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I never put too much thought into taking traditional reading materials into the bathroom; books, magazines, newspapers have all flowed in and out of our bathroom with nary a second thought.
While I have been known to occasionally take the telephone into the bathroom with me when I’m having a long conversation, I always mute it while peeing and flushing. So really why do I feel a little dirty taking devices in the bathroom when lowly paperback novel got totally abused? Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Sign up HERE to get MORE info about news, events and attractions delivered to your inbox, it's FREE! A University of Calgary Political Science graduate and mom of two, Voula grew up in Calgary but now lives in Greater Vancouver.
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You'll love training your little prince or princess with the Royal Potty because it has a reward system built right in, and plays different tunes - a musical reward for your child’s potty progress. With the lid closed to the potty, the step stool is just over 8" high, similar to the height of other potty chairs on the market. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. My Baby This Week NewsletterKeep up with your baby’s development with personalized weekly newsletters. The BabyCenter BulletinGet the latest parenting news, plus expert advice and real-world wisdom. Special Offers from Our PartnersReceive discounts, deals and parenting information from BabyCenter’s partners.
Sign up for free emails from BabyCenter Canada to get weekly updates, advice and offers that support your baby’s development. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Some want to know why their brand new car seat has a two year old manufacturing date if their seat "expires" after six years.
These are all excellent questions but the answers are really as straightforward as you might think.

Notice that they don't mention anything about wear and tear or the breakdown of materials over time?
You may be interested to know that the initial idea of giving car seats expiry dates didn't originate from government officials concerned about safety but from the car seat manufacturers themselves. How convenient, given that they're also the ones who have the most to gain from consumers having to buy seats more frequently? It also makes their lives easier: it reduces the need for them to be able to provide replacement parts for old seats, for example. Yet for something as important as car seat safety, finding out that "useful life date" can be surprisingly hard. Companies also differ on when the clock starts ticking: either from the manufacturer date or the date of purchase. Just how is the average new parent, already overwhelmed with so much new information and who just wants to follow the rules and keep their child to be safe, supposed to make sense of it all? That means, by most definitions, that an infant restraint you buy today already has two years on the clock. This is because, unlike products that have continuous production, car seats are made in huge lots. This means that the majority of seats for sale today were made in 2011 and are considered the latest model.
So let's say you have a seat that's always belonged to you, you still have the manual and and can read the labels, it's in clean condition and there haven't been any major changes to the safety regulations since you bought it.
That means that very last point, the degradation of the plastic, is really your only reason to worry, right?
New York Times article, written in 2009, quotes a safety manager from Graco as acknowledging that the then-seven-year expiry date on their seats built in a pretty hefty buffer zone.
One could conclude from this then that seats (assuming they haven't been in an accident, switched owners or missed out on any safety breakthrough) are actually good for a lot longer than manufacturers are telling us. There are lots of people who still think it's fine to use the old seat their neighbour has had sitting in her garage. Without an expiration date, a car seat would be (in the mind of the consumer) good forever. There's a good chance that a car seat manufactured ten years ago doesn't meet the safety standards we have in place today.
What we don't want is for parents to be taken advantage of because of their natural desire to keep their child as safe as possible. If you decide to keep using an "expired" seat, make sure you know what regulations and warnings may have changed and the risks involved. Most importantly, always make sure that your car seat is installed correctly (According to both the car seat manual AND your vehicle's user manual).

And of course, if there is any doubt on the condition or history of a used car seat, destroy it completely and permanently (using a saw or otherwise) to make sure it can't be used and purchase a new one. In fact I used to have a big basket of cartoon books for the bathroom – The Simpsons, Dilbert, Get Fuzzy and Baby Blues were some of our favorites.
And I only do that with someone really close like my mom or my bestie (hey, they do it to me but somewhat less discretely…). It relieves my eww reflex and is a good practice in general especially during cold & flu season. As Editor in Chief of Family Fun Canada, an idea she helped take from a kitchen table discussion to a country wide digital distribution, Voula oversees a dedicated team of talented, amazing contributing writers. The royal potty can also be used attached to a regular toilet seat, complete with royal tunes (not recommended for use on padded toilet seats). Did you know that car seat expiration dates aren't regulated and you can technically use an expired car seat)? It wasn't until a few child restraint makers began marking their products with a "do not use after" date that the whole industry decided to voluntarily start using expiration dates. For example, most seats available today were manufactured in preparation for the new Canadian regulations that came into effect on January 2012. Newer seats won't hit the market until companies run out of all the ones were produced at that time.
When asked, industry insiders report that the types of plastic used in child seats "does not degrade significantly in the 5 - 8 year period" and that, for both safety and legal reasons, manufactures calculate the rough life of the plastic and then include a lot of padding.
By drawing a line in the sand, whether it's 6 years or 8 years or 10 years, it accomplishes the goal of limiting the use of older seats, which in turn, reduces the use of seats with missing or broken parts and ensure that the seats out there meet (or are at least close to) the latest safety standards. I have a friend who can’t, ahem, ‘go’ without reading material and resorts to reading the back of shampoo bottles in a pinch. I would be playing Angry Birds, feel the call of nature and just take it with me, never missing a beat in my single-minded destruction of those laughing pigs. And when your child needs to wash up after going to the bathroom, this potty chair converts to a handy stepstool.
Moms especially like reading in the bathroom because the door locks and the fan provides white noise.
I listened, totally creeped out, as the woman in the stall next to me answered her phone MID STREAM and proceeded to have a conversation!

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