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My husband and I cannot believe something so stinky can come out from our cutie pie’s butt.
I am looking forward to the day my daughter decides to go to the potty and learns to wipe her own butt. And you’re right, my daughter is having poops like that now and it makes it much much easier to clean. I just got done changing the nastiest, slimiest, stinkiest diaper off my toddler….and this was way worse then her post broccoli diaper too!! I remember when my daughter was about six months old and I was changing her diaper on my lap in the front seat of our car.
When I lifted her legs to slide the clean diaper under her bum, you guessed it — projectile baby poop — right into my face! Somehow though, as babies grow into toddlers, things advance to an even more disgusting level because they do gross things willingly, even intentionally, to themselves. We always make our kids go to the bathroom before climbing into the tub, but somehow, at least one of them inevitably looks at us sheepishly a few minutes later, "I'm peeing." Then the real dilemma becomes - to drain or not to drain? It's a cute and sweet habit when they are babies and don't touch much with their hands, but as they get older, it gets grosser and grosser - where has that thumb been? Both of my kids know how to use utensils appropriately, but they rarely use them for an entire meal.

I guess it's good that they are learning about their bodily functions, but seriously, it is so gross. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I’ve always been grossed out about many things and poop and changing diapers is one of them.
In case you’re a new mom, pregnant with your first child, poop explosions happen and they are called explosions  for a reason.
Seriously, imagine a dead animal, add some spices to it and that doesn’t even come close to what toddler poop smells like. In my case it’s not every time but it used to happen sometimes until I discovered a way to get her to lay still. My daughter is two and we’ve been working on the potty training thing but, we still have a ways to go with it. Is it terrible I am tempted to take a picture send it to George and say LOOK WHAT YOU’RE MISSING! The moment I became a mom, I was initiated into an elite group of people who deal with some of the grossest stuff in the world. I swear half of my son's dinner ends up in his cup sometimes, and he still continues to drink out of it.

I don't even want to think about the germs on my kids fingers that then get transferred to their mouths.
One minute you’re playing with your cute baby and the next minute your baby is covered in poop, all the way to her neck. I wish they would start eating solids once they’re ready to go straight into the toilet!
And it's always awesome when your kid lets a dog lick or eat part of his food, and then continues to eat the rest of it himself. Bless her heart, she sticks her hand down there and tries to help me or I have to chase her down and tackle her for a diaper change these days! I always have my husband do diapers when he’s home since I have to do 90% of the poopies anyways.

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