 and 2 months older then mine. When our first child were younger, we exchanged baby-sitting day so we were able to work without worrying about our child being lost in the child care world. And for the people who might think I’m giving too much in the stereotype, be reassured. My youngest is taking the same route (15 months) and he already has climbed on every piece of furniture he can find, throw every ball his little hands could lay on.

I truly believe there is a lot of room on the spectrum for both boys and girls in their interests. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the CloudMom Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. No job description for the job of parenting: Is there any job which has no job description, no training program, no performance review and no orientation program.
No such things like ‘perfect age’: There is no such thing like ‘perfect age’ to become a parent. If you become a parent at older age, you can have more money, experience, but less time to spend with your baby.
Parenting in television can be easier, but not in real life: When you watch television shows, the issues related to parenting children are easily dealt in the shows. No predictions or linearity in parenting: No one can predict how your child will be after some years. There are no answers from experts: There are no answers for the problems of parenting from the experts. Parenting can become a torture on your self-esteem: No can tell you how your child will behave at this moment and how he will be at the next moment. If your child is happy, secure and confident, you feel that you are doing something right. Parenting is a long term project: No one can tell that parenting children can complete in this period. Children force you to deal with the stuff that you already tried to bury under the carpet: If you try to bury some stuff under the carpet, you can likely to slip and fall flat on the surface. No one can prepare you for the love you feel for your child: Although, other people whom you trust, tell about parenting children, no one can prepare you for the love you feel for your child ultimately. Physical demands are easy but not emotional demands: You will try to provide all the necessary things required for your child.
We try to keep it within reason, but indoor hockey, soccer and catch are not entirely off limits in our home. I had no idea what they were until she explained that “it’s really a fancy word for the urges that children have to do things like climb, throw things and hide in small places.“ In her post, Schemas in Children’s Play, she shares all the different urges children have and how to nurture them. He developed his own watchful eye for which type of climb was safe and which type was too high or dangerous.
The primal urge to do many things stereotypical of the male species is a hard one to avoid.
When parents allow kids to learn within safe limits, they gradually develop skills, abilities, and a sense of judgment as they grow.
A lot of people look at me shocked when I let my kids fall over or let them struggle on the playground. My older boy wears pink boot and ballerina shoes on a regular basis, because he likes the colour.
For instance, my jewelry holder now has a new home that is to high even for tippy toeing toddlers.
Certain behaviors of your toddler can return after some years that is when your child enters into teen age. At times, your home will be a disaster and your child will be cranky, not listening to you.

The emotions of a parent will be strong and intense that you cannot imagine or feel until you experience them for yourself. Allowing him to just go ahead, have at it, and experience those things actually quelled his urge to attempt them incessantly.
Again, I let him fall down within reason, as in I allowed him to fall and scrape his knee, not I allowed him to fall down and dangerously hit his head on concrete.
I think that makes the process of maturation a lot more normal, incremental, and effortless to the child.
And really, it wasn’t until now that I realized how much my parents tried to instill important values during my childhood. As per say in the article, all within reasons, but I don’t rush over every time they encounter an obstacle. He had SO much more energy than either of us girls and was into all the typical boy things.
Now I just make sure he doesnt do it during dinner or that he wont throw things on the floor.
The truth that the parenting issue can be solved in thirty minutes only adds an insult to injury when you watch them. The whining and temper tantrums you notice in toddler stage can be felt in the teenage of your child.
You will get the ultimate reward when you raise a happy and healthy child to adulthood and it takes many years. Children also teach that you are not the calm, nice, clear thinking, competent and highly evolved person you considered to be before you became a parent. But, when it comes to emotional things, you may not be always present in that situation to protect your child.
You can handle your child’s stomach ache, earache or fever, but you find it difficult to watch your child’ innocence that is watered down by the society. Growing up, I don’t think I realized how much my mom was creating parameters within which I could learn safely. It really is important to parent each child differently depending on their needs and interests, not just their gender. Girls do develop their language earlier and faster, boys do climb, jump and throw earlier too. I get around little girls and never really thought there was going to be much of a difference but there truly is. I am literally blown away sometimes by the strong differences and I’m embracing the fact that boys are (noooormally!), hands down, rougher than girls. And my very manly muscular tattooed 20 yr old survived my parenting unscathed (for the most part :)) Thanks for writing this. I’ve been considering getting a baby doll for my youngest because he looooves real life (haha) babies and I think it will be perfect for him.

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