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Before you take your child to a market or a mall or other place, tell him exactly about what you expect from him and how you’ll respond to any pestering. If your child pesters or uses other tactics to influence you like whining, demanding or threatening.
Pestering can drive any parent crazy, take a deep breath, pause, this extra time is often enough to calm you down.
It all started when I was at a friend’s place and spotted a homemade felt book lying on the floor.
I asked her where she got it, and was a little brokenhearted when she said she and some other friends mass-produced pages and swapped them to make the book. I decided to suck it up and put on my organizer hat (which I am decent at, but usually do not enjoy*), and sent out an email to a few mommas who I thought might be interested.
Check out the detail on those sliding fish, and the detail on that stitching around each fish and through the coral and plants! I think these were meant to be mittens for outdoor snow play (comes with a white snowball hidden inside the mitten).
I really wanted a zipper in the quiet book somewhere, so I’m really glad someone made a zipper page!
This cute page allows kids to take clothes down from the line and put it into the white basket. Your child counts the number of sprinkles on the (removable Velcro) frosting and matches it up with the number written on the cupcake liner!
I am going to send this post to all the ladies involved in the project, so please show some love below in the comments!
This book was a collaboration, and 13 other friends and I each mass-produced a page, so that explains the varying craftsmanship throughout. I did have a concern for buttons for small children, which is why that friend was careful to sew them down (instead of glue).
Anger issues in children are sometimes hard to pin point because children go through childhood phases, while they are getting to grips with their emotions.
All this is normal child behaviour as every child has a temper tantrum when they are not sure of what they are feeling and they haven’t learnt any way to deal with their emotions. When anger becomes a problem is when it starts to affect them, causes harm to themselves or others.
If the adults around the child react to things with anger then the child will learn that is the way you deal with things.
It is when they don’t understand this simple concept and they get angry for the wrong reason which is normally no reason at all. When children are young and they see another child playing with a toy, it immediately send a signal that says they want that toy. However when a child is fixated on what he doesn’t have they will develop a problem with controlling and dealing with anger.
If they don’t understand that they can get everything in life they will get very angry and will most likely have angry bursts in unhealthy ways.
The best way to avoid children acting out and doing bad things to get attention is to give attention for good behaviour. Loneliness has children feeling isolated and it will have them feeling like there is no one around to talk to with this feeling it lets the anger grow and fester. When children are defiant and it creates these anger issues with authority then the authority figures need to show the child that following the rules isn’t a bad thing. So before you start to treat a child for anger issues you need to know why that are anger and causes them to get like that. Your baby rolls over and reaches for a toy – suddenly you realize that your baby will start to play with some of the presents which he or she was given at birth.
Suddenly your toddler has more toys than a toy shop, they all seem to have a thousand pieces and the thought of putting them away has become a horrifying nightmare.
Now you have several options, you could diligently go through them all, sort them out and then try to get tidy up time to become more efficient. You could be firm and go through the toys, work out which ones are now too young for your toddler and pass them onto a child of a more suitable age.
There is a third way, this is one of the hidden secrets of parenting, it allows you to succeed at tidy up time; to keep the toys in order, and to be able to see the floor if you have unexpected guests, also you can keep the toys so they can be used by a younger sibling. Don’t get stressed about the chaos of a toddler, just get a bit tough and you will all find life a lot easier, and you will suddenly discover how much more space you have created for your child to play in. About the Author: Jon Kelly is a published author who writes articles, that includes advice on children and toddlers. As new parents we watch and wait for it walking on egg shells and counting down the days or weeks before our child's second birthday. As new parents we watch and wait for it walking on egg shells and counting down the days for weeks before our child's second birthday. I've seen it happen at 4, and 3 and I've even seen it start at 1 and stay until 5, but never have I seen the dreaded "terrible two's" actually kick in at age 2. In fact I'm convinced someone (probably not a parent) coined this particular phrase simply because it rhymed. The day will come when your sweet little angel throws themselves on the ground in public and screams at the top of their lungs while their face turns red and looks like it could start spinning around at any minute. In my case it was last week when it hit my second to youngest and naturally in public at the local grocery store.
In fact his grip on the bottom of the grocery cart was so tight his tiny knuckles were turning white while his face was slowly becoming a deep shape of red.
Obviously I left because I knew the rest of the trip through the store was going to be a never ending nightmare, and I only had 45 minutes before I needed to start school pickups for the day. And one day it will be over and your "angel" will return only to enter the next exciting phase in the ever challenging world of parenting. The materials in this web site are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor. Just like with their physical development they will learn to crawl, then to climb, walk and then run. Although at the being you wont be able to understand some of your toddlers words due to the fact that he may have some trouble pronouncing sounds.

At 18 months your toddler will have a limited vocabulary of about 10 words give or take a few. A simple check to see if your toddler language skills are developing is to ask him a question or to do something for you. Talk all the time about what you are do like, we are putting the washing on, we making lunch. Overall your toddler will get their, its like everything they do some times they pick it up straight away and their off. It gives child the power to get away with things their parents wouldn’t usually put up with, as parents try to avoidA  embarrassing situations. Let your child know you won’t consider the request until you hear some good manners. It is a cloth book filled with fun activities that your child can play with… quietly! I flipped it open to have a look-see, and inside was a felt xylophone, with removable pieces velcroed down in the colors of the rainbow.
Some forwarded the message to some of their momma friends, and within a day, I had 14 commits. I reached out to Christy D., the original coordinator, got as much info as I could on how she organized it, and then got the ball rolling with my own group. Being a baker, I decided to pair it with the Apple Pie page so it looks more like a baking mitt ?? Babies can slip their hands in and out of these cute mittens! Not to worry: thanks to the book ring binding, I can easily move this page over to the toddler book anytime (along with the Hungry Alligator, which it is back-to-back attached to).
I love the details from the stitching along the water’s edge to the little starfish to the double-backed pages. I liked how kids would be able to get some ROYGBV practice in while also developing fine motor skills as they fastened the snaps. I know we have a girl, but I couldn’t help but choose the football, because my own childhood was filled with a lot of football (and zero ballet). Not only are the buttons hand-sewn down, but the buttonhole is edged all professional-like and everything!
When learning to express their emotions they may get angry and express those feelings through yelling, crying, fighting or they may withdraw and pout. Most children model their behaviour after their parents or any other adult that plays a big part in their upbringing. This sort of behaviour becomes a never-ending cycle which feeds off its self and is very hard to break. This is typical behaviour which they grow out off when they develop and mature into an older child. They’ll get angry because of their perception of the situation like another child gets more love, or more toys, more kisses and cuddles. This sort of “extreme selfishness” is a horrible feeling for a child because not only does it create anger issues it also cuts them off from feeling like they belong to a community.
If a child has every single desire filled that will come to expect that they can get what they want when they want it on a single command. Instead of doing thing right and getting the credit and attention they want they may act out in anger to get some attention as bad attention is still attention. Ensure that they feel loved and they have all the affection they need to they don’t take it out on the people around them. It is normal child behaviour it’s what they do and that why as parent we are there to keep them in line.
The authority figure whether they are parents, teachers the police or anyone that the child comes into contact with will need to show that the rules are there to protect them and that people in authority are trustworthy and helpful. It is all very exciting, you get a toy box for the corner of the room and at the end of play you put it all away. In the mean time it will be down to you to try to keep all the relevant toy pieces together.
I told him going to the grocery store with Mommy is a "treat" and he had to show me he deserved to go by demonstrating good behavior. And you'll learn to take the good with the bad because in the long run the good far outweighs the bad!
Toddlers language development follows the same pattern, in that they learn to speak a few words at first and when it comes to about 18 months old they have this sudden language explosion where they are adding words to their vocabulary at an unimaginable rate. He may substitute some letters for other however after a little while you will soon pick up on what he is say and will be able to help him pronounce it.
However if your toddler doesn’t it might be worth getting him checked out by a language pathologist and getting his hearing checked. If they nod and if they go to do what you have asked then they receptive language skills are they and his speech might be just a little away. I write about growing babies and vegetables, planting gardens and roots, cooking up good food and little adventures, living whole-heartedly. Potato Head combinations to counting cupcake sprinkles to buttoning buttons to building sandcastles, quiet books help children hone their fine motor skills, review educational concepts, and encourages creative thinking all while keeping your child busy and quiet. But I figured Etsy would be all over this, so I went home to see how much these bad boys were going for. And then I got some serious sticker shock: $200 for a 12-page book?! I will share how I made my felt chain links in a future post, since that was the one I did :].
Everyone helped one another out, pooled resources, and wrote encouraging responses in email. If there is constant shouting and fighting in the home the child will probably have anger issues. They will begin to respect other children feeling and acknowledge that other children are just as important. However some children will have a problem with authority early on and a defiant child will most like show signs of anger that is out of control. Or are they trying to express another emotion but haven’t quite learnt how to do it yet?
Tidy up time is great – when it works you feel that you both deserve a reward and suddenly you can see how parenting should work – unfortunately you have a couple of bad days where things end up in the wrong boxes, then all of a sudden you realize that nothing has a proper home anymore, it all just gets put away so it is out of sight!

You need to leave something accessible, a general toy box full of the bits and pieces of toys which don’t have a home anywhere else, and another toy which you will need to choose quiet carefully. In fact just when you start thinking your child is perfect and you are one of the chosen few, it happens. He needed to know I was in control of the situation and in charge of him and that there was and would consistently be a consequence for his behavior.
By age three they may have more than 1000 words at their disposal and they start to combine them together.
But remember prize and reward him for making word as this reinforces this behaviour and he will continue to do it. So ask them questions back and get them to talk, its the best way to get them to use what they have learnt.
I turned to another page and saw a colorful felt page with surprise animals hiding underneath rectangular flaps. I didn’t even know all of them (some were friends of friends) when we started, but I sure hope our paths cross again! Each of the pieces had Velcro glued onto it, which was just enough to make it stick to the felt. What ever the reason you need to be calm and supportive of the child get mad or anger at them will just make the situation worst as it’s like added fuel to the fire. On close inspection you realize that there are cars in every box and drawer, the train track which you used to so lovingly put away is missing a handful of pieces ….
The second toy needs to be something that several children can play with in case you have children to visit and you have not planned anything.
The person who made it also told us we could switch the buckle to the other side, to develop both the right and left hands! It also needs to be a toy which your child will not get bored of too quickly, perhaps a box of Lego, or stickle bricks, something with lots of different applications. Now comes the important part – if your child wants to play with any of the toys in the cupboard then you just have to make sure that the toys from the general box and the other toy have been put away before the special toy comes out of the cupboard.
The good bit about this is that you should never have more than two toys boxes worth to clear away, even if tidy up time at the end of the day completely fails. Craftwise, this page requires a lot of cutting, but works well for the person who doesn’t sew!
The idea came to me one day when I realized how much Ryan loves his stuffed Cookie Monster toy.
I thought it would be so sweet to dress him up as a cookie so he could carry around his cookie monster on Halloween night!"Jessica, North Carolina "My daughter Piper will turn two just a few days after Halloween so we've been talking a lot about birthdays and her party and what it means to be a year older. Of course the part she's most excited about is the cake, so we decided to make this costume out of a plastic laundry basket with the bottom cut out, wrapped in fabric and stuffing, with a glittered tp roll on top for a candle. If only they didn't have to grow up so fast!!"Sarah, Maryland "Irelyn, 15 months, absolutely loves to brush her teeth. It was the first body part she recognized so I thought it was only appropriate to create a toothbrush costume for her for Halloween. She wants to remind everyone to brush their teeth after eating those yummy sweet Halloween treats!"Lisa, Pennsylvania "This is Ryan Scarlett!"Laura, Virginia "Brooke, 2—my Fly Girl."Brett, Illinois Mollie, Maryland "Mia and Maycie were ice cream cones. They love ice cream, even though they only get it on special occasions and insisted on wearing their hats most of the day. Overall, a very fun costume to make and for the kids to wear."Carolyn, New Jersey "This is our son Max, 3.
We thought it would be fun if he dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are since they share the same name and he really loves the book."Stacey, California "Makenzie is 1 year old!"Alicia, Georgia "Here is a picture of my good little witch! Who says witches can't wear sparkles and glitter?"Andrea, Minnesota "This is the little Raven bird, Zhen. We are orginally from Maryland and love the Baltimore Ravens and Edgar Allen Poe, so we decided to make a raven costume for our 2-year-old daughter. I cut and hand sewed all of the feathers."Erin, Pennsylvania "This picture is my 5-year-old son, dressed as Elvis. His desire to dress this way comes from a lot of years of me listening to Elvis around the house. When handed candy he would say, 'Thank you, Thank you very much!'"Natalie, Kentucky "These are my one-year-old twins Zachary and Alexandra, in the 'Dr.
Her costume lights up the night as she flies around collecting everyone's missing teeth and leaving behind coins for them to find under there pillows in the morning, from her wand and crown.She carries with her extra tooth brushes, and has buttons of dental floss to promote good dental hygiene to everyone she meets.
Her costume is made from feather boas, clay teeth, dental floss, tooth brushes and real money. Always remember to slip your teeth under your pillow at night so this twinkling Tooth Fairy can fly by and leave you a surprise!!"Arizona "This is Zuri. She's 13 months old and she is a Little Green Monster!"Nattika, Wisconsin "Owen the Moose!
Once Halloween is over we will snip the stitches and it will go back to just being his snowsuit. The costume fits my little guy perfectly—at 11 months, he is already 22lbs—only 4lbs less than his 2 year old sister!"Cindy, Ohio "My son Karder, 3, wanted to be 'Franklin,' which is a cartoon and is a turtle. He cried and it broke my heart so even with no sewing experience, I was determined to make this happen for my baby. He now wears it daily and just LOVES being Franklin!"Nicole, Texas "My 2-year-old son, Kelan, is OBSESSED with trash trucks, so we decided to make an exact replica of the one that comes to our house every friday morning—the HIGHLIGHT of his week. It is made from cardboard and actually beeps when the front-loading part is lifted up."Jennifer, California "This is my daughter Ahtum is the one wearing the 'Litter Bug' costume. My mother made a similar costume for me and we thought that it would be cute to have her become one too."Nikki, Washington "My youngest sister is a student at Kansas State majoring in Engineering. She is super creative and made this 'funky fairy' costume for my 3-year-old, and she also made the same thing for my 11-month-old!

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